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Holiday Threads On The Avocado

Because someone had to do it!

Here’s a collection of threads about the winter solstice holidays (oh, all right, mostly Christmas) posted on the Avocado. I’m not including Day/Night Threads unless they’re specifically requested, at least for now. If anyone wants to post links in the comments to threads I’ve missed or newly created threads, please do! I’ll include them in updates. Also, please let me know if you created a thread which you do NOT want listed here, and I’ll remove it.

Giftmas—The Avocado holiday gift-giving tradition, by Jaye Tyler.

Hallmark Christmas Movies, by Afropig. (There are a couple of dozen, so I’ll just link one for now.)

The Sears Christmas Wishbook, by Glorbes.

Building Entertainment: The Nightmare Before Christmas and Mickey’s Christmas Carol, by Beasterly.

Tom Hardy’s Edgy Christmas Carol Miniseries, by AOQ1888.

A Ghost Story For Christmas, by Robert Maitland.

Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck Threads, by Pearl Sheltie.

Christmas Song Tournament Threads, by The Clever Guy. Again, there were several threads, so I’m just posting the final one since the tournament’s over anyway.

Awash In The Steam Holiday Double Feature Special, by Lack of Name (is that a deleted user?). Several threads; just linking to the most recent.

Christmas Music: Why It Fascinates Me, by Lynn McKenzie.

LGBT Films: Christmas Cheer, by Sad Clown.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Livechat, by Owen 1120.

What Are Your Favorite Christmas Commercials?, by Scratstitch.

The Bumblebee Flies Anyway: Wonderful Christmastime And The Genius Of Paul McCartney, by Great Boos Up.

But Seriously, Barbie In A Christmas Carol Is Pretty Good, by Scratstitch.

Beatle Battle: Who Wrote A Better Christmas Song?, by The Clever Guy.

Album Spotlight: The Beatles Christmas Album, by Lynn McKenzie.

Christmas Movies: Through 1985 and Christmas Movies, Part 2: 1988-Present, by Beasterly.

Christmas Animated Specials: Non Rankin-Bass Category, by Beasterly.

Christmas Shopping Lifeline Thread, by My My My.

Share Your Yuletide Decor 2019, by El Santo.

Movie Review: Mrs. Santa Claus, by Sad Clown.

The Wonderful World Of Rankin-Bass, by Beasterly.

Ebenezer Scrooge On Screen: Dickens Throughout The Years, by Beasterly.

This Holiday Message Is Brought To You (Remembering An Old AVC Tradition), by Exexalien.

Weekly Who 18 Goes To The Feast Of Steven, by The Wasp.

Dad’s Casa, by Eric Pharand.

The Toys That Made You Who You Are, by Mister Splendiferous.

I’ve a feeling this may not be everything, but Disqus/WordPress is borking when I search for “Christmas”, and this is a work in progress. Again, if I missed you, sorry & please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks to all our glorious contributors! Happy Holidays, everyone!