Best British Band (that isn’t The Beatles or Rolling Stones) Tournament Round 3

…and another one gone, another one gone, another bites the dust…  

Round 2 is over and 8 bands continue on in the tournament. We have to say goodbye to a few more favorites: Dire Straits, Black Sabbath and New Order.

The biggest blowout was the Kinks vs. the Zombies (97-16) Closest match was the Clash and New Order (73-44).

Some facts about Round 2:

Band that received the most votes: Led Zeppelin (98)

Band that received the least votes: the Zombies (16)

Band that received the least votes and continues to Round 3: the Clash (73)

Band that received the most votes and was eliminated: New Order (44)

Voting will be open for 24 hours.  Round 4 will be posted on Monday, June 3.  So vote, have fun and remember to leave comments above the matches.