Werewolf Community Updates, including Werewolf Championship Nominations!!

We have two exciting announcements for our Avocado Werewolfing community!


First and foremost, we have been invited to join the Mafia Werewolf Championships once again this year! Last year Spiny Creature was a phenomenal representative for our clan, making it all the way to the final round and very nearly taking home the title of Best Werewolf Player in the Whole Entire Galaxy (or something like that).

This year, we must nominate another player from our community to attend the Championships. I figure the best way to do this is to hold community nominations, and let our voices be heard via our all-powerful upvotes. Please make nominations in the WEREWOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS NOMINATION THREAD, and upvote accordingly! (More details on how this will work below.)

The official invitation is here. We must communicate with the hosts by April 27th with our intended participant and one backup.


Additionally, in the comments after our most recent game, a few of us discussed the idea of starting a Werewolf Streamlining Committee (working title). Our werewolfing community has grown, and with that growth some measure of management seems prudent.

In many general discussion werewolf threads (such as the Moonies), several improvements are suggested, but currently we lack any real ability to enact those suggestions in an organized fashion. The primary goal of such a committee would be to help improve the experience for everyone. This would take the form of a group that is in charge of tasks such as informing future mods that their games are upcoming, keeping the schedule flowing so that games can run more often, and streamlining the sign-up process.

This is all open to discussion — I do not want to dictate that we need to have such a committee if the rest of you feel it is not necessary. If our community feels it is a good idea, then we can open nominations for persons to be added to the committee. (Further voting will be needed, since I do not feel voting via upvotes is the best option here, and would prefer some kind of private voting so as to avoid potential bad blood.)


In the nomination thread(s), it will work like this:

  1. Nominate anyone you feel is deserving, including yourself.
  2. You can nominate several people, but please make each nomination into its own comment.
  3. Please refrain from duplicating nominations — if you see someone’s name already within the thread, please only upvote rather than commenting a second time.
  4. If you see your name shared by someone else within the nomination thread, please reply to signify whether you would accept or decline the invitation.
  5. Otherwise, please refrain from making comments in the nomination threads!



Finally, if you are new to Werewolf (or have never joined one of our games!) this is the perfect place to ask questions and learn more about this most storied of Avocado games! We are always looking for new friends to murder get to know better.

Here are some helpful resources:

  • Werewolf Den 3.0 – A helpful resource for finding past games and learning the basics of the game and how it works at the Avocado.
  • Avocado Werewolf Wiki – Provides useful definitions for common terms used here, as well as providing highlights of some of the more ridiculous moments in our history.
  • Sign-ups QT – Sign up for email notifications if you want to be aware of when a new game is getting started!
  • Upcoming games/Moderator sign-ups – Want to know what our upcoming themes are? Check them out here. Or, are you ready to moderate your own game? Sign up here!
  • Mod QT – Have questions about what it takes to moderate your own game, or just looking for someone to confirm your idea for a new mechanic won’t break the game? Come talk it out in here!
  • Sign-ups for WW121, hosted by snugs – Interested in joining our next game? Stop by the sign-ups and check if there are open spots still available!