Avocado April Madness: Sweet Sixteen

And so, in one cruel blow, we lose another sixteen. Say a fond farewell to:

Richard Splett
Mr. Peanutbutter
Stevie Budd
Pam Poovey
Sam Sylvia
Paula Proctor
Rust Cohle
Valery Legasov
Violet Baudelaire
Webby Vanderquack
Ice Bear
Phil Coulson
Angela Abar
Alison Hendrix
Summer Smith

Your efforts on behalf of them are ended, but not forgotten. Eileen campaigners, Alison Hendrix campaigners: We salute you.

We’re in the big leagues now, so those of you who still have a favorite to fight for, get ready to make big moves. Those of you who’ve suffered losses, now is the perfect time to throw in with someone you allied with in the past. There’s plenty of tournament left!

Character campaign posters, if you want them, can be found here: https://the-avocado.org/2020/04/06/avocado-april-madness-round-of-64/

The Sweet Sixteen will be open until 6 pm on Friday, April 10.