To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E06: “Melora”

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The episode begins not with the Station Log, but with Bashir’s Medical Log. He reports that he and O’Brien are working to prepare for a cartographer – Ensign Melora Pazlar, the first Elaysian to join Starfleet. Apparently she requires special accommodations.

Dax is remarking on a wheelchair that Bashir is trying out. It was not in the replicator’s memory banks, Ensign Pazlar sent the specifications. Bashir explains that she has to use this machine because the normal anti-grav unit isn’t going to work for the same reason the Starfleet cargo lifts don’t work. Cardassian construction isn’t compatible.

Kira calls to say that the ship in question, apparently called The Yellowstone, has docked. Bashir says they’re on their way.


As we switch to a view of the Promenade, we get this little slice-of-life view of some customers at a random stand. The woman has a crazy updo with lots of twists. Her outfit seems more tame. It looks like some high waisted pants and a sort of purplish vest thing.

The clerk at the stand is wearing some fake overalls – maybe some sort of weird overshirt, maybe a jumpsuit. Either way, kind of bland.

Meanwhile, another woman with a twisty updo walks by wearing what might be a scoop-neck sweater, but also might be a poncho. In fact, I thought it was a poncho, but now I think has sleeves. She’s stuck with the Bajoran curse of short boots – I think she’d look better if the boots were just a little taller, but it’s not terrible.

As they walk over, Bashir marvels to Dax about how much Ensign Pazlar must have had to go through to adjust to their gravity after growing up on a planet with such low gravity. Chief comes up and says they’ve done the best they can with ramps. Bashir says that he’s modified the chair’s specs, but this also leaves a few places she won’t have access to.

Dax asks if they can just use the transporter to help her get around, and O’Brien agrees that this makes sense, but apparently Pazlar sent word that it wasn’t acceptable to her. Bashir knows why – once her basic needs are met, she refuses any special assistance. He thinks it’s extraordinary. He almost feels as though he knows on her because he’s read all her files.


A woman with lots of braces on her arms and legs pauses to take a breath as she struggles through the airlock’s hallway.


We get a view of the back of her hair, so let’s examine the hairdo from behind. It kind of looks like a loose braid, but with loose hair on the sides, and beads strung through it all around, giving it kind of a shiny texture. I really like this hair. I can’t imagine how it was created, but I like it.

Bashir and Dax come in, and she introduces herself as Ensign Melora Pazlar, reporting for duty.


From the front, the hairdo looks unremarkable, aside from the beads, which are so subtle I thought they were actually part of her hair at first. In this shot, it’s remarkable how well her eyes pair with the blue-green of her uniform. Good thing she went into the science division!

Dax welcomes her and introduces herself and starts to introduce Bashir, but Pazlar recognizes him from their chats on subspace. Dax offers to help her into the chair, but Pazlar says she’s fine.

She comments that Bashir has modified the chair, and says that she’s been practicing for a month. Bashir says they can replicate the other design and that won’t be an issue. She says she’ll just have to adapt, and moves off.

Dax says she’ll go along with Pazlar on her survey mission, but Pazlar doesn’t think that’ll be necessary, as she can pilot a runabout without a problem. Dax says that Sisko thought, but Pazlar interrupts and says that he probably thought she’d need extra help. She doesn’t.

Dax says that Sisko wouldn’t let any ensign take a runabout into the Gamma Quadrant the day after they arrived. Pazlar thinks that Dax must have better things to do with her time than chart stars with her.

They arrive at the quarters. She says she hopes that Bashir didn’t modify these specification also. He says no, and gives her a little remote to control the gravity. She says thanks, it’s a pleasure meeting them, and rolls into the quarters, door closing behind her.


Quark is talking with a buyer about a golden bracelet thing.


The facial prosthetics are really heavy on this guy; I thought he was a muppet at first. His outfit is a weird mixture of boring (striped shirt?) and exotic (shiny leathery coat/wrap type thing with a fancy gold thing in the middle).

Quark, meanwhile, is wearing the lighter-colored upholstery jacket we’ve all come to know and love.

The buyer remarks that only 80 of these things were created, and each is a work of art. Quark says he has 42 of them. The buyer says his culture will honor Quark’s name for returning the rings of Paltriss to his birthplace. Quark says they can honor him all they like as long as said honor is accompanied by 199 bars of gold-pressed latinum.

The buyer seems reluctant, but they seal the deal by touching elbows.

Another customer has come into the bar. Quark goes to tell them to leave; they are not open yet. The man steps out of the shadows menacingly. Quark is speechless. He runs back to fill the buyer’s cup, then runs back to the doorway.


I kind of like his nose. It reminds me of birds. Is it touching his chin, or merely hovering inches away? If it’s touching, how does he eat? If it’s hovering, does it make it hard to eat?

“Fallit Kot, is it really you?” Quark asks. “How long has it been?”

“Eight long years,” Fallit Kot replies. Quark says he looks terrific – tanned and toned up. Menacingly, he says one doesn’t gain weight where he’s been.

Quark keeps up the compliments as he pours a drink, saying that surely Fallit Kot must be looking for new business in the Gamma Quadrant – he’s always had a sharp eye for fresh territory. The answer is no, his business is there, with Quark. He leans in and says he’s come to kill Quark, then drinks.

Dax tells Sisko she’s gone through the mission profile and Pazlar seems to know what she’s doing.

Sisko says it’s her first deep space assignment and it doesn’t make sense…he’s interrupted when Pazlar comes in and decides to talk to her personally. He welcomes her and introduces her. Pazlar asks if she is late. He says not at all.

Sisko says they were talking about her request to pilot a runabout alone. Pazlar gets out of her chair and struggles up the steps, and asks if it wouldn’t have made sense to include her in the conversation. He says he was getting a briefing by his senior officers, and they discuss personnel matters all the time.

Pazlar apologizes for seeming overly sensitive, but she’s used to being shut out of the “Melora problem,” but there isn’t one until people create one. She sits down and says that although it may seem ungrateful, because Bashir has been very helpful, she wonders why a medical opinion is necessary in the discussion.

Dax says that Bashir knows more of her capabilities than any of them. Pazlar says that she doesn’t need a medical opinion to tell her her own capabilities. She objects to being treating like someone who is ill. Sisko doesn’t see that happening. She says no one understands until they sit in the chair. There’s an awkward silence.


Bashir seems hurt.

Pazlar says that she’s been in one chair or another since she left her home world. She holds up a cane and says that her family gave it to her – it’s made from the wood of a garlanic tree. They had no idea what it would be like to live off world as only a handful of Elaysians have ever left home, but she knew she had to be one of them. She dreamed about exploring the stars and wasn’t going to let any handicap to stop her from chasing the dream.

Sisko says she must feel pride. She says she’s achieved it without depending on anyone, and prefers to work alone. He says he’s not comfortable sending her alone. She says she can focus on the job and will work at her own pace without being a bother to anyone.

Sisko says that Dax will go with her. Pazlar stands up and starts to head out. She asks when Dax wants to leave. Dax says her schedule is fine, so Pazlar says tomorrow at 07:00.

Bashir stops by Pazlar’s quarters. He asks if her low-gravity field actuator is working. She says it works fine. He comments that he heard it go off before he entered, and wonders if she was just floating around.

She explains it’s like slipping into a hot tub. He says he’s a shower man.

He goes over to the desk and sees a photo sitting there, and asks about the man in the photo. Husband? Boyfriend?


The guy is looking at her in the photo, so we don’t get a good look at him. She might be wearing her Starfleet uniform. Arms are spread wide like they’re taking a selfie. The frame itself is a funky design of silver and gold.

Palzar ignores the personal question and says that if he came for an apology she’s offering one. Her speech wasn’t intended to attack him personally.

He says that he’s sure she doesn’t set out to attack anyone personally, but she does seem to attack a lot. She says that’s rather insensitive, Doctor. He says to call him Julian, as he’s no longer her doctor. She remarks that he’s decided she needs a friend.

He asks if that was an attack, as she does it with such charm that it’s hard to tell. She says she doesn’t mean to, and he disagrees. Of course she means to. The shots she follows are a way to keep the rest of the universe on the defensive. She says it worked well until now. He says this is the nicest thing she’s said to him. He asks if she’s hungry, as he was thinking of asking her to dinner. She says afterward that they’ll go dancing, but then apologizes for that statement.

He says there’s a Klingon restaurant on the Promenade. She agrees.


At Quark’s people are doing the usual drinking and hanging out. Fallit Kot is sitting apart from them. Quark sets a fancy table with a white tablecloth. Kot says he hasn’t ordered dinner. Quark says it’s a way to satisfy a hungry traveler.


Nice of Quark to put for the effort of setting flowers on the table. Fallit Kot is wearing what appear to be brown leather gloves. He’s got on a elbow-length gray shirt with a shorter wrap-style shirt over top that sort of reminds me of those shirts they call henleys or some long-johns kind of material.

Quark serves some soup with the help of a nameless Ferengi. Fallit dumps the bowl out on the floor and then drops the bowl, breaking it. Quark then serves some Vulcan mollusks.

Quark asks if Kot likes Dabo. He snaps his fingers and two alien women come over in shiny dresses. Quark says he has lined up some excellent tutors to teach him to play Dabo. One of them kisses Kot on the nose.

Quark says he intends for Kot’s stay to be as pleasurable as could be imagined. He proposes a toast to old friends. Fallit Kot says “old debts.”


Meanwhile, Bashir and Ensign Pazlar are at the Klingon restaurant.


The Klingon chef is a bulky man, or maybe just that his clothes are bulky. I guess the off-white outfit is supposed to remind us of a chef’s outfit. I’m glad they didn’t try to give him a hat.

Bashir orders for them both, ordering racht first, a double order of gladst, no sauce, and a side order of zilm’kach. Is that two much for two? He wonders. The Klingon hands over the plate and Bashir shows it to Pazlar.


The racht looks like worms, the gladst, I think, is the leafy stuff that reminds me of kelp or seaweed, and the zilm’kach looks like sweet potatoes. I might give it a shot if I was feeling adventurous.

She looks at it oddly, as though she’s not eaten Klingon food, and Bashir starts to apologize. She says she can’t eat it, and then starts yelling at the Klingon in Klingon. He yells back. He finally seems to relent, laughing, then takes the plate back and tosses it over his shoulder saying “I like customer who knows what she wants!”

He emerges a bit later with some new racht, and Pazlar approves. “There’s nothing worse than half-dead racht,” she says to Bashir. The Klingon gives them a new plate, and they go to eat it.

A while later, they are finishing their meal. Bashir says that when he was ten, his dad was a Federation diplomat on Inveria II. One day they were hit by a massive ionic storm, and while waiting it out, they found an Invernian girl about his age who was sick. When the storm cleared, his dad went to find help, but it was too late, and young Bashir watched her die. When they got back, the guide told them they could have treated the girl with a simple herb growing all around. He could have saved her life.

So you started to study medicine, Pazlar concludes. He admits he first started to study tennis. He thought he could make a career out of it. He thought he was good but then he went to a competition and was terrible compared to his opponent.

There’s a brief awkward silence, and then Pazlar says she has an early mission and should get some rest.

The next morning, Dax appears at Pazlar’s quarters, but there’s no answer. She tries calling her on the communicator, but there’s no response. Dax asks the computer for security access, and the doors open, so she enters Pazlar’s quarters. They seem empty.

She tells the computer to locate Ensign Melora Pazlar. Docking level 22, section 14. Dax is confused, but heads that way.

Dax finds Pazlar on the ground by some shelves.



Oh! In this view we can see the top of her head, and there’s kind of a cirle at the top, so I guess some of her hair is also twisted on top of her head, and also the beads are there as well.

This is a complex hairdo. I wonder if she has a device of some sort that helps her to put up her hair each morning, because my arms are tired just looking at her hair and I don’t have to fight extra-strong gravity.

Dax helps her to sit up and says they need to go to the infirmary. Pazlar says it’s her own fault – she thought she could use another isometric array and came to the storage bay to get one and wasn’t paying enough attention so tripped and couldn’t get to her controls.

Dax helps her back into the chair and calls Bashir saying there’s been a minor accident. Pazlar wonders what sort of architect would design a raised rim at the entrance to every door.

I have wondered the same thing myself, to be honest. Even walking down the halls, it’s necessary to step over a doorway every so often. Why?


In the infirmary, Bashir gives her an exam. Pazlar berates herself for making a stupid mistake and not even getting to the Gamma Quadrant. Bashir says there’s no concussion, so she can do the mission tomorrow.

She’s unhappy with herself for being found in a humiliating position and unable to get up. Bashir asks why she didn’t wait for Dax. Pazlar says she didn’t need Dax if she’d just paid attention.

Bashir says that no one on the station is completely independent, and they all depend on one another to some degree in space. She says she wants everyone to know they can depend on her. He says she’s proven that, now she needs to be convinced that she can depend on them.


Bashir walks her back to her quarters, asking about if she’s heard of some work done with low-gravity species 30 years prior. Neuromuscular adaptation, she recalls, and it had no practical applications. He agrees, but says there’s been a lot of progress made in neurochemistry since then. She wonders if someday she could throw away the chair. He says maybe.

She asks if he wants to come in. He says he knows she looks forward to turning down the gravity. She says not to let that stop him, so he moves out of the doorway. She says he may want to brace himself until he gets used to it, so he puts a hand on the wall.

There’s a whirring noise, and then Pazlar steps out of the chair. She’s able to float around as though she’s in the water. He looks delighted, and she invites him to join. A moment later he’s floating in the air also, but awkwardly.

Pazlar says that she usually likes to keep people out, because she gets treated like a carnival attraction when this happens. He thanks her for letting him in. There’s a mildly awkward brief silence and then she says that he’s her brother. Who? Julian asks, as though he has not been wondering the whole time, and she looks toward the photo on the desk.

The photo is just sitting on the desk. The desk is sitting on the floor. If the gravity is adjusted here, why isn’t the furniture floating? Is it bolted down?

They kiss. They pause. They kiss again. They’re still floating in the air. Their feet dangle above the window.

I wonder what it’s like to have low-gravity sex. Is it easier? Harder? 


The wormhole opens and the runabout passes through.

Dax and Pazlar are on the runabout together. There’s some silence, so Pazlar asks the computer to play some etudes by a Vulcan. Dax smiles and says this particular artist never feels Vulcan to her, as there’s so much emotion in his music. They enjoy the tune for a few minutes.

Pazlar asks Dax if she thinks there’s room for romance in Starfleet. Dax says she thinks so. Has she made it work? Dax says now and then. Pazlar says, “I mean, really work.”

Dax laughs and says she’d have to go back 150 years for that. Pazlar seems disappointed. Dax wonders if Bashir’s bedside manners have won her over. Pazlar giggles and says that their species are so different. Dax says that has never stopped anyone, and gives the example of a couple she knew who didn’t even breathe the same atmosphere.

What about career conflicts, Pazlar asks. Two friends of hers from the academy got engaged even though they were being assigned to different ships. Dax admits that’s a tough one. Pazlar says they might not be together for a year or so, and then only for a few weeks.

Pazlar says when she’s done with her mission, she’ll move on to the next one. What sort of future is that for romance? Dax says to look at the alternative.

Back on DS9, Quark goes to see Odo. Odo greets him with “oh, it’s you.”

Quark says, “don’t be so happy to see me.”

Odo replies, “All right, I won’t.”

Their relationship in a nutshell. 

Quark says there’s a desperate criminal on the station. Odo assumes he’s talking about Fallit Kot, who spent 8 years at a labor camp for hijacking a shipment of Romulan Ale, and whose name appears next to Quark’s on the original indictment. Quark says he had nothing to do with the hijacking, was only the middleman.

Odo says that trafficking in stolen goods should have been enough to put him in the labor camp as well, unless he sold out his partner. Quark says that he can honestly say justice was served. Odo says he imagines Fallit Kot is looking for his own justice now. Quark says that Kot threatened to kill him.

Odo gives a look that I would guess was bemusement. Quark is indignant. Odo says it’s just a passing thought. Quark says that Kot means it. Nothing he does seems to change his mind and Odo must do something. Odo says he’ll do his job.

Quark leaves, apparently satisfied.

Bashir is at work in the infirmary, looking at screens. Pazlar comes in to invite him to eat more racht. He says he’s got something to show her on the screen. It’s a bunch of technobabble about the brain and the neuromuscular adaptation from 30 years prior. Bashir talks about a bunch of technobabble about how there’s been some technological upgrades in the last 30 years, but no one went back to reexamine the original theory until now.

Pazlar seems impressed it could actually work, and pleased with the idea.

One of Odo’s security guys brings Fallit Kot to the security office. Odo does not greet him but continues to look at an electronic pad and type things in. Kot asks if he’s done something wrong. Odo says not that he’s aware of.


At first I thought that Kot’s top half was a crop top, with a gray undershirt visible beneath, and then a similar sort of skirt-type thing below that. But now I realize it’s just a gray belt, which makes more sense even if it is less weird. I do kind of like the style of his over-garment, though.

They have something in common, Odo says. They don’t like Quark, but Odo can’t let him kill Quark anyway. Kot asks if Quark told him he was going to do that. Odo says he knows of their history together.

Kot says he always says let bygones be bygones. Odo says he always says you can tell a man’s intentions by the way he walks. Kot asks how he walks. Odo says like someone who’s carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders. Kot says it’s the memory of Romulan bricks, but you can’t lock a man up for the way he walks, can you?

He leaves.

Odo goes out to the Promenade. Quark comes out to ask how it went. Odo says Kot is a man who has nothing to lose. He has no reason to hold him for now, and he knows it. He’ll watch him, but he suggests Quark carry a comm badge at all times and call him at the first sign of trouble.

What if the first sign is the last sign? Quark asks. Odo recalls that Ferengi sell pieces of themselves after they die, don’t they? Quark confirms. Odo says he’ll buy one.

Quark is not consoled.

Bashir is doing some medical stuff with Pazlar. She’s lying on her back with a sheet over her body and a bunch of things stuck to her chest and forehead. They do some light flirting where she says that she’s feeling warm and her heart is racing – is that from the medical treatment or him?

Afterward, she doesn’t feel any different than before. He starts to talk some technobabble while looking at the screens. She tries wiggling her toes and then realizes she can lift her leg.


She’s wearing her hair down, but the beads are still there. Maybe we’re supposed to think that the beads are part of her hair?

He says her neural pathways are beginning to adapt. Endurance and coordination might take a while but they should have her walking within the hour.

Sisko asks O’Brien how the upgrade is going and he says some technobabble about an EPS. He breaks off talking when Bashir and Pazlar come in the turbolift. Pazlar is still wearing the braces, but walking a lot easier than before. She says she wanted to give her first day’s mission summary in person. Wait – so only a day has passed since she went out with Dax? I’m confused on the passage of time here.

Dax is amazed. Bashir gives a brief technobabble reply. Dax and O’Brien congratulate him for the success. As they’re talking though, Pazlar says she’s not sure she’ll be able to make it back…and starts to collapse. Bashir says it’s the first day’s treatment starting to wear off, but they ought to get her back to her quarters, and she should get a good night’s sleep.

Back at her quarters, he says that with each treatment, the effects should last longer and she should get stronger. He advises she not use the low-grav environment while she’s going through the process, as it will confuse her motor cortex.


Her hairdo looks a little looser here than when we first saw her, and the beads are hanging down her back. Did she redo it hastily after the treatment? Did Bashir try to help and screw it up?

He then says that she let him fly and he let her walk, so they’re even. They kiss, and he says he’ll see her in the morning. After he leaves, Pazlar looks a bit less happy than before.


Quark walks into a dark room. He calls for lights, but they don’t come on. He tries again, then stops, sensing danger. He starts to leave, starts to call Odo, but Kot grabs him behind and says that no one can hear him, it’s just them.


Quark says he wasn’t prepared to entertain that evening, but make himself at home. Kot says he already has. He’s tired of the gifts. He just wants his life. Quark says everything is negotiable. Kot starts to choke him, but Quark manages to croak out that he’s worth more to Kot alive.

How’s that? Kot asks. Quark asks how 199 bars of gold-pressed latinum sound. Kot pauses, then loosens his hold and agrees it’s a start.

Pazlar says that the mattress felt like rocks and every muscle ached all night. Bashir says she should adjust to that, and this time the effects should last several hours.


The beads are still in her hair, but maybe they’re attached to a lower level? Also, I’m not sure I understand why she needs to be completely naked for the procedure. I could see taking her hair out, because lying flat on a table with a complex hairdo behind her head might be uncomfortable, but since the procedure is dealing with things beneath the skin, I don’t see why clothing would be a hindrance.

She asks when it becomes irreversible. He says to tell him what she’s feeling. She says she didn’t feel like herself. He says she’ll have to give up the low-grav environment if she wants to give up the chair and servo controls. He’s concerned that going back and forth between the two will result in a loss of fine motor control. For the next few days, it’s all reversible and they can stop before then, but after that, if all goes well, the change will be permanent.


Pazlar heads out in the runabout again. While walking around, she finds the treatment is wearing off again. She sinks heavily into her chair.

She wonders aloud how she could have second thoughts – this could mean real independence, which she always wished for. But then she thinks about home and how she won’t be able to really go back.

Dax tells her the story of the little mermaid, who trades her magical life in the see to walk on land with legs. Pazlar asks if she lived happily ever after. Dax doesn’t answer.

Quark’s buyer of rings appears through an airlock. Quark identifies him as Ashrok and introduces him to Fallit Kot, his “long time business partner.” They nod.


Seen standing up, Ashrok looks far more shlumpy and less exotic. His jacket doesn’t reach his belt, and he’s got a bit of a pot belly. The reddish fabric, which seemed so exotic in the lighting of Quark’s bar, now just looks faded, and the rest of his outfit is in dull brown.

Ashrok hands over a bag. Quark gives him one in exchange. It’s the golden ring. Ashrok says it’s exquisite. Great. Their transaction is complete. Ashrok turns to leave.

“Not quite!” Fallit Kot says, pulling a weapon from the bag. He says he’ll be taking the rings, too.

“They warned me about you!” Ashrok complains. Quark says a deal is a deal, Rule of Acquisition Number 16. He says that Kot got what he came for, so let’s be reasonable. Kot shoots Ashrok in the chest, then commands Quark to grab the bag.


An alert goes off in the security station. Odo calls for security to head to Level 22, Section 5.

Quark and Kot head down the hallway, with Kot holding Quark hostage with the weapon.


Quark is wearing his new quilted looking jacket! I love it!

The back of Kot’s shirt has an interesting cut to it. It’s giving him a kind of Asian martial artist look. Too bad he’s a ruthless thief and murderer.

They see the security coming. Kot shoots at them, then ushers Quark away.

Meanwhile, Pazlar and Dax are exiting the runabout. “I’m sure Julian would understand,” Dax is saying. He can still publish the results from the first treatment.

Fallit Kot comes by and commands Dax and Pazlar to come aboard and start the engines.

In Ops, O’Brien has figured out that the runabout is stolen. Sisko says to ready a tractor beam and open a channel. He commands the runabout to return. There’s no reply. He orders the tractor beam locked on.

On the runabout, Dax reports the tractor beam locked on. Fallit Kot says to open a channel, and then he says to release the ship or he’ll kill a hostage. Sisko says they can negotiate, but first he needs to release the hostages. Fallit Kot holds the weapon to Quark, then says he has something special in mind for him and then shoots Pazlar instead.

Ow, again.

Sisko tells Bashir and Chief O’Brien to come with him. He tells Kira to beam them to the Rio Grande, give them ten seconds, and then disengage the tractor beam. They head for the transporter pads.

On the runabout, Dax reports that the tractor beam is released. Fallit Kot orders them through the wormhole. A moment later, a second runabout passes through the wormhole.

There’s a thud on the runabout, and Fallit Kot asks what it was. Dax says another ship has come through the wormhole. He says to take them to warp. Dax says they need to set a course first. He doesn’t care about the course. She says they need to set a course or they’ll warp into oblivion. Fine, he says, set a course. Just get us out of here.

Meanwhile, Pazlar is not dead. Her fingers are twitching.

On the second runabout, O’Brien reports that Kot’s runabout is powering up their warp engines. Can they beam them aboard at warp? Bashir asks. Chief says he wouldn’t recommend that. Sisko says to stay on them.

No one has noticed that Pazlar is moving across the floor, slowly.

Kot says to get the phasers ready. Dax folds her arms and says she’s not going to fire at them. Kot says she’ll do it or she’ll die. Dax stands up and says fine, he can fly the ship himself. She sees that Pazlar is slowly moving to the back of the runabout.


Dax asks Quark how well he knows the man. Quark says they’ve been friends for years, not counting today. Dax says he should explain that Starfleet isn’t going to give up and stop chasing them. Quark agrees. Fallit says they’ll all die.

Quark complains.

Pazlar manages to push a button on the panel that I guess turns off the gravity. Kot, who was standing, begins to float into the air. Dax pushes a button on the panel.

Pazlar pushes forward off the back wall panel and head butts Kot.

On the second runabout, O’Brien notes that Kot’s runabout has dropped out of warp and the gravity generators are off. Sisko says to slow to impulse. Bashir realizes this means Melora is alive. After a moment, O’Brien reports the engines are off and gravity is reinstated.

Sisko and Bashir head to the transporter.

On the other runabout, Quark is holding Kot hostage, Pazlar is sitting upright in her seat, and Dax looks happy. Quark says everything is under control.


Oh, how I love that jacket. But even the shirt! Even his shirt is a thing of beauty. I wonder if the costume designers spent a lot of money on this outfit, because I am not joking in the slightest, I genuinely love this outfit, and I’ll stop gushing about it now.

Back at DS9, Bashir and Pazlar are having a meal. She asks why the phaser didn’t kill her. He doesn’t know but maybe it’s the neurostimulants. He says it’s an interesting side effect that might be worth exploring.

She tells him she’s not going ahead with the treatments. He says she can try again someday if she changes her mind. She says she doesn’t think she will.

She says she likes being independent, but to give up everything she is to walk on land, she’s more independent but she wouldn’t be Elaysian. And maybe independence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She likes being dependent, and is glad he got her to unlock the doors and let someone into her life.

The Klingon chef begins to sing while playing a small stringed instrument. It’s actually not terrible.


The instrument reminds me of an electric violin, but with fewer strings (maybe). The woman sitting in this screenshot looks kind of bemused, as though the waiters are bringing her a cake and plan to sing her praises and she’s just putting up with it for the sake of her date, who thinks she wants to be the center of attention and will enjoy it but actually she hates when people do that.

Or is that just me?

Bashir says he understands if she’s tired. She says she’d like to sit a while and listen. She wants to remember all of it. They hold hands and peer into one another’s eyes for a bit.


Stray Thoughts:

* I’d really like to hear the thoughts of an actual disabled person on this episode, but I felt like Pazlar’s feelings in the beginning were completely understandable, even though she’s maybe a bit harsh about communicating them. She knows about her condition as well as, if not more than, any doctor, and she obviously communicated the specs of her chair to Bashir for a reason, and any changes he did without discussing them with her would not be that helpful.

* While Bashir is helpful and I think his heart’s in the right place, it kind of felt to me as though he was like “hey you’re being mean to us and attacking me” was meant to imply that Pazlar’s thoughts on her own situation were not relevant, or were just part of her gruff exterior. Although he did seem less like a creepy seducer here than on the dates we observed him during the first season.

* That said, I do appreciate that when Pazlar says she doesn’t want to go through with the treatments, he accepts that decision and agrees to stop and doesn’t pressure her to continue. Maybe he would have if the episode had gone on longer, but I was expecting him to be kind of a jerk on that point and he was not.

* I like how there’s no attempt to explain why the usual technology isn’t available on the station. We can’t use Starfleet cargo lifts or the usual anti-grav unit because…Cardassian gravity is different? Okay. Sure.