Best Chinese Food tournament, Round 3!

We’re down to just the top 16 in each bracket! Things are getting intense at this point!

The highest-scoring winner last round was Egg Rolls, with a whopping 58 votes! Rival appetizer Potstickers tags close behind with 57– it’ll be a hell of a battle when they finally meet!

Beef Chow Fun had the hardest path to victory, overcoming Orange Peel Beef 16-12.

Of the eliminated contenders, Wonton Soup put up a surprisingly strong showing, but its 29 votes did not prove enough to overcome the enduring popularity of Orange Chicken.

No “no-hopers” left at this point! Every contestant that survived to round 2 appears to be at least somewhat viable– even the overall lowest vote-getter, sesame noodles, managed 8 votes.

Opinions appear to be getting heated, as there were no tie-breakers in round 2. The closest match was Shrimp Fried Rice vs. Crab Rangoon, decided by only a single vote, 29-28.

No soups remain active at this point– the closest thing is soup dumplings! Sorry, soup fans!