To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S03E03: “The House of Quark”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

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At Quark’s bar, Morn is drinking and laughing with a Dabo girl (or at least I assume that’s who she is).


We don’t get a good view of her outfit, a surprisingly beige number, but the updo is pretty impressive, and it looks like she’s got some dramatic eye makeup. Morn is Morn.

They get up and leave, so now the place is empty. At the end of the bar, Rom and Quark are leaning on the counter, depressed.


Quark says they are doomed, and quotes Rule of Acquisition 286: “When Morn leaves, it’s all over.” Rom says there’s no such rule. Quark admits he made it up. Rom tries to talk him off a cliff, saying that business is bad, but… Quark points out that it’s 2100 hours, the bar is open, there’s a sale on synthehol, and there’s no one there.

Someone shouts out to him from a dark corner – a Klingon demanding more bloodwine. Rom says he’s had a dozen already, and goes to bring him more while Quark regrets not having gotten into insurance and blames Sisko for the slow business. He thinks Sisko should have negotiated with the Dominion instead of playing tough, as that attitude has reduced the number of visitors to the station and the bar.


Quark is wearing my favorite outfit of his, while Rom has on his usual green patterned shiny shirt and grayish-green jacket made of couch fabric.

The Klingon is out of money but wants more wine on credit. Quark goes to talk to the inebriated warrior. He introduces himself and slams a cup on the table. He acts like he’s going to be a tough guy, but then the Klingon looks up and growls at him, so Quark opens negotiations for a line of credit.


The unnamed Klingon is wearing normal Klingon clothing.

The Klingon drunkenly gets to his feet, calls him a pathetic mak’dar, and starts swinging a small blade at Quark.


I like the small detail of Rom cringing in the background, even though he appears to be out of danger.

Quark ducks, blocks, and they both fall to the ground, rolling over. Quark is unhurt, but gets up to find the blade in the Klingon’s chest.




Bashir works on the unfortunate Klingon in the bar while Quark, Rom, Odo, and some other medical officers stand by. In the distance, a crowd has gathered outside to rubberneck.

Rom wonders how long they’ll leave the Klingon there and hopes they move him. Quark wants to put him on display. He notes the crowd observing in morbid fascination. Quark decides the story is that he killed the Klingon in a bar fight. Rom doesn’t see the point or profit to this, but Quark again points out the crowd, which has not been in the bar recently.

Still wary, Rom wonders what if the Klingon’s family comes looking for revenge and wants to kill the killer? Quark is still not worried, and says they’ll tell the truth then. He says that if business doesn’t improve, he’ll have to make some cutbacks in operations, including Rom’s salary.

Odo comes over to ask about what happened – which I feel like should have happened already but whatever – and Rom immediately states that Quark fought a desperate battle with the Klingon and was forced to kill him in self-defense. Odo (and Bashir) are both speechless and skeptical.

Quark makes sure to walk near the crowd of onlookers as he corroborates his brother’s story, saying that the Klingon was drunk and loud, and then refused to pay his bill. They argued, pushed each other, then the Klingon pulled a knife. Quark dodged, they exchanged blows, and then the Klingon’s knife was at his throat, so he twisted it out of his grasp and plunged it into his chest.

The crowd eats it up, murmuring and gasping at appropriate places, but Bashir is visibly refraining from laughter and Odo is not impressed either.

The very definition of the “-_-” emoji

Quark ends the story by saying he will never forget the look on the Klingon’s face as his life drained away, then dramatically states he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Keiko is doing things with plants as O’Brien comes in.


This is a new outfit for Keiko. The colors could be boring, but there’s a little bit of sheen to the shirt that makes it interesting, and the vest she’s wearing over top blends a little but not too much. I like it!

O’Brien goes to the replicator and orders a synthale, then sits on the couch and tells his wife about his day – three freighter captains all wanted to use the same docking port, someone stole a case of medical supplies, two power failures. Keiko doesn’t answer.

He asks how school was. She says she closed it. He’s surprised and asked why. She says the last two Bajoran students left as their families relocated to Bajor. That left only Jake and Nog. She’ll tutor them, but two students aren’t enough to sustain a school.

O’Brien says he’s sorry. She says it’s not his fault, people are just afraid of the Dominion and not going to be moving their families and kids to the station. She also says she’s not upset and wasn’t planning to be a teacher for the rest of her life. She brushes off his attempts to comfort her and goes to look at another plant, but O’Brien can tell that she is not happy.


Quark’s is busy now, but Odo is keeping an eye on things. Quark tells Odo not to worry as he’s not going to murder anyone else and there’s no need to keep an eye on him.

Odo thanks him and says he’s not there to protect the patrons from Quark’s violent temper, but he thought he might want to know whom he killed in self-defense. His name was Kozak, a disreputable character and notorious drunkard. Quark says this sounds like someone who was going to get himself killed sooner or later; shame it had to happen there.

He also says that Kozak wasn’t a drifter, but the head of a powerful Klingon family. He asks if Quark wants to change his story or does he want to wait for Kozak’s family to show up and ask for the Ferengi bartender who killed him?

Quark sticks to his story and tells Odo to order something or move on. Odo sighs, shakes his head, and leaves.

Rom, having overheard, urges Quark to change his story, as they’ve made a lot of profit in the last few hours and it will make up for their losses. Quark says it’s not about profit, it’s about respect. He says people now see him as “Quark, slayer of Klingons” and it elevates himself as well as all Ferengi. Rom is worried about Kozak’s family looking for revenge.

Quark says if it happens, he’ll look them in the eye and offer a bribe.


Quark runs into a Klingon in the hall.


Quark is wearing a different jacket now, so I assume it’s the next day or maybe later. This is what I refer to as his paisley jacket, a nice change from his usual upholstery jackets, but not as fancy as the stained-glass-inspired number he wore earlier.

The Klingon is, like the previous Klingon, just wearing normal Klingon clothes.

The Klingon slams him up against a wall and says Quark killed his brother. He never would have believed it possible. Quark says he can explain.

The Klingon says he’d better, and he wants to know exactly how Kozak died and if he doesn’t like what he hears. Quark says Kozak was in the bar and refused to pay his tab. Quark was willing to let it go but Kozak pulled a knife and came at him. The truth was that he was so inebriated that he just fell…

The Klingon interrupts and says that he hopes Quark isn’t going to tell him Kozak died in an accident because there would be no honor in such a death, and if he died in disgrace, that would be passed on to his family. So if Quark caused the accident that will dishonor his entire family, he’ll kill him and stuff his miserable corpse out the nearest airlock.

Quark understands. The Klingon says that if Kozak died as a warrior in combat there would be no dishonor. Quark says if he killed Kozak in combat that is good? Of course not! the brother replies, but it would be honorable and an honorable death requires no vengeance so his life would be spared.

Quark now says he would have been proud of his brother, who fought a brave and valiant battle right up to the end and it was an honor to kill him. The Klingon says that he’s sure it was, and to remember that when he tells his customers about the death of Kozak. Quark agrees.

The Klingon releases him, shouts a Qapla’! to which Quark replies with a mumble, and leaves.

At the O’Brien’s, Miles is preparing a dinner for his wife. He’s got candles on the table and is carefully doling out noodles into small dishes.


O’Brien is wearing what looks like the same shirt he was wearing when he was captured by Cardassians back in Season 2, Episode 25, “Tribunal” but those clothes were ripped off by the Cardassians to please the many O’Brien fans out there, so I guess he either owns several similar shirts or he replicated/obtained a new one because he loved that one so much.

The meal looks like a bunch of small dishes of various vegetables and noodles – kind of a traditional Japanese type meal. I’d be impressed except I’m sure he replicated it easily and that takes less effort than cooking.

Keiko comes in and is surprised and doesn’t know the occasion.


Dark lighting is my enemy again, but this looks like a dark red outfit – long sleeves with a vest that might be beaded or woven, and I think a beaded belt. Keiko has also pulled her hair up.

It’s not their anniversary or birthday, and O’Brien says it’s “I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the galaxy Day!” and he’s put it in her calendar. She is charmed. He says it’s an old Irish tradition and also an irregular holiday and pops up randomly, sometimes twice a day.

She asks about the traditional celebration – cake? Noisemakers? Fireworks? Definitely fireworks. They kiss.

The next morning, O’Brien prepares to leave and suggests having lunch with his wife in the replimat. She agrees. She thanks him for the night before, they kiss again.

Keiko heads to the couch and sinks listlessly into it, looking at a plant. O’Brien says nothing, watching her, and then leaves.


She’s got on a red bathrobe, but it’s done nothing to brighten her mood.


Quark is in his bar when a dark shadowy figure comes to the door. He asks who’s there and tells them he’s closed. The figure, in a female voice, asks if he’s Quark. He says it depends on who’s asking.

She throws back her hood, revealing that she is indeed a Klingon woman, and identifies herself as Grilka and Kozak was her husband. Quark offers her drink or food. She ignores him and says that she’s been told he is the one who killed her husband.


Grilka’s robe is nothing dramatic, just a dark maroon (I think) with maybe some lighter colored stripes on it.

Quark says he didn’t want to and had no choice. She asks if it was an honorable death. Absolutely, he died like a warrior, Quark says. He says he’s sorry about the death and asks if there’s something he can do. She says there is, throws back her cloak, and draws a weapon, a small knife similar to the one her husband used.


I like this outfit! Gray sleeves, green vest, beaded gold accents around the collar and waist, and gold around the shoulder. Utilitarian, but the shiny stuff gives it a bit of a feminine accent.

Quark dives behind the bar, cowering behind a tray. Grilka stops and says “this is the man who killed my husband in personal combat?” in a tone that implies she doesn’t quite believe this. She says she wants to know how her husband died, and she wants the truth.


I just realized that this is not the stained-glass inspired jacket, but a new Quark outfit! It’s a similar red color, with matching red pants, but instead of geometric multi-colored patterns, it’s got some swirls of gold and blue – blue, I might add, that nicely matches the blue shirt he’s wearing beneath.

He agrees, gesturing that she should put the knife away, and she does. He says that Kozak was drunk and tried to attack him, but he tripped and fell on his own knife. Grilka says he lied to the security officers, the customers, and D’Ghor (who I guess is the brother who attacked him in the hall). She says he’s quite a liar. He says it’s a gift.

She says it’s time he put the gift to work for her, and the zaps him with something that makes him unconscious. He collapses onto the bar. Grilka uses her communicator to call somewhere and then transports them both out.



Establishing Shot. Wherever this is, it looks like it’s either early morning, dusk, or there’s a storm approaching. I kind of like the colors of the sky, but I wouldn’t want to live there if these are the usual lighting conditions.

On this planet, I assume part of the Klingon Empire, Quark is awakened to find himself on a couch. He’s confused and asks where he is. An old Klingon with gray hair says he is on Kronos. Quark realizes this is the Klingon homeworld.


I guess the old guy is retired, as he’s not wearing the usual Klingon garb that Kozak and D’Ghor were wearing, but a red shirt and a tan robe. There’s also some matching tan gauntlets (I think that’s the word for those arm things) and a leather-ish belt. (I assume not actual leather, but made to look like it).

The old guy says he’s in the ancestral home of what used to be known as the House of Kozak. Quark asks what it’s called now. The old guy says that Kozak died without a male heir so the House doesn’t have a name.

Quark asks about the brother, D’Ghor. The old guy is very offended, and calls D’Ghor a pahtk and says his name is not spoken in the house. He is no brother to Kozak and his family has been a sworn enemy of the house for 7 generations. He says what D’Ghor told Quark were lies.

He says that D’Ghor wanted Quark to say that Kozak died in honorable combat so no special dispensation would be granted.  Quark, like me, is quite confused by Klingon rules, so the old guy says that if Kozak had died in an accident without a male heir, the Council might have decided it was an unusual situation and granted special dispensation. This would have allowed Grilka to become head of the family even though she’s a woman. However, if Kozak died in an honorable fight, defeated by a better opponent, then no dispensation is granted and without a male heir, the house falls.

Grilka comes in and addresses the old guy as Tumek and says that this hasn’t happened and there is time to prevent it from happening. She throws some clothes at Quark and tells him to put them on or she’ll kill him. It’s a robe that matches the one she’s wearing.


I assumed when Grilka first came in that she was wearing a fancy fur coat, but she’s really just wearing this robe over the same outfit she had on before.

Tumek says to consider. She says the decision has been made. She takes Quark’s hand and recites some words in Klingon. Tumek says the same words, making Quark repeat them. Quark tries to ask what’s going on but she holds her knife to his throat so he agrees. Then she kisses him. Afterward, she spits.

Tumek says it’s done. The ceremony is complete and they are husband and wife.

Back on DS9, Sisko is talking with Kira and Dax about battle drills. O’Brien comes in, apologizes for interrupting. Sisko says they’re done. O’Brien wants to have a private discussion. Dax concludes he has wife problems. She says she’s been a husband and a wife and she knows the look. She encourages Kira to come with her on a graceful exit. Kira doesn’t get it at first but Sisko says she’s should go so they do.

O’Brien sits down. Sisko says that Keiko must be upset about the school closing. He says she’s acting like she isn’t, and he’s had romantic dinners and moonlit walks in the holosuite and arranged his work schedule to spend more time with her, but nothing seems to make a difference.

Sisko prompts him into getting to the point, which his idea. O’Brien says he wants to convert one of the empty cargo bays into an arboretum. Sisko suggests Bay 21 as there are some problems with it.

He says that there’s nothing harder than knowing the person you love is unhappy, and it’s important to do something about it, so if one empty cargo bay makes Keiko happy he’s all for it, just hopes it works.

O’Brien agrees. He says she sacrificed her career to be there, so he owes her. Sisko says to let him know if he can do anything else.


Another establishing shot, this time of what I assume is the Council building. It seems a bit brighter here, so maybe it’s later in the day, but the sky is still pretty full of clouds. The building is almost pyramid shaped, with a dome on top and plenty of spikes pointing upward as well as the Klingon Empire’s symbol on the front. If it was a building on our current earth, I’d assume the spikes were all radio or cell antennas, but here I think it’s equally likely they’re for dramatic effect as communication systems.

At the Council, D’Ghor is announcing about how Kozak died in honorable combat with no male heir, so he makes claim to the title and property of the fallen House.

Another Klingon, sitting in a fancy seat, says that the Council will grant the petition once the final rituals are complete. He’s interrupted, however, by Grilka, who comes in and says the petition is out of order.

D’Ghor says that she has no place there – her husband is dead and her house has fallen, and he asks that she be taken from the hall. Grilka ignores him and steps forward to address the Klingon on the chair. She addresses him as Gowron and says that she has performed the brek’tal ritual and has chosen a new husband to lead the house.


Gowron wears the usual Klingon garb but with lots of extra medals and shiny things on his coat/robe thing. Clearly he’s the guy in charge.

“Enter, Husband!” she orders, and Quark comes in, to much muttering amongst the onlookers and the council. He does this brief little bending of the knee that reminds me of genuflecting and I’m not sure is part of the ritual or just his fear and then runs over to stand near Grilka.


D’Ghor is incensed and shouts that a Ferengi cannot be allowed to rule a Klingon House!


These other random Klingons who I guess are part of the council also seem skeptical of Quark.

Grilka says that she followed the brek’tal ritual. If the leader of a House is slain in honorable combat, the victor may be invited to take his place and his wife. She tells D’Ghor that he made it possible by certifying before the council that Kozak died an honorable death at the hands of Quark. She’s exercising her rights as an honored widow.

D’Ghor says he will have her house and her title and when he’s done he’ll put her head and Quark’s outside the gates.

Quark asks if he can speak, and talks directly to Gowron. He says it seems there’s a dispute going on over some land and other properties and maybe they should consider a deal. D’Ghor threatens to kill Quark, but Gowron yells at him in Klingon.

He tells D’Ghor he cannot challenge Quark in council without just cause. They will have to consider the matter carefully before a final decision is reached. Until then, the brek’tal will be respected. The House of Kozak is gone. For the time being it will be known as the House of…

He looks to Quark, who fills in his name. Quirk? Quark! The House of Quark.

Uh, okay….


Quark and Grilka have left the council and gone to, I guess, the House of Kozak Quark’s buildings. She says that she told him not to say anything. He says he was trying to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, like his own. She says to do as she says and there won’t be bloodshed. Fine, he agrees. What’s next?

She is quiet for a moment. He asks the plan. She says she’s thinking. He thinks she doesn’t have a plan and no idea where to go from there.

He suggests that they have a more equal partnership. She asks what he wants. He says to tell him what’s going on.

She says that Kozak squandered a lot of the family’s wealth, incurred gambling debts, made unwise investments. As a result, the House has weakened in power and influence. Much of the debt is owed to D’Ghor, who is ready to take advantage of the weakness. If he gains title of Kozak’s land and property, his family will gain power and influence, and he might earn a seat on the Council.

Quark asks if he can see all the financial records of the House and maybe D’Ghor’s and he might be able to find a way out of the mess. Grilka is offended and says that’s not how they do things, they are Klingons! They don’t dirty themselves with ledgers.

He says they’ve been doing things her way and now she’s run out of ideas so maybe they should try doing things his way. It can’t hurt to let him look at the “filty ledgers.” She agrees.

They go over to a desk and she starts pushing some buttons.



Back on DS9, O’Brien is looking at a map on a padd as Bashir goes to get some soup from the replicator. He notices what O’Brien is working on so O’Brien asks his opinion.


Bashir has a seat and looks over the arboretum. O’Brien says it’s not just for Keiko, and would benefit the entire station! He asks if it will work.

Absolutely, Bashir says, for about two months, then he’ll be back where he started. He says that in a serious disagreement, a smile and sweet words will buy you two hours, flowers a week. An arboretum, perhaps two months, but the underlying problem is still there.

O’Brien says he thought it would give her a chance to continue her studies and find something to do with her time. Like a hobby? Bashir says this is why it won’t work – you can’t turn her profession into a hobby. He asks if O’Brien would be satisfied puttering in a workshop building nano-circuit boards and playing with tricorders. O’Brien admits he would not. He says that until Keiko can be a botanist again, he’s not sure she’ll be happy.

Quark is looking over the financial records on a computer that reminds me of a pinball machine. He keeps saying things like “clever.”


He has taken off his jacket as well as the Klingon robe thing, because I guess he is working hard. Turns out that beneath the coat he was wearing a silvery patterned shirt, and the blue thing I assumed was his shirt is actually a vest. This is a lot of layers, so I guess it’s normally cold, but he’s working up a sweat now.

He explains to Grilka that D’Ghor has manipulated the family’s holdings, devalued the land they hold, and is the principle creditor on the outstanding gambling debts. It’s no accident the family’s getting weaker as D’Ghor’s getting stronger – he’s been systematically attacking the Kozak family assets for over five years.

Grilka is incensed. D’Ghor has been scheming and plotting like a Ferengi. She says there’s no honor in what he’s done – if he wanted to challenge the house he should have made a declaration and met their forces in battle. Quark points out that would risk destroying what he wanted – their lands and property.

She asks if he can prove any of it and show the Council what D’Ghor has done. He says yes, he just has to talk them through it. She thanks him for saving the family. He jokes and says it’s the house of Quark.

She then says she’s very grateful so she’s going to let him take his hand off her thigh instead of shattering every bone in his body. They both laugh and he takes his hand back. They go off to talk to the Council.

Quark explains what I’m supposing are spreadsheets to the Council, talking about things in Column J while the Klingons all look down at their devices.

Klingon on the end: Do you see a column J? I don’t see a column J. Am I in the right file?

Gowron is impatient and sets down his device. He says he doesn’t want to hear more about finances, mergers, or currency transactions. He gets to his feet and walks over to D’Ghor. He says the charge has been made that D’Ghor has used money to bring down a great House. What does he say?

D’Ghor says he is a liar who has smeared his name and he demands vengeance through personal combat. He says he has new evidence that proves Kozak died in an accident. He has a witness who will say he watched Kozak trip and fall on his blade and Quark made up the story.

Rom is dragged in.


That night, Quark and Rom try to escape, but are stopped by Tumek at the door. The lights come on and Grilka is there. She says she thought Quark might try to leave.


Rom is wearing a different outfit! Instead of his usual greenish gray upholstery jacket, he’s got a lighter colored jacket patterned with lots of little squares of color that reminds me of bathroom mosaic tile. Beneath that is a shirt of grayish color with a white stripe on it. I much prefer this outfit to his previous one!

Quark says he’s done his part and he’s sorry but someone wants to ill him. Grilka says that it’s a matter of honor – D’Ghor has accused him of lying and there’s no way to answer the challenge except through personal combat. Quark says that’s the Klingon way but Ferengis have a saying about discretion being the better part of valor.

She says what they say about the Ferengi is true – they’re all lying, thieving cowards with no sense of loyalty or honor. She thought he was different but all he has in there is a piece of latinum. She tells Tumek to let them run as she doesn’t want them in her house. Tumek leaves and she also leaves the room.

Quark tells Rom they should go but Rom is hesitant. He asks if she should stay and fight D’Ghor. Rom doesn’t say anything. Quark says that Grilka is trying to make them feel guilty but it’s not going to work.

Rom says that Quark is a businessman who only cares about profit and this is a ploy to boost sales at the bar. Who cares if a Klingon female loses her House? Quark doesn’t. Nor does Rom. They leave.

At the Council, D’Ghor is ready with his weapon but Quark is not there. Gowron asks Grilka where the leader of her House is. She does not know.

D’Ghor says that the House of Quark has dishonored itself before the Council and it should be dissolved and everything be turned over to him as compensation.

Before he can finish, Quark comes in, Rom trailing behind. Quark announces that he is Quark, son of Keldar, and he has come to answer the challenge of D’Ghor, son of whatever. The crowd gasps.

Grilka takes off Quark’s robe and says she is proud of him. Quark says he wishes he could say that’s comforting. He takes the bat’leth and he and D’Ghor move into position.

Gowron asks if they are ready, and both nod. The fight begins.

Quark throws away his weapon. He tells D’Ghor to kill him. That’s why he’s there, right? To be killed?

He says everyone wants him to pick up the sword and fight him, but he doesn’t have a chance and they know it. They want him to put up a fight so their honor will be satisfied, but he’s not going to make it so easy for them.

He gets down on his knees and says that having him fight D’Ghor is nothing more than an execution, so if that’s what they want, that’s what they’ll get. No honor, no glory. And when D’Ghor tells his children and grandchildren the glorious story of how he rose to power and took Grilka’s House, he hopes he’ll also tell him how he killed an unarmed Ferengi half his size.

D’Ghor is fine with this, and raises his weapon, but Gowron steps in to stop him. He says he didn’t want to believe the things Quark said about D’Ghor, but if D’Ghor can stand there and murder this pathetic little man, then he has no honor, and no place in the hall. He takes D’Ghor’s weapon from him and throws it to the ground. Then he crosses his arms in front of him and turns away

One by one, the other Klingons in the room do the same. D’Ghor is taken from the room.

Gowron goes to Quark and says he is a brave Ferengi – who would have thought it possible?

He then goes to Grilka and says there are enough unusual circumstances to justify granting special dispensation. She can lead the House on her own if that’s what she wants. He shouts something else and the rest of the Council leaves.

Grilka tells Quark he’s given her back her House and family name – how can she repay him? Quark says he wants a divorce. No offense. None taken. She says she can give it to him right away.

She smacks him in the face and then yells something in Klingon and spits on him. Then tells him he’s a free man. He says some warning would be nice. She kisses him and says Qapla’. He says Qapla’ back. She leaves.


Back at Quark’s bar, Keiko and O’Brien are on an upper level while people play dabo below. Keiko says she doesn’t understand what people see in the game – don’t people get sick of it? O’Brien is quiet.


Keiko has on what looks like a lacy, low-cut shirt with a brown vest/sweater over it. Like many of her outfits, it looks like something that a person could be wearing today!

He tells her that there’s an agrobiology expedition going to Bajor and they need a chief botanist and she could probably qualify. They’re surveying some mountains. It’ll be a six month expedition. She says she can’t leave him and Molly for six months. He says he’s checked and she can bring Molly, and Bajor’s only 3 hours away in a runabout so he’ll be fine.

Keiko says that when they moved there they made an agreement and she’s not trying to back out of it. She says not to let the school stuff make him feel guilty. He says he’s not guilty – it’s about her not being happy. She says she made a promise to stay with him and make it work. He says he knows but she’s a botanist and that’s what she loves so she should be that.

Downstairs, Rom and Quark are being lazy at the bar. Rom says that in the Great Hall, Quark was magnificent. Quark says he was lucky that it worked.

He notes that business is dropping off again. Rom says money isn’t everything. Quark says if their father were alive he’d wash Rom’s mouth out with galcor. Rom says that he’s got respect and that’s what he wanted.

Quark says respect is good but latinum is better. Rom asks him to tell the story again. Quark says everyone is tired of hearing it and it won’t boost business. Rom says he wants to hear it again. Quark says okay, but he’s taking the time out of his paycheck.


Stray Thoughts:

 * Klingon rules are complicated. Also, let this be a warning to anyone who is head of a powerful family – ALWAYS have a male heir. You’d think Kozak would have learned this.

* For a Quark episode, this wasn’t too bad, perhaps because it was more about Klingon society than Ferengi.

* So many new outfits this episode! I apologize if this took forever to load because of all the images – there are slightly more than I usually use.

* Despite this being a pretty good episode, I have two quibbles: Firstly, why, why, why does Grilka kiss Quark at the end? Sure they worked together, sure they ended up getting along and he helped her, but is he really owed a kiss? Is this his reward for being a good person – he “wins” the female? Ugh.

* Also, while most of the O’Briens’ scenes here are really nice, and it’s really awesome that Miles wants to help Keiko – and it’s really refreshing to see a storyline focused on them that doesn’t involve them fighting or him getting hurt/kidnapped/assumed dead – why is his proposal that Molly go along with Keiko to Bajor? While we’re at it, where is Molly throughout this episode?* If she’s with the neighbors or daycare (which I’m not sure why she would need to be if Keiko isn’t working anymore) while both her parents are on the station, then why can’t Miles handle her care on his own? He’s apparently flexible enough with his schedule to spend extra time with his wife, so why not his daughter? It’s just assumed that Keiko will take on primary childcare responsibility – even while she’s on an expedition to the mountains during which she’ll be working the whole time!

** (This is a minor quibble I have with a lot of television shows where the characters have kids – the adults say “go off and play” and the kids aren’t there for most of the show, even when parenting is part of the adult character’s defining characteristic! I would have appreciated at least a brief scene where Keiko was like “Oh this romantic dinner looks nice, now that we’ve fed Molly first and put her to bed, we can eat,” which seems much more like what actual parents do. Just not having her appear seems very convenient.)