To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E17: “Playing God”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

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A ship docks at DS9, and Bashir and another dude in gray exit. Bashir is saying that he’ll be happy to help out the dude while he’s there and the guy says he’s happy that Bashir has told him so much about Dax.


The other dude is wearing a really bland gray outfit that looks like it’s too big for him. He’s also carrying a bag over his shoulder that seems to have a leather strap and yellow stripe on it. He’s got kind of a 90s haircut, and Trill markings. I didn’t actually notice the Trill markings when I was watching this episode, but I blame that more on my bad eyesight than anything.

Gray Dude says that Dax sounds different from the other Daxes, and he originally asked for reassignment. Bashir is surprised. He says Dax is famous for breaking initiates, and personally eliminated 57 host candidates from the program. He then says he supposes it’s too late to meet with Dax at that time, but Bashir says she’s a night owl and asks the computer where to find her.

Dax is at Quark’s, so they head there. The dude explains that there are 5,000 qualified candidates for the training program and only an average of 300 symbionts, so it’s easy to get disqualified.

They approach Quark’s and hear a ruckus, and find Dax playing a game with a group of Ferengi.


Quark is being casual here, and not wearing any of his jackets, just the shirt that he wears beneath most of them, an orange patterned thing with a pair of black stripes across the chest. The other Generic Ferengi are wearing normal Ferengi clothes. The guy in the center of this shot has an interesting diamond pattern, and the guy to his left has some kind of shiny strip running down his sleeve.

It’s rather riotous, and Dax wins the game. She explains that Quark has a tell of scratching behind his ears.

Bashir steps forward and says Dax has a guest. She is surprised as Gray Dude was not supposed to come until the next day. He calls her ma’am and says he got a transport from Starbase 41 a day early. Bashir says they were sitting next to each other and he told Arjin all about Dax.


I’m not sure if his outfit is two different fabrics or if it’s just the lighting here, but either way, there’s an awkward seam across the shoulders that does nothing in the way of adding visual interest to the otherwise very bland outfit. I’m just thinking how if I was wearing a strap over my shoulder like he is that seam would kind of dig into my skin and be uncomfortable quickly.

Quark asks Arjin if he plays Tongo. No, sir. Quark says he’ll have to leave.

Dax scolds Quark, saying that of course he doesn’t play Tongo. Quark apologizes and offers to teach Arjin, asking how much money he’s brought. He makes a space for Arjin at the table, but Arjin says he’s had a long trip, so Dax quits the game, much to the chagrin of the Ferengi, and offers to take him to his quarters.



Arjin is in the halls of DS9. He is nervous. He rings the doorbell, but it seems to be the wrong room as a person who is not Dax answers and tells Arjin she is in the shower. Is she expecting him? Yes, he manages to say.


This guy has an interesting look. It seems like he’s wearing kind of a shiny ribbon over his head? Also, a sleeveless shirt with some kind of random straps over it, and in a bunch of random primary colors. He seems intimidating, both by the broad muscles in his arms and his kind of short, blunt responses.

Dax calls out from somewhere inside the room, and emerges wearing a towel. She says that Arjin is early again, and they’ll have to work on that. He says he can come back, but she invites him in, saying she’ll only be a minute, but it takes longer to get ready as a female.

I know y’all want to see Dax in a towel, so here:


The colorfully-dressed dude also seems to be wearing kind of black arm wraps/gloves/whatever as well. Dax seems very confident about that towel.

The other dude says he has to leave, has to be at Calondia IV by tomorrow but he’ll be back the next week. She says it was brutal, but fun and wishes him safe trip as he leaves.

Arjin says he’s already had something to eat, but Dax asks if he can get her a drink called a Black Hole, which is a Ferengi drink. From the next room, where she’s apparently getting dressed, she complains about sore muscles and asks if he’s wrestled Galeo-Manada style. He makes a funny face at the smell of the drink and says no.

She comes back and notes that he doesn’t play Tongo or wrestle, what will he do? He starts to say what he thinks field training consists of, and she interrupts him as Jadzia went through it a few years prior. He says “yes ma’am,” and she scolds him and says not to call her “ma’am” again.

He agrees, and calls her Lieutenant, and she suggests Jadzia. He questions if that’s appropriate. She says it’s not, but she hates to be appropriate. He’s clearly feeling quite awkward.


Meanwhile, Kira and O’Brien are investigating something in Ops. This involves Chief opening small compartments and climbing in them.

Sisko comes out and asks what’s going on, and Kira explains voles.

O’Brien explains that they were hiding in areas of the station they weren’t using before, and now that they’ve moved into those areas, the voles spreading out all over the place. They seem to be attracted to electromagnetic fields.

Sisko says to keep phasers on stun – he wants them taken alive.

Dax comes in with Arjin and introduces him to Sisko. They shake hands. Dax points to Kira and O’Brien, who currently are head deep in a compartment with their butts sticking out. Sisko explains the situation with the voles, showing a wire tube thing that they’ve chewed through.

Was fan service a thing when this episode aired? Because this feels like fan service.

Dax is intrigued, as she’s never seen a Cardassian vole. Kira climbs out and allows Jadzia to go in and investigate.

Sisko strikes up a conversation with Arjin, saying he picked the black marble. Arjin doesn’t get the reference. Sisko says that field training with Dax was the nightmare of the initiate. Dax, still head under the computer, says that was Curzon Dax, and then gleefully fires a phaser and cries, “Gotcha!”

She passes the hideous creature to Arjin.


Okay, voles on earth are like rodents, kind of mouse-sized. Not hideous or huge like this thing is. Yikes.

Dax and Arjin fly through the wormhole. He seems to be less than amazed by the scenery in the middle of it.

Once through, Dax orders the computer to play music by a self-exiled Romulan composer, saying she collects forgotten composers.

She asks if he’d like to fly. He demurs, as he’s never flown a Federation runabout. She says they practically fly themselves, and asks if he has third level flight experience. He says he has fifth. She’s impressed, as she didn’t finish third until…last year of training, he finishes. He’s been studying up on her. She can’t blame him as she did the same thing.

How did she feel when she found out it would be Curzon Dax, he asks. Nauseous, she admits. He asks for tips on how to impress him.

She says she’s not Curzon or Lela, she’s Jadzia, and only a few years older. He’s her first initiate and in a lot of ways she still feels like an initiate herself. She’s not going to make it difficult and he doesn’t have to impress her.

He asks how she impressed Curzon. She didn’t. He recommended her initiate period be ended.

Before they can continue the conversation, the ship rocks violently. Dax does a bunch of technical stuff to stabilize them. The computer says it was due to a subspace interphase pocket. It doesn’t know anything about the nature of the pocket. The starboard nacelle is damaged and maximum available power is 50 percent.

Arjin notices something and calls her attention to the screen, which shows there’s something on the starboard nacelle. It looks like they picked up something when they went through the pocket. She asks the computer to identify the mass. The computer is useless.


Back at DS9, O’Brien and Kira are still discussing what to do about the voles. He suggests luring them into a trap. It seems hard to do without shutting down the rest of the power on the station and maybe evacuating. He then suggests a directional sonic generator, adjusted to a frequency uncomfortable to voles and drive them out of hiding, but this will take a long time.

Quark comes in to complain about a vole running across a dabo table. He dumps the dead thing on the computer terminal. Kira jokes that it died by eating the food. Quark is not amused. He says that as they are landlords, they are responsible. He wants vermin control.


I didn’t notice this when watching the episode, but Quark has thoughtfully carried the vole to Ops in a rather fancy piece of fabric. I wonder if he ripped the clothes of one of his workers to bring it, or if it’s supposed to be a napkin or tablecloth or something.

Kira wonders if he’ll leave over this, and says she would prefer Cardassian voles to him, then walks away. Quark says that she is fighting a latent attraction to him and laughs in a manner the captions describe as “raucously.” He asks what O’Brien will do about it. O’Brien starts to explain about the sonic generator, and turns to show it to Quark.

Quark screams in pain and falls to his knees, begging for it to stop. O’Brien turns it off and Quark stands up, but his hearing seems to be damaged.

Kira reports that the Mekong has come back through the wormhole and is showing damage. Sisko emerges from his office and tells her to open a channel.

Dax comes on screen and says they could use a tow as they’re out of power, and she’s not sure what happened but they’ve picked up what she described as “subspace seaweed” they weren’t able to remove without damaging.

O’Brien tells her to shut down engines and they’ll tow her in to pad D. Dax asks him to set up a containment chamber in the Science Lab so she can study it later. Chief says it’ll take a few hours. She says that’s fine, it’ll give them time to recoup.


They land, and Dax invites Arjin to go to dinner. They end up at the Klingon place, with the Klingon waiter playing what looks like an accordion and singing in Klingon.


Man, I love this dude. We last saw him in Season 2, episode 6, Melora, and I was not expecting to see him again, but here he is!

Dax stands up and duets with the Klingon for a bit. The other diners applaud. The Klingon waiter is thrilled, and tells Arjin that Dax taught him the song, which is a Klingon song he’d never heard.

Arjin says that she collects lost composers. The Klingon asks Dax something in Klingon, and then tells Arjin not to get any ideas.

Dax notices that Arjin has not touched his racht. He denies it. She says he’s moved it on his place. He says it moved itself. She laughs and says he could have suggested something else. He claims he wasn’t very hungry.

She tells him to speak up for himself. He says he’ll make an effort.

She asks who sponsored him for the program. His dad. Was he joined? No, but he had great ambitions for his children. He was a pilot instructor for 40 years, and died last year. She says this must be where he got his flight skills.

He goes on to talk about his sister, who got married after being accepted to the program, which upset his father so much that they never spoke again. So when his dad died, he told Arjin that he was counting on him.

Dax asks if he wanted him to join Starfleet, to put his flight training to good use? Arjin shrugs and says he doesn’t think his dad cared what he did, as long as he became joined.

Dax is quiet and contemplative. She asks about his goals. He says there are a lot of options after joining and he’s not sure, but he thought he’d get some advice from the symbiont. She says the symbionts influence is strong, but he’s the host and he needs to balance that influence with his own or else the symbiont will overwhelm his personality.

O’Brien is talking to some Cardassian guy about voles.


The guy is kind of condescending, implying that Federation technology isn’t up to the task. The guy is unwilling to help, but says the mating season starts in about six weeks, and suggests the Federation withdraw from Bajor…

O’Brien cuts off the call.

Dax gives him a box and says that Bashir says it’s the solution he’s been looking for. O’Brien opens the box and sees a flute and a note saying “it worked in Hamlin.” O’Brien is not amused.


Dax goes in to see Sisko. They are in the middle of a game of chess. They talk about the “seaweed” she picked up – it’s been transported to the lab. She says they weren’t able to analyze it on the runabout.

Sisko asks about how Arjin handled it. She says he fine, and he’s a good pilot. Sisko sees her expression and can tell she’s skeptical about him. So she admits that she’s not sure what he brings as a host and how he’ll advance the symbiont to the next level. She also thinks he’s a bit arrogant, riding his father’s ambitions and has no idea what he’ll do with a symbiont.

He asks if she’s confronted Arjin? She says it’s not her job to do so. Isn’t it? It’s her job to show him what it’s like to function as a joined Trill. There are guidelines and they’re very clear. Sisko seems skeptical.

She says she won’t do to Arjin what Curzon did to her. Sisko asks what she’ll do. He has to measure up soon or he won’t get chosen. She’s not doing him any favors avoiding the confrontation. Curzon was tough and maybe abusive, but he demanded the highest standards of excellence. Dax says Sisko doesn’t know what he did to her.

Sisko says she made it through the program. “No thanks to him.” Are you sure?

The “seaweed” is a blue thing floating in a containment field in the lab. A vole pokes its nose at the containment field, shorting it out.

The blue thing flashes a bright white light.

Crawling out of a tunnel, O’Brien says the voles ate through the security field’s energy lines, so he’s not sure how long it’ll take to set up a new field. Sisko is upset, as this means nothing on the station is secure. He asks if there’s reason to believe there’s an imminent threat.

Dax says she doesn’t think so, but she can’t tell yet. Sisko says he wants to know what’s happening ASAP and he’ll schedule a briefing for 1400 hours. He slams shut a box of tools he’s holding and hands it to O’Brien. He then says to take the phasers off stun. They both leave.


Arjin’s shirt is really long on him. I kind of like the cut of it, tapering into a squared-off point in the front, but I feel like it’s still boring and looks huge on him.

Dax asks Arjin how his astrophysics is. He says it’s one of his better subjects. She gives him some technobabble instructions. They get to work.

He then says that maybe he didn’t express himself clearly about his own goals. She says he was clear. He says he didn’t want her to think he hasn’t set any goals. He starts to talk about how he thought about Starfleet.

She interrupts and says that Starfleet is a career and pilot is a job – what does that have to do with being joined? He admits he doesn’t understand. She agrees.

She says she thinks he’s telling her what he thinks she wants to hear. She thinks he went back to his quarters, tossed and turned, and knew some things he said were concerning and he’s trying to fix it. He stammers out that he’s trying to clarify.

Dax says she knows what it’s like, don’t insult her by denying it.

He’s finished his task. They run an analysis.

Dax says she’s worried about him, that he’s not preparing himself for being joined. He says it’s been a day and a half and she’s made up her mind? She says no. But he’s gotten this far by anticipating demands and performing above expectations, right? Yes. She says from this point on, that’s not good enough.

She reads the analysis. The “seaweed” is highly structural but doesn’t seem to conform to any physical laws. She orders another analysis. This will take seven minutes.

Arjin says he feels betrayed after her speech in the runabout about feeling like an initiate. She says she understand why he feels that way, but this isn’t about her, it’s about standards for Trill hosts. The opportunity is too rare and important to waste on the wrong candidate.

Is he a wrong candidate? She says she doesn’t know, but she felt it fair to let him know that she’s worried. He says he should have seen this coming, and passionately states that he’s never seen a host in his life who is so far below the “standards for Trill hosts” as she is, and no wonder Curzon tried to terminate her training.

Dax says nothing. He leaves.

In Ops, they discuss the situation.


Dax says there are high plasma concentrations in a rapidly expanding mass. How rapidly? It’s already straining the containment field. It also periodically undergoes phased expansions and grows in spurts. It’s a specific grown pattern that the computer recognized as the expansion patterns of the universe.

Kira and O’Brien are astonished. She says they have a proto universe in its earliest stages of development, and unfortunately as it grows, it’s displacing their own universe.

Sisko asks if they can put it back where it came from. She says it’s an energy mass that doesn’t conform to their own laws of nature and she doesn’t know what will happen if they try to move it or take it back to the wormhole. She adds some other technobabble about how the mass will interact with the wormhole and cause a devastating reaction that would destroy the system.

And if they do nothing, it’ll overtake their own universe.

Chief asks if they can contain it somehow. Not without destroying it. Kira says that sounds like a good option under the circumstances. Dax says they can create a force field to contain it, and if they can it long enough the feedback pressure would create an implosion wave and cause it to self-destruct.

How long until it expands again? Three hours. The collateral shock waves will probably destroy the waves.

Chief says they can have the containment field ready by then. Sisko says to have Odo evacuate Section 14, then dismisses them.


At Quark’s Arjin is drinking away his sorrows. Quark offers him another. He says to keep pouring until he drowns. Quark says this sounds serious.


Quark is wearing the darker paisley jacket. I’m pretty sure he was actually wearing this jacket when he went to Ops to complain about the vole, but it was hard to tell. In any case, his hearing seems to have recovered.

Arjin says he threw his life out a porthole, but nothing serious. Quark says there are no problems that can’t be fixed with a holosuite program. Arjin says not to trust Trills as they are two-faced. Quark asks if that’s all, or just the ones with worms.

Arjin says just Dax. Quark commiserates, saying that she also broke his heart, and Bashir comes in often to cry over his synthale about her. Arjin says it wasn’t his heart, it was himself. His career, his life. She told him he wasn’t preparing himself for joining.

Quark tries to comfort him by saying that’s just her opinion, but Arjin explains that a bad recommendation from your field docent means you’re basically through. Quark tells him a story about how when he was a young man he worked as an apprentice. He licked the guys boots and he was on the high road, but then it fell apart.

How? Arjin asks. Quark quotes Rule of Acquisition 112: “Never have sex with the boss’s sister.” Arjin is kind of surprised by this and has nothing to say. Quark says he was fired and broke, and it was a setback to his ambitions.

How did he recover? He didn’t. Look, he’s tending bar in “wormhole junction” while big boys fly by. You only get one shot, and if you miss it, you miss it. Welcome to the club.

This doesn’t sound very comforting. Arjin is confused, but says thanks in a sort of sarcastic manner that Quark doesn’t get is sarcastic, and says he’s glad he could help.

Dax is working in the lab. The computer says that localized entropy readings have decreased 12 percent in the last 58 minutes. Dax doesn’t think this is right and activates a probe and does some other technobabble. She thinks the sensors are malfunctioning and asks for a self-diagnostic.

The diagnostic comes back normal.

In Ops, Odo calls to say that section 14 has been evacuated. O’Brien is finishing up his work on the containment field. Sisko calls Dax to tell her this and he wants her to leave the lab.

She’s already on the turbolift and arriving in Ops, and tells him she’s not sure they’re going to want to do this now, as she’s found indications of life in the proto universe.

Dax is looking at computer scans and says the computer has confirmed that there are life signs. I’m just going to take her word for it, because I don’t understand most of the rest of her words here.

Kira says that single-cell microbes are life-forms, but they have hyposprays that kill them, never mind the voles. Dax says they could be dealing with intelligent life. Kira asks how that’s possible if the proto-universe was just formed.

Bashir says that it’s possible that although it’s been only hours for them, billions of years might have passed within the universe. They have no way of knowing how time is moving there. Odo agrees, saying that an entire evolution of a species might have taken place in a few hours.

O’Brien calls from the lab and says if they’re going to implement, they should do it now, because the thing is going to expand in two minutes. Sisko says to get out, they’re not going to put up the field.

Kira says this will only delay the inevitable. Sisko tells her to take them to Yellow Alert and move repair crews into position.

There’s a flash of light and two holes are blown in the side of the station.

Sisko tells O’Brien to seal it off Section 14 and move repair crews into position. Dax says they have five hours to the next expansion, when they’ll lose a section of the station, and by tomorrow, the station will be gone.

Bashir suggest they beam them into space while they think of a solution. Kira says they have a solution and the longer they wait the harder it will be to implement it. It’s us or them, they need to destroy it.

Odo disagrees – he says they can’t wipe out a civilization, that’d be mass murder. Kira says it’s like stepping on ants. He says he doesn’t step on ants, and just because they don’t understand it doesn’t mean they can destroy it. She asks if he has a better idea. Anyone? No one replies.

Sisko says he’ll give his decision in an hour, and goes off to his office.

He updates his log to muse on the topic. He says he keeps thinking of the Borg and how he despised their indifference to their extermination, and would he be different if he destroyed a universe to preserve his own? He pauses to stop on the promenade and look dramatically out a view port.

Back at his quarters, Jake is working on the computer.


Like many of Jake’s jumpsuits, this wouldn’t be too bad as a shirt. Dorky, but not horrible.

Jake is concerned that O’Brien told him that he is in love with someone. Jake says this woman is everything he wants in a woman, and she doesn’t like to be called girl. She’s a dabo girl.

Sisko is shocked. He’s in love with a Dabo girl? Who is she and how old is she? Jake says he didn’t think his dad would understand. Sisko says he’s hiding things now? Of course he would not understand.

He thinks he knows the woman’s name – Mardah – the one who he’s been tutoring in entomology. Jake wants Sisko to meet her. Sisko says he wants to meet her. Can Jake invite her to dinner? Not tonight. But soon.

Jake is cheered, and runs out of their quarters.

At Quark’s, Arjin is staring into a glass of blue liquid.


He tells Dax he can see his future. She says she wouldn’t trust synthale to tell him the future.

He wants to get it over with, and asks her to use a sharp blade.

She says he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks he does. She’s sure he looked at profiles but that doesn’t tell him who Jadzia was before she joined. She was shy and quiet. Brilliant, top grades, but not a clue what life was about. She’d never lived outside the program and it didn’t matter because she was flying through it until she met Curzon.

Curzon sized her up in 20 seconds and made the next 2 weeks miserable. She cried herself to sleep every night and hated him. But when the training was over and she found he had recommended she be terminated, she went back a different woman. She found her voice and reapplied, and tore through the program with a passion and was chosen.

He asks how she ended up with the Dax symbiont. She says she requested it when she found out Curzon was dying. Curzon didn’t object? No, and she’s never been quite sure, but as she’s come to appreciate his dark sense of humor, she thinks the irony appealed to him.

She says Jadzia Dax is not Curzon Dax, but she is Dax, and she’s coming to terms with what that means to her. Sometimes it means gambling or wrestling, waking up an initiate before he slides into the middle and gets overlooked.

He is optimistic, as she’s giving him another chance. She says he is the only one who can give himself a chance. He can’t do this anymore to meet others’ expectations – teachers, father’s, hers. What does he want out of life, and joining?

Sisko comes in and says they want to take it back to the wormhole – when can she be ready? She has some technical concerns about radiation, and suggests 2 hours. He says to get started. Dax says it wouldn’t hurt to have a level 5 pilot along, and so Arjin follows them out of the bar.

Good thing he was drinking synthale!

Sisko comes out of his office and asks O’Brien how things are going. O’Brien says he’s almost done with the field but he wants to run a practical test on something integrity. “Like to” or “need to”? Sisko asks. They have less than an hour.

Chief says this is the strongest force field he knows how to make. A test would give them odds of getting through the wormhole. Sisko says he’s not playing the odds, and calls the Rio Grande to check in.

Dax says they’ve sent auxiliary power to shields, and they’re ready to go. O’Brien locks on to the containment field and energizes.

There’s a phase variation as the energy fluctuations are messing with the transporter. They get it on board safely and he switches their transporter to “secure mode.” Everything seems stable.

Arjin fires thrusters to take them out gently. They go a little faster and head to the wormhole. They terminate comm links and head through the wormhole. Kira asks the prophets to guide them.

They pass through the wormhole and the containment field seems to be destabilizing. The verteron nodes are interfering with the field. Arjin says they have twenty seconds. Dax doesn’t think they’ll make it. She orders him to stop forward accelerations, so they bring all engines to stop.

The field is still destabilizing. Arjin orders thrusters on reverse for two seconds, then brings them to a stop. The field stabilizes, but it’s at 27 percent integrity.

They float in the wormhole for a bit. Now what? Arjin wonders. They can’t stay there because the field will expand again in 42 minutes, and if the expanding mass hits a verteron node, they’ll feel it on Cardassia. But the containment field is too weak to move.

Dax says they’ll have to let the field fail. They’ll have to avoid the nodes. Arjin thinks this is crazy – precision flying through a wormhole! Dax thinks he can do it. She said she could do it if she had to, but he’s a better pilot.

He reluctantly agrees, saying he’ll try to stay fifty meters away from the nodes. She agrees, telling the computer to use internal scanners to measure veteron radiation inside and activate sonic inidcators. Everything is okay now.


Arjin says they’ll use a thruster blast and then coast through. He’s also taking the inertial dampers offline as that’ll make it more responsive, though the ride will be rougher.

He fires the thrusters and they move slowly but shakily. The containment field is down to 10 percent. There’s a node to the side so Arjin fires the thruster. The containment field is down completely.

They avoid another node on the other side of the ship. Then see a huge luster of nodes. Arjin is skeptical of a passageway, but then they see it. It’s 17 meters wide. The ship is 14. Dax says this gives him 2 meters to work with.

The verteron levels are rising.

They exit the wormhole. Dax says this will look good on Arjin’s record.


Back on DS9, Arjin is preparing to leave, but he wants to apologize for what he said in the lab. Dax says it’s the first time he was honest. He says he thought joining would make a Trill complete, serene, and wise beyond her years.

Dax asks if she’s none of those things. He laughs and says she’s not what he expected. She says that she’s nothing like she expected. Life after life with each new personality, you get desires and dreams that used to belong to someone else. She wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but might recommend it for him, when he’s ready.

He says he knows what he has to do. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, shakes his hand, and says good luck. He walks through the airlock. Dax walks away, pleased with herself, and says that she’s not Curzon.

Stray Thoughts:

* I apologize if you read or watch for the science. I didn’t quite understand a lot of what was going on in most of Dax’s technical scenes.

* I remain confused about a lot of Trill society. If Arjin is not preparing to join Starfleet, what was the benefit of him hanging out with Dax? Just to hang out with a joined Trill? He was a good pilot and sciencey kind of guy, so it worked out, but what if he was, say, an artist? Would they have put him with someone else?

* A lot of what Dax says to Arjin makes sense. It seems like he’s going through the program because that what his dad wanted, but that seems like a bad reason to dedicate your life to joining with a symbiont. I’m not sure how he’s supposed to work on that, though, or how piloting a universe through a wormhole really helped him to realize that. Maybe I’m missing something? Feel free to enlighten me.

* The whole thing with Jake being in love with a Dabo girl (I can say that I agree with her stance on wanting to be called a woman rather than a girl!) was kind of disconnected from the rest of the plot. I was expecting Sisko to have a heart to heart with his son about how other life forms are important or something that caused Sisko to have an epiphany about the right course of action, but that whole scene could have just been plopped down in another episode with no consequence.

* Quark is really bad at giving advice and playing the sympathetic bartender.

* Also, the first time we saw a (non-Dax) Trill in this series was way back in Season 1, Episode 7, Dax, where Selin Peers was also dressed kind of boring. Is this Trill fashion?