WW111: High School 2: TOURNAMENT ARC! – Round 7

Brian Johnson practiced frantically at driving a truck. He was able to start it up, get into first through third gear, and stop by the time Lutair called him to the field. So long as he didn’t need to parallel park, he should be able to make it.

The field had been dug out to a huge dirt field, with radical ramps, flame geisers, and the main attraction, a semi-aquatic Zoid with short ears, a long, smooth body, and a thick pointed tail. Brian’s heart beat louder than ever. He revved his engine, as it seemed culturally appropriate to do so, then the traditional small sedan was crushed by a wrecking ball, signalling the start of the Monster Truck Rally.

His competitors from Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School, Mihoshi Academy, Gunpla Shingyo School, and Chuuoutanegashima High School all began their drives, aggressively clanging in an attempt to scare the mustelid Zoid into their cage. The Zoid was having none of it and began screeching at the noise-makers. Seeing this, Brian tried a different strategy, dislodging his clangers and hitting them together softly. This piqued the Zoid’s interest, and it began following him. He left the driver seat to hand a clanger to the Zoid. It happily bonked it on the ground. Brian drove into his own cage and offered the second clanger. The Zoid was more than happy to come inside, winning Miumina High the sport.

After the rally, the students gathered together and partied their hardest. Monster Truck Rallies were one of the most radical sports out there and they were getting quite far into the bracket of the SPORT TOURNAMENT.

At one point, they all went to the pool and began doing backflips off of the swimming Zoid. This was the perfect opportunity to strike. After an hour or so of swimming, someone discovered that Daisy was missing. A quick search of the pool supply closet revealed that she’d been murdered. Her body had been hidden among the skimmers, which seemed quite unsanitary. They found a pin in her pocket which indicated that she was the Student Council President.

Daisy L Bain/Donalbain is dead. She was the Student Council President (Jailkeeper).

The party died down from there, and the students went home to get some sleep. The next morning, they came into the locker room to find Brian still in his Zoid. He’d have to leave it for the next sport, but he was going to get the most use of it he could.

“I get two votes today,” said Brian, with uncharacteristic backbone. No one was brave or dumb enough to disagree. Lutair came in, patted the Zoid, and explained the rules of the next sport.

1 Delinquent (Mafia Goon)
3 Athletes (Vanilla Townies)
1 Class Rep (Doctor)
1 Student Council President (Jailkeeper)
1 Antagonist (Serial Killer, Immune to Investigation)
1 Snooty Heir/Heiress (2-shot Vigilante)


  1. Ralph – Kogoro
  2. Donalbain – Daisy L Bain
  3. Demyx – Peridot
  4. Indy – Brian Johnson (Nerd)
  5. Happiest – Bob Hamelin
  6. Sagittariuskim – Aru Honshou
  7. BannerThief – Louis (Beastars)
  8.  Zecko – Landry Clarke

SPORT 6: Telvanni Flechette Bobbing. Two people will participate. It is a very intimate sport, so they will get a one-night shared QT.

Remember NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post, you will likely be modkilled, which is bad for your entire team. Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

The day ends when there is a majority of votes or today at 4 PM Pacific. Countdown Timer

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