Werewolf 91: Guilty Party! – Day 2

After chucking five entire people up the stairs to the parlor, you’re all pretty tuckered out. You decide to have a snack and talk about the events of the party so far.

“Remember that time that teen was kidnapped?” says Gregg.

“Pikapika pi,” replies Detective Pikachu. “Pika… chu.”

The rest of you nod knowingly.

The ambiguously-aged pseudo-Brit, Whitty Gawship, decides to excuse herself. She’s never been a fan of finger sandwiches, only solving cases! She ventures into the library, since that’s obviously where any villain would be hiding.

She makes it through the doorway before the door inhabiting it slams closed behind her. A group of four people in heart-shaped masks– lus one in a paper-mache almost-heart-shaped mask— jump at her.

You all hear a resounding THUD from the dining room as she’s tossed into the parlor.

SIC HUMOR (Whitty Gawship) has been sent to the parlor. They were a DETECTIVE (Vanilla Town).

Dizzy the Egg eggs on over to the kitchen to get another sandwich. On his way back, he notes an envelope with hearts stamped all over it crumpled up and stuffed into the trash can.

Oh dear. Seems like Valentine’s recruited another killer.

The serial killer has been activated!

  • Roleplaying is encouraged, and players must make at least 3 game-related comments a day.
  • Please don’t be mean to each other.
  • Role order goes: Bodyguard>Nightkills>Wolf Roles>Investigators>Veteran.
  • I reserve the right to change things slightly to make myself look less like a fool, but you’ll be notified if this happens. It probably won’t, but that’s what we said about The Room, so,
  • also the usual rules + bonus conditions for neutrals. neutrals win alongside townies or wolves, whether they win has no bearing on everyone else winning
  • If there’s a tie, the daykill target is chosen via RNG between all tied players.


Actual Powers!


Townies want to keep the banquet running smoothly so the next head detective can be announced. They also probably want to be the head detective.

  • Bodyguard: Can choose to “protect” one player each night. If their protection target is attacked by any killing role, this player will die instead.
  • Vigilante: Two-shot night kill.
  • Investigator: Can target one player each night, and is told if that target is a scum or non-scum player
  • Spy, but the okay kind: Can target one player each night, and is told if that player has a role or not. Neutrals who have fulfilled their agendas will read as unroled.
  • Interrogator: Can privately talk with one player each night. The two share a QT, and the Interrogator’s identity is hidden (by using a burner QT account)
  • Veteran: Can see who “visits” them (uses their role power on them) each night.


Wolves have been wooed by Valentine’s sneaky ways, and were told to stop the reveal of the new head detective at all costs. But not to harm Dorian.

  • Spicy Wolf: Vanilla wolf, but they’ll read as the one who “visits” a player as a wolf kill. Will mock you for using mild sauce at Taco Bell.
  • Judge: Appears as innocent, but roled. An investigator’s nightmare.
  • Recruiter: One-shot recruitment power.
  • Chemist: Roleblocker wolf.


  • Butler: Has a certain target they want to daykill. This target will always be a townie. AGENDA: Wins when their target dies during the day. Loses if they don’t die, or die at night.
  • Terrible Nurse: Just wants to die, man. Can nightkill someone who votes for them during the day if they are daykilled. **If they don’t choose a target, I choose for them. NO SURVIVORS.** AGENDA: Wants to be daykilled, but being eaten by wolves doesn’t sound too bad.

The Perhaps Serial Killer, They Aren’t Too Sure If They’re Feeling Down For It Yet will be chosen when a town-aligned person fulfills a certain requirement.



  1. forget_it_jake
  2. Sister Jude
  3. Goat (Gregg)
  4. Mayelbridwen (The Boxcar Children)
  5. The Wasp
  6. Lindsay
  7. Clodia
  8. Indy (Rock-Turning Rabbit)
  9. Spiny Creature
  10. The Hayes Code (Detective Pikachu)
  11. lutair (L)
  12. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Sammy Keyes)
  13. Mr. I’mMyOwnGrampa
  14. Josephus Brown
  15. Donalbain (Dizzy the Egg)
  16. Hoho (Hoho for hire)
  17. DW (Joker)
  18. Sic Humor (Whitty Gawship) Detective (Vanilla Town)
  19. Owen1120 (Mike Detective)
  20. King Ralph (Devo) Detective (Vanilla Town)
  21. Grumproro (Naoto Shirogane)


  1. Captain Video


Twilight will be at 5:30 PM EST on Friday, May 3rd. If that won’t work for someone, just tell me. I’m not super attached to that time.