WW111: High School 2: TOURNAMENT ARC! – Round 4

Landry, Subaru and Artie stepped onto the field. With the light of the setting sun, they scanned the crowd for familiar faces. The usual fans were there, with a couple of new additions. Natsumi waved with her handless arm, cheering for her friends. A skull-masked kid made her way through the crowd, with bandages over her eyes. She was being led by a familiar golden retriever. Artie sighed, thinking those kids might just make it in this crazy world.

The sun set and the trebuchet launched, signalling the start of the sport. The team lacked a bit in horticultural expertise, but they made up for it in heart and sheer dumb luck. The rest of the team watched them for a couple of hours before deciding to call it and go to bed, awaiting the results in the morning.

The night was not for rest for some of these athletes, however. Giorno walked along through the park, not a care in the world. He wished that darn ref would let him use his punch ghost to straight-up wreck someone, but he guessed it would be a bit overkill.

Behind him, a young woman wearing a fur pelt and cool mask stalked her prey. She had learned something from the game of thimbles. A series of words that would break anyone’s fighting spirit. She could use these words twice, she knew, and had decided the first victim.

“Who’s there?” asked Giorno, as a sudden burst of movement came out of a bush. It was too late, though, as she was within whispering distance. Giorno activated his stand reflexively, but it would not save him. The words were whispered in his ear and a single tear ran down his face.

Giorno Giovanna/dw has been removed from the tournament. He was an Athlete (Vanilla Town).

The bushes were not the only plant hiding someone in that park, Subarashi was stalking prey of his own: San. She hadn’t noticed the possum in his tree, and he noted that despite the fact that she had said something to that Italian boy to make him cry, she didn’t have the movements of a delinquent.

As he jotted down these notes, however, Subarashi saw some movement in the sky. A huge rock fell toward the wolf girl. Subarashi tried to shout, but San only had the chance to dodge somewhat. Her entire leg was caught by the boulder and was crushed beyond recognition.

Subarashi rushed in without thinking. He would show his hand, but this was a medical emergency. “Doctor! Someone!” Giorno was close enough to chase after, but he was too defeated to summon his stand.

San/Louie has been removed from the tournament. He was an Athlete (Vanilla Town).

“That rock…” said a voice in the shadows, “It came from the school. Someone must have taken advantage of the match to borrow the school’s trebuchet.”

“Please, whoever you are, this girl needs help,” Subarashi pleaded.

“Ah, but so do you,” the voice said. A small dart shot into the possum.

“Ack!” Subarashi exclaimed, getting dizzy quickly, “Is that?”

“Possum poison. Just enough for a nice… little… coma,” the voice faded away, along with the rest of the world to Subarashi.

Subarashi Possamu/hoho has been removed from the tournament. He was the Reformed Delinquent (Cop).

Ted had decided not to go to the park tonight. He decided instead to attend to his computers in the lab. All this sporting had left them un-pointed-at for a few days and he couldn’t have that.

He was pointing at the 29th computer when he noticed something. One of the screens was upside down. Someone had messed with the display! He began fixing one, when the computer to his left began flickering.

“Oh dear God,” thought Ted, “A virus.” His worst fears realized, he began attempting to remove the foul bug. Hours passed before he could finish cleaning just one computer. By the time roll call was made, Ted was only 1/3 through.

Ted, the computer lab attendant/Nate has been removed from the tournament. He was an Athlete (Vanilla Town).

The team came into the locker room to learn the good news: that they had won Barleybagging, and the bad: that several of their players were off the team.

2 Delinquents (Mafia Goons)
11 8 Athletes (Vanilla Townies)
1 Reformed Delinquent (Cop)
1 Class Rep (Doctor)
1 Student Council President (Jailkeeper)
1 Antagonist (Serial Killer, Immune to Investigation)
1 Snooty Heir/Heiress (2-shot Vigilante)


  1. raven and rose – Renge Houshakuji
  2. dw – Giorno Giovanna
  3. MSD – Killua Zoldyck
  4. Ralph – Kogoro
  5. Louie – San (Princess Mononoke)
  6. Donalbain – Daisy L Bain
  7. Lindsay – A. Teen
  8. Demyx – Peridot
  9. Jude – Tina Crawford
  10. Jam – Saki Hanajima
  11. Indy – Brian Johnson (Nerd)
  12. Happiest – Bob Hamelin
  13. Sagittariuskim – Aru Honshou
  14. BannerThief – Louis (Beastars)
  15. Sub – Subaru Suzuki
  16. Nate – Ted, the computer lab attendant
  17.  Zecko – Landry Clarke
  18. hoho – subarashi possamu

SPORT 3: Spheroidic Cuddlepiling. This is a very intimate sport. It will require 3 players. Each player will have a chance to find out if one of their partners (circularly ordered, randomly decided) is Vanilla or Non-Vanilla. NO SPORT PLAYERS FROM THE PREVIOUS ROUND MAY PLAY THIS ROUND’S SPORT. (Round 1 and 2 players may sport again).

Remember NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post, you will likely be modkilled, which is bad for your entire team. Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

The day ends when there is a majority of votes or on Friday at 3 PM Pacific. Countdown Timer

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