To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S01E07: “Dax”

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I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Sisko updates his log to report that Chief O’Brien is escorting his wife back to earth for her mom’s 100th birthday, and the rest of them are trying their best to muddle through. I guess Chief got enough focus the last few episodes and needed some time off.

Dax and Bashir are sitting at a table together. Bashir is drinking and Dax is looking at a pad. (I’ve noticed that she spends a lot of time looking at screens; tricorders, reading pads, etc.) Bashir is commenting about how the refiltration processors waited for OB to leave before breaking down. Dax is reading and commenting on some technobabble about matrix fields and Romulans. Bashir tries to flirt. Dax is either distracted by her reading or pretending to be completely oblivious to his advances.

One person stares at a screen while the other drinks and tries to have a conversation – kind of like a lot of dinners I have with my husband. 

A shadowy figure is watching them from behind a grate. Another shadowy figure comes up to him. The first guy nods at the second and says “Dax.”

Dax excuses herself to head to bed. Bashir offers to escort her, but she declines, and leaves. The shadowy figure and two more people, wearing suspicious looking purple hoods, leave their spot at the same time and follow her.

Meanwhile, Bashir has talked himself into following her anyway.

The formerly shadowy figure and his associates come upon Dax in the hallway and call out to her.

Still kind of shadowy here. 

This picture is kind of still shadowy; I’ll come back to the leader’s outfit later. The associates are wearing purplish hooded sweatshirts. They all have pouches around their waists that match their gloves, which look like they’re going for a lizard-skin quality, but shiny. Very shiny.

“Yes?” Dax says, turning toward them. The men in robes grab her and put a hand over her mouth just as Bashir comes into the hallway. He tackles the leader, punching him and knocking them both to the floor. The second figure approaches. He throws off the hood, revealing that she’s a woman.

A FEMALE fighter?! *gasp*

The gloves are quite something. I assume the tile-like pieces on them are maybe made of a harder material that would make punching more effective, because otherwise they’re quite ostentatious for people who are trying to be shadowy and hidden.

Bashir is taken aback enough that she gets in a punch.

Meanwhile, Dax elbows the person holding her, but isn’t able to get away, and is knocked senseless. Bashir is thrown to the ground. The formerly hooded woman helps the leader to his feet. The third rips Dax’s comm badge from her uniform. They drag Dax off while Bashir lies unconscious on the floor.


At Ops, Kira is showing some technobabble to Sisko. Odo is nearby.

Bashir wakes up and calls Ops to report the incident. Sisko orders a full station security alert. He wants turbolifts stopped and airlocks sealed. He tells the computer to find Dax, but that doesn’t work because they left her comm badge in the hallway with Bashir. Odo asks how long it’s been, but Bashir doesn’t know.

The villains are dragging Dax, who has also awakened, down a corridor. The leader has a map or something, and directs them which way to turn at each intersection.

Odo notes that they are avoiding the security tracking grid; they know a lot about the station’s layout. Kira thinks they must know the speed of the runabouts and have a faster ship to make their escape. Sisko tells her to survey all ships with a high warp capability. Also, the technobabble they were just discussing means that the tractor beam is not working. Kira reports 8 ships that can go to warp 5 or higher.

Sisko tells them to seal off the airlocks; Odo calls for a security sweep of the docking ring.

The villains get to their airlock just as it closes. No worries for them, though, the leader has some kind of doohickey thing that he puts on the computer panel and overrides the lock.

Kira has seen them on the security camera. Odo heads that way, calling for security to meet him there as well. Kira raises some force fields.

The villains cannot get into their ship because the force field is up. But the leader heads to a panel in the wall and again puts a doohickey there that disables those as well. They head on to the ship.

Kira notes that they’ve disabled the force fields. Sisko is trying to fix the tractor beam. The ship flies away. He manages to get the tractor beam to work, and they grab the ship before it can get out of range and go to warp.


Sisko, Odo, and some security people go to meet the villains. Dax seems okay.

The leader introduces himself as Ilon Tandro, special envoy from Klaestron IV, in charge of this extradition procedure. He holds out some item that he says is a valid warrant for her arrest, and the treaty between Klaestron and the Federation allows for unilateral extradition.

Sisko is confused. What’s the charge? Ilon Tandro says Dax is charged with treason and the murder of his father.

Sisko and Odo look at Dax, who has a rather pained expression.

(spoiler alert) She makes this face a lot in this episode.

Odo, reading over the warrant, says that Dax is responsible for the death of General Ardelon Tandro, 30 years earlier, when she was Curzon. Apparently Curzon worked as a mediator there during their civil war. Sisko is surprised, as he was good friends with Curzon (who was a mentor to him), and Curzon did not mention that he had been to Klaestron.

Sisko says that Curzon had many faults but was not a murderer.

Odo says that apparently Curzon betrayed the government to the rebels. Sisko doesn’t believe it – he knew the man and he was not a traitor or a murderer.

Odo asks if he knew the symbiont inside the man.

Dax is in her quarters resting.

The bed doesn’t appear comfortable.

I admit I’m surprised by the feminine touches in her quarters. There are some flowers, and a few other bits of color. To the extent that we’ve really examined her personality so far, Dax doesn’t seem very feminine. There are a few other unidentifiable pops of color on that shelving unit that are undoubtedly for decorative purposes only, and what looks like a few books on the top shelf.

Sisko rings the bell and comes in. He says he’s sent a message to Klaestron to ask for confirmation of the warrant in order to stall. He asks her to explain what’s wrong if she wants him to help. Dax refuses his help.

He pleads with her to explain herself so he can defend her, but she refuses to speak.

Sisko says they have many years of friendship behind them; she points out that was Curzon who was his friend. He says that Dax did not take the friendship with them? She says that of course they are still friends.

Ilon Tandro is meeting with Sisko.

I don’t hate this outfit. I don’t know what to think about that. 

I’m not a fan of turtlenecks personally, as I feel like I’m being choked, slowly, but I do like the color of this guy’s shirt. The jacket is kind of two-toned. Half is what I (affectionately?) call upholstery pattern, and the other half is more psychedelic, almost paisley. Actually, could work as a pillow one might set on a couch of the other fabric.

Tandro says the confirmation has been received; he would like to take Dax now.

Sisko says that he couldn’t figure out why Tandro didn’t present his warrant properly, but tried to kidnap Dax instead. Tandro says that the extradition treaty is valid. Sisko points out that the station is technically Bajoran, and Klaestron doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Bajor. He thinks that’s why Tandro tried to abduct Dax.

Tandro says this is absurd; no Bajoran interests are even involved. Kira asks how he knew his way around the station so well. Tandro says he is having a conversation with Sisko, but Sisko redirects him to Kira, since she’s the Bajoran representative in the room. Kira points out that Klaestrons are allies of the Cardassians, so they must have gotten the station information from the Cardassians, which not only compromises Bajoran security, but also annoys them.

Therefore, Bajoran interests are involved, and there will have to be an extradition hearing before Sisko can release Dax.

Odo is at Quark’s.


There’s nothing much to say here. Quark is dressed in his usual uniform. Odo is boring old Odo in his boring brown Bajoran uniform. There aren’t even any interestingly dressed customers in the background. Yawn.

Odo wants Quark to shut down the place to be used for the hearing. Quark is reluctant. He does like Dax, but business is business.

Odo points out that there are new building codes from the Bajoran Provisional Government and starts commenting on different potential violations. He is entrusted by the Provisional Government to uphold their building codes, and he would be neglecting his duty if he didn’t enforce them. Maybe the bar would need to be moved back a bit, as it’s kind of close to the entrance.

Quark accuses him of blackmail; Odo says it’s just business.

Sisko meets Odo on the promenade. He is concerned about where to hold the extradition hearing, as he doesn’t want to have it on Bajor because it would be a risk for Dax to leave the station. Odo says that, coincidentally, Quark has agreed to donate his facility for the purpose.

Sisko has not been able to get a word from Dax about anything, so he wonders if someone could go to Klaestron and investigate. Odo says that since the case is 30 years old, the hearing will take only 30 minutes. Sisko would like it to be a little longer than that.

Quark and a few others sit on the stairs to watch the hearing commence. An old Bajoran woman in a blue dress enters.


I like this lady’s outfit. She’s got a solid blue kind of shawl/scarf draped over a colorful but still conservative kind of print that looks like it could be a wallpaper.

She gets right to the point and tells Ilon Tandro and Sisko that she is 100 years old so she doesn’t want to squander her time listening to superfluous language. In short, she intends to stay until supper, not to senility.

The ball is inspired by either a volleyball or a turtle shell; not sure which.

She’s also got some gold pins or something that are holding the shawl/scarf thing in place on her one shoulder, and her mallet is a ball on a stand rather than a hammer.

She tells Tandro to make his case.

Tandro says that the accused is and was a Federation officer who committed crimes on his planet. He starts to comment about how there is no time limit, but the arbiter cuts him off and says that she has read the warrant and the charges.

The crimes are 30 years old; what took him so long? He says that the information was in military files which were officially sealed until recently.

The arbiter says “Fine. Sit.”

I like her ability to get to the point. I wish more legal proceedings were like this.

Tandro doesn’t argue.

The arbiter says that the warrant is in order, and asks Sisko his grounds for denying extradition. Sisko points out that the warrant undoubtedly refers to Curzon Dax, a male, and not Jadzia Dax, a young woman who wasn’t even born 30 years ago.

Ilon Tandro points out that he is arguing semantics. Dax is a Trill, and the symbiont known as Dax has progressed from one host to the next. Sisko agrees, arguing that the host is different, ergo the person is different. He submits that the person Tandro wishes to extradite no longer exists, and he challenges him to prove otherwise.

The arbiter says that her job would be easier if he had not raised that point. But the penalty for the crimes is death, so before she grants extradition she wants Tandro to prove that the person named in the warrant is the person standing there now.

Sisko is pleased with himself, but Dax doesn’t seem overjoyed.

In a meeting, Kira points out that Dax doesn’t seem to care whether she’s found guilty or not. Sisko says that he cares. He asks Bashir for his opinion. He wants to find medical evidence to support the theory that Curzon Dax and Jadzia Dax are different people.

Bashir says he doesn’t know that there is any medical evidence of that. Sisko tells him to look for it.

He then asks Kira to look for any legal precedence in the Federation computers about Trills; specifically if a Trill is responsible for the conduct or actions of its antecedent selves, and to discard any evidence that does not agree, but let him know about it.


He then gets a communication then from Odo on Klaestron IV.

I honestly thought that was a Tetris screen behind him for a moment. 

So, one of my minor confusions with this episode is the sense of time and place. How long does it take Odo to get to Klaestron IV? How long has it been since Odo and Sisko spoke and the trial began? Where is Klaestron relative to DS9? (This is not a complaint unique to DS9; it’s a problem I have with a lot of fiction; that liberties are taken with time and space for the sense of plot. They could easily have explained things like that with a bit of dialogue, but they don’t, which makes it all seem suspect.)

Anyway, I assume Odo is making this call from the equivalent of a payphone on Klaestron IV.

Odo reports that after the murder of General Ardelon Tandro, his troops were so angry that they went out and won their civil war. The General is now a national hero with many statues. Apparently everyone says that the General and Curzon Dax were very close friends. Also, the general left a widow, so he’s going to talk to her now, figuring she must know something about Curzon not in the official record.


It is dark on Klaestron IV. I suppose it’s nighttime there, or maybe it’s just always dark now that General Tandro is dead.


Odo is waiting beside a rather huge fireplace (or at least something that mimics a fireplace, in a luxurious room with very high ceilings. There’s a statue or piece of art to the right of the fireplace that reminds me of an Egyptian cat statue. The whole place looks tastefully fancy.


The general’s widow looks pretty much like I’d expect the widow of an important political person to look like. Well-groomed gray hair, conservative dress. She has sort of a diagonal piece of fabric running across her chest that compliments but is different from the rest of the fabric. It kind of mimics the two-toned jacket her son is wearing, so I guess it’s a common theme in Klaestron fashions. In this case, most of her outfit is a print, sort of reminding me of an animal print, while the contrasting cloth is a solid blue.

She says that Curzon Dax was not responsible for the death of her husband. She’s certain.

She says that her son is obsessed with the death of a father he never knew, and she tried to persuade him not to open the case, but he wouldn’t listen. She says that Curzon was closer to her husband than any other man on the planet, and a dear friend to the family.

Odo asks if there are any facts to support this; she says that her son has any facts she had and her son will probably use them against Dax. Odo says he’d like to know what they are.

The widow says that there is proof of a secret transmission from their military headquarters to the enemy camp, identifying the route her husband was taking back to the capital. At that point, he was ambushed and kidnapped, then killed.

So her son believes that Dax made the transmission, Odo asks. The widow says that only five people, including her husband, knew that route. Her son has established all of their whereabouts at the time of the transmission; only Dax has no alibi.

She asks how Curzon Dax is; and Odo says that Curzon is gone, and Jadzia, a 28 year old woman, is the one her son is trying to extradite. Curzon died two years prior. Apparently the widow did not know that, she seems quite upset at the news.

At the hearing, Ilon Tandro calls on the expert knowledge of another Trill, Selin Peers. Tandro says it’s very fortunate to have him with them.

I am really disappointed by this outfit. 

Peers is very plainly dressed in a purple outfit. Purple short-sleeved shirt over purple long-sleeved shirt. The seam down the center and the solid color reminded me a lot of medical scrubs.

The arbiter interrupts and says it’s also very convenient to have him there. How did he come to be at the hearing?

Peers says that the Trillian government requested he be present during the extradition because another Trill is involved. The arbiter asks if he knows Dax. He says he does not. She accepts him as an expert on the topic.

Peers says that the symbiont within him has survived through 7 adult hosts. Tandro asks if he remembers his first host. He says yes, and it was a woman. He also says that the symbiont carries memories of time shared with previous hosts. So if a crime was committed by a previous host, the next host would recall and be aware of that crime? Yes, absolutely.

Sisko and the arbiter think that he has made his point. Tandro doesn’t think he has. He says that Sisko would argue that the perfect Trill crime involves eluding capture long enough to change hosts, and then he or she can go free.

Sisko takes over questioning Peers. Peers explains that the Trill are joined with their host in their early to mid-20s. Why not younger? To give the prospective host a chance to grow and mature. They must be able to make an informed choice whether or not they really want to be joined. Once they are joined, neither personality is not suppressed, they are blended together.  Sisko argues that there is a new person created with a new personality with each joining.

Tandro gets up then and says that Jadzia can remember committing the crime as Curzon Dax, and nothing else changes that. Sisko says the memories have passed to another, entirely new person. Tandro says this is outrageous.

The arbiter says the hearing is informal but not riotous, interrupting their argument and calls for a two hour recess.

After the dramatic reveal that she was a woman (!) I expected her to have a part to play here, or at least maybe a date with Bashir. But no, she doesn’t even have any lines. 

Here is a random image from the hearing of Tando discussing things with his female assistant. She is wearing a wrap-style jacket made of purple carpet, or maybe quilting.

The arbiter is now talking with Bashir. She suggests sending the symbiont back for trial and keeping the host here. Bashir says it’s a bit more complex. The arbiter says she is surprised in a voice that indicates she is not surprised, and asks him to explain.

Bashir explains that the symbiont is biologically connected to the host; 93 hours after joining, neither can survive without the other.

Sisko proceeds. He asks Bashir if Curzon Dax and Jadzia Dax are the same person from a medical point of view. Bashir says no; aside from the gender change there is a marked difference in blood types, height, weight, etc. Tandro says this is not relevant. Bashir says that what is relevant is his analysis of the brain waves of Curzon and Jadzia Dax.

Sisko gives the arbiter a pad that shows these results. Bashir says that the waves are distinctly different, and therefore they are unique individuals.

Tandro says he has looked through the research himself, but he doesn’t understand some things. He asks how the Trill brain works. Bashir says that there are two cerebral nuclei; one in the host and one in the symbiont, and  the two talk to each other like two computers linked together. He asks if he could analyze the two distinct pattern. Bashir doesn’t see the relevance, but says yes. He asks if there is any evidence that there has been a change in the brain wave patterns of the symbiont half of the brain. Bashir is forced to admit that there is no change because he doesn’t have a way to measure that, but the point Tandro was making still stands.


Arbiter asks Sisko if he has other witnesses, and so Sisko calls himself, as he knew Curzon. The arbiter has no issues with this.

He says he’d like Kira to direct the questions, so Kira gets up. She asks him to explain Curzon. He tells her that he liked to drink a bit too much and was very interested in women. Kira says “I thought he was your friend?” Sisko says he is pointing out that Curzon was not at all like the young woman in the courtroom.

What was his relationship with Curzon? He took a raw young ensign under his wing and taught him to appreciate life in ways he’d never thought about. Art, science, diplomacy, and nurtured a sense of honor. He does not think Curzon was capable of murder or treason. He says that he’s only just getting to know Jadzia Dax.

Tandro says that Starfleet officers do have the reputation of being honorable, and he thinks Sisko is honorable, but does he think the crime should go unpunished? Sisko points out that he can’t be certain that the Dax symbiont was responsible for the crime and not the Curzon host. Tandro says that the two pieces have become something new and so that’s not possible. He compares this to putting salt into water and now the salt and water are blended. Sisko says you can evaporate the water, put the salt into some other liquid, and now have something totally different. Jadzia is a new entity.

The arbiter says they’ll have an hour recess and then Dax herself would take the witness stand.

Sisko says that Dax can’t testify if she won’t defend herself, but Kira points out that she doesn’t have a choice, as it’s a hearing and not a trial. Dax says nothing, then leaves. Another crewman comes over with a pad and Kira tells Sisko that Odo is on subspace and it’s urgent.


Sisko goes to take the call. Odo reports that he’s made some progress. He’s gone through communication logs. It shows a number of conversations between Dax and the general; some of the conversations took place while the general was away. Sisko now says the wife is named Enina Tandro. They theorize that the two were having an affair; which is a pretty solid motive for murder.

Odo talks to the widow again. dax16

It is now daytime in Klaestron. I’m not sure if there’s a reason for the new establishing shot, except to indicate that some time has passed, but Odo can’t have been there for too long, as the hearing is still going on, and that does not seem to have taken multiple days.

She is upset by the questioning. Enina Tandro says that her husband was not a legend; she doesn’t mourn him though. She knows her place in history, to carry on bravely and never remarry or talk about who he really was. Odo says she may have to talk about it now. She says maybe it’s time for her place in history to change.

Sisko talks to Dax again.


The camera lingers on this sciency type thing, which seems in keeping with her personality as a science person.

Sisko theorizes that Dax is protecting Enina’s reputation.

Dax doesn’t answer. She does confirm that young Tandro is not her son.

She distracts him by talking about how he ought to control his temper and also another old memory. Sisko pleads with her to help him. She says that he should just let it happen. She admits she feels the shame of his indiscretion, but he did love her. Dax keeps telling him that he can’t do anything. He doesn’t accept this, and leaves.

Back at the trial, Dax takes the stand. The arbiter says that Dax is either 200 years older than she is or the same age as her great-granddaughter. At first she wondered which, but now she is bothered by the likelihood that she may be both.


This picture shows the layers of her dress. There’s some technical word for this style but I don’t know it.

Sisko begins his questions. At what age did Jadzia first want to be joined as a Trill? Since she was a child; she worked very hard for it. The competition to become a Trill is strong among hosts? Yes it’s a great honor. How did Jadzia become a host candidate. She won scholarships, competed against other young people. There are psychological tests? Yes. Jadzia excelled at all those tests? Yes. He tells her to remember that.

He asks her to list her degrees. There are a bunch. How many did she earn before being joined? All of them. He argues that she has done nothing but contribute to the world; how can she be tried for a crime committed before she was born?

Tandro asks if, as a candidate, Jadzia fully understood the responsibilities to be assumed upon being a trill, and did she accept those responsibilities and whatever consequences. Yes. Would that not include the consequences committed by Curzon?

Before she can answer, the door opens and Odo returns with Enina Tandro.


She’s wearing the same outfit as always, but now she’s gone all secretive and is wearing a hood, which she removes dramatically. She identifies herself, and says the hearing is unnecessary and the accusations are baseless. Ilon Tandro tries to interrupt, but she holds up a hand. She says that Curzon is accused of sending a transmission to the enemy to tell them where her husband was, but she knows where Curzon was at that exact time – he was with her in bed.

Enina then turns toward her son, but he moves away from her.

The arbiter tells Ilon Tandro he will want to reexamine his extradition request. Until then, the hearing is adjourned. With that, she bangs her rock and leaves.

Dax and Enina walk on the promenade and talk.


Enina says that Dax is very kind to get herself into trouble to protect Enina, whom she’d never met. Dax says she has much of Curzon in her. Enina says that it was Curzon who swore himself to silence to preserve the memory of General Tandro, not Jadzia. Dax says she felt it was important to keep that promise, because the General is beloved by his people. Enina says that no one will ever know the General tried to betray them, and the rebels killed him for the favor.

She then asks Jadzia for a favor, and tells her to live a long wonderful life. She then leaves.