Share Your Yuletide Decor 2019

You spend hours working away on assembling the perfect Christmas decorations… and so few people are going to see it. It’s time you get recognized for your hard work.

Post your lovely Christmas displays, your favorite ornaments, your trees, your menorahs, your Festivus poles, here at the Avocado!

My wife and I have an odd tradition that dates back … maybe two years ago. We keep two Christmas trees. The first is in our living room. It is always a real tree. The decorations are up to my wife, who will use her interior design acumen and sticks to a gold, rose gold, cream, and white palette.

The second is in the bonus room down stairs. This is my tree. A artificial tree.  Color wise, it’s red and silver with hints of gold and an assortment of ornaments representing pop culture, travel destinations, milestones, and assorted ones that we inherited. I personally add about five new ornaments on the tree every year. One of my new acquisitions: Snow White.

This tree has a sweet train running around the base. This Lionel set was picked up at a model train expo about a decade ago.

It’s a struggle not filling up the tree with overpriced geeky items from the Hallmark Keepsake store. After all, you only see it one month a year. But I got a sweet Batman 66 ornament last year and I have never regretted it. It is, in a way, the Christmas version of my natural tendency to accumulate collectibles.

No tree is complete without a Millennium Falcon.  This one is a little cheaper than the Batman one. I was tempted to get the Solo variant (the one with the escape pod closing up the forked section in the front), but I think I chose wisely by selecting the timeless look.

Feel free to show off you decor in the comments below!