Werewolf 121: The Haunting of Lupine Manor SIGNUPS

The letter is written on thick, cream paper. You smooth it out on the table, noticing how elegant the penmanship is before you even register any of the words.

You begin reading.

Text-only version

Dearest Guest,

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Olivia Crain. I am a metaphysicist, specializing in the personal occult. I have recently come across an old estate in my research with some interesting history in relation to the paranormal. It is called Lupine Manor, located deep in the country. Now, you might be wondering why someone like me is writing to you. Or perhaps you aren’t surprised at all to receive this letter.

I want to invite you to a two-week stay at Lupine Manor, all expenses paid. The reason why this is addressed to you, specifically, is because you’ve had some experiences with the supernatural yourself. (Don’t worry, everything I know about you is in the public archives!) I’m hoping that your presence there will either confirm or deny the rumors that have been circulating around the manor for nearly a century.

Enclosed are directions to Lupine Manor, along with the dates of the stay. I have also included some proof of my credentials in case you —understandably— have doubts about the legitimacy of my invitation.

If my proposal has piqued your interest, please write back to me at the return address on this envelope.

I hope to see you soon!




You read the letter once—twice more for measure. Is that fear or excitement you’re feeling?

Will you accept the invitation to Lupine Manor?

Welcome to Werewolf 121: The Haunting of Lupine Manor. This game is heavily inspired by The Haunting of Hill House. There will be elements taken from both the novel by Shirley Jackson and the Netflix show. The novel is very short, and if you’re interested in reading one of the greatest horror stories of all time, it’s available for free here.

The game is for 27 players (but there will be lots of death), with some non-timed events. There will be unusual game mechanics, but newbies are welcome. If the roster fills up tonight, we can start tomorrow.

Roleplay isn’t required, but it would be awesome if your character is from a horror/paranormal-adjacent universe just to fit with the vibe. You can RP anyone except Olivia Crain from the Netflix show.

List of Players

1. Louie
2. Hoho
3. Tiff
4. Spooky
5. Grump
6. Cop
7. Lindsay
8. Indy
9. Owen
10. Side
11. May
12. malthusc
13. Hicks
14. Gramps
15. Raven
16. MLA
17. abstractnoun
18. Thoughts
19. Ralph
20. Jake
21. Creeper
22. dw
23. Jake’s Friend
24. sagittariuskim
25. Affogato
26. Jude
27. Britta
*need to confirm

Banner – next up
1. Emm
2. Goat
3. April
4. Stoneheart
5. Nate
6. Wasp