Holiday Treats Sunday Food Thread 12/22

These two cookie recipes are the usual holiday treats, we do other things too but these are the ones we make every year.

Moravian Wafers– We make a trip to the Spice House to get fresh spices for these cookies so they really pack a flavor punch. They don’t look like much on the platter but when people bite into one the first time they always ask for the recipe.

Drommer Cookies– These are a bit more fussy due to the browned butter, which accounts for the flecks in the cookies, and placing an almond just so but they’re 100% worth it. See them in the header picture.

Our community band had its winter concert last weekend and band members baked cookies for a reception afterward. Someone made spritz cookies that were really good so we just may look for a good recipe for those as our third cookie this year. Of course we forgot to ask who made them but hunting down a good recipe will be half of the fun.