“The Hand That Rocks The Rogu” American Dad! S16E20

Steve babysits Roger’s ex-tumor, Rogu, to prove to Francine that he’s ready for the responsibility. Stan and Francine get into trouble in their respective clubs.

Tonight’s story starts in the school cafeteria.  Steve learns that Snot, Berry, and Toshi all can afford the curly fries because they all make extra money by babysitting.


Steve asks Francine if he can do some babysitting, but she says he’s not ready when he doesn’t pick where the strawberry is.  “Whoa!  A strawberry gun”


Steve complains to Roger about this, so Roger let’s Steve babysit Rogu while he goes on some “dates” .  But not without a few ground rules.

Sleep fixes everything.  No candy, no screen time, and don’t let him look at the ant farm.  While Francine goes off to mom club to see the Bazooka Sharks, Steve and Klaus look after Rogu.  Hilarity ensues!


Steve learns very quickly why no candy for Rogu.


“Rogu have errand to run”.  ” But Rogu have score to settle”

So much more Rogu!  And Klaus is no help at all when he shows them screen time.  Giant Rogu!

“More Screen time!”


Even Tuttle shows up .  “Car to thru tunnel”  “This is my last resort!”




Steve remembers that sleep fixes everything and that Rogu likes to be rocked to sleep


Rogu reverts back to normal size, but then the CIA exotic food club nabs normal sized Roju.  Steve has no other option than to call Francine for help.  “The CIA huh?  Luck for you I slap uglies with a guy who works there” .  Moms Club to the rescue!  Also, Roju saves himself.


But Roger didn’t say anything about Rogu and shellfish


B Plots  

  • Stan has an interest in the CIA exotic food club and he tried to gain membership, which crosses over to the main plot.  “It’s Entenmann’s !stan.png
  • Francine’s moms club goes to the Zooks game which also crosses over to the main plot.francine.png

Also Principal Lewis and Buckle Breakin’ too


I’ve been looking forward to this episode for weeks and it did not disappoint! This one really delivered.  SO MUCH ROGU!  The ZOOKS! , and Tuttle to boot.  This episode has it all.

Klaus:  “I don’t know why you’re shocked man.  Rogu’s crazy.  He does crazy shit”

Rogers “Three Blind Guys” song

Grade A