“Tapped Out” American Dad! S17E03

Steve discovers his mom has never stopped giving him her breast milk.  Meanwhile, Stan picks through the clothing racks for bargains and chooses a turtleneck

Steve doesn’t like Francine’s picks in new clothes for him.


He wants to rock his own new look.  Francine isn’t worried about losing her baby boy, because she’s got a secret weapon


While on night security duty, which no one asks for Klaus stumbles upon something


.. Francine’s secret lair and actual secret.  Secretions!


Seems she’s still secretly feeding Steve her breast milk, even though he’s 14 years old!


Meanwhile, Principal Lewis is directing the kids in a play he wrote, Oedipus Rox!


Not wanting anything Francine has prepared, Steve drinks a Sunny D that was spiked by her.  She convinces Steve that he needs her milk to keep his energy up. The plot thickens.


Queue up disturbing  mother’s milk montage.


Finally the night of the show!  Lewis is a Bowie fan?


Steve doesn’t have the energy he feels he needs so he needs to fuel up. It’s curtain time! And Roger finally gets his movie


Banished to the basement, Steve and Francine make the most of bad situation while Roger makes a documentary of these two freaks.


Francine comes clean to Steve about spiking his Sunny  earlier in the story, but Steve needs milk,   It’s his thing!  Stan reminds  them to keep their freak show out of the main house


Francine has had enough and Klaus suggests that she change the milk.  No ! Not the bees!


Steve, being allergic to bees, finally gets weaned off of mother’s milk, by being in a coma for over a year.


B Plot

Stan can’t rock a turtle neck, Roger want to shoot a movie that’s interesting and Jeff gets a new face.


Stan and Jeff share some screen time.  No freaks in the main house!


In conclusion, a long neck and a chimp face can be friends



This was a really crazy episode, even by American Dad standards.  Such a weird and controversial topic for a 22 minute show, but quite fun and somewhat disturbing.  Crazy hi-jinks ensued to make this an enjoyable episode.

  • I should call for backup.  But they won’t come.  They don’t exist
  • Right now it’s called Oedipus Rex because the school wouldn’t let me call it “Mother #@$%## “!
  • Ha!  You think that was  my only copy?!?    Yes.     (sigh)You’re right.
  • Now keep your eye out for my next documentary, where I dispel the old adage, where a horse-face and a short-neck can’t 69

Grade : B