Longform Political Discussion This Week’s Topic: Health & Disease.

  • The Plague is still here 3 people in China have it right now and we know Americans have it. What does this mean? Sigal Samuel reports
  • Space as it turns out may be causing Zero G blood clots. This isn’t good. What is good is that it appears no astronauts have suffered adverse affects due to the clots though. Article by Marina Koren
  • Ice is holding some pretty deadly stuff back and as global warming is causing it all to melt these diseases are crossing oceans in a big way. Epidemics in Marine life are only going to get worse


  • Embeds are fine but make sure they can facilitate discussion deeper than “Oh that’s neat.” or “Oh that’s bad”
  • TLDR Policy: While everyone is heavily encouraged to read the articles, tweets, bills, studies in full before responding you can still feel free to post excerpts especially if they contain something specific you want to talk about
  • Jokes are going to happen but try to keep them in the snark while making a larger point mode and not just a quick one-liner

Happy Discussing!