Best Video Game Song Tournament – Prehistory (Before 1983) – Round 1

This is the first round of our best video game song tournament. Ordinarily, this would be a seeding round, since our nomination process no longer involves upvotes we can’t seed and nominate at the same time. However, we only have 27 nominations, so I’m going to try something a little different.

We’re doing a Swiss tournament!

What’s that mean? Basically, it means that songs don’t get eliminated; every song will participate in each of our 5 rounds. Songs will be paired against songs with similar records, and at the end we should have no more than one undefeated song.

You can check out the tournament standings here:

Please listen to every song in a matchup before voting! We don’t want songs skating through based on name-recognition alone.

Voting will be open until Friday, August 16th at 10:00 PM Pacific.