The Thursday Politics Thread Dances To The Jail House Rock

Morning Politocadoes!

Paul Manafort has had another day in court and is currently looking at 7 years in prison. I say currently because after being sentenced in Virginia, then sentenced in DC, the State of NY announced indictments for Good Ole Paulie J. Manafort on 16 counts of mortgage fraud, attempted mortgage fraud, and generally just doing what he loves best: crimes. Crimes! Can’t enough of them crimes.


Paul Manafort sentenced to a total of 7.5 years in prison for conspiracy and fraud, and charged with mortgage fraud in N.Y.

Once a wealthy globetrotting GOP gremlin, campaign fixer and lobbyist to various post-soviet ghouls what ruin countries, Paul Manafort is now where he always belonged: a prison cell. While he likely seeks a pardon from his buddy in various Menage A Crimes, the Crime President, the revelation of the previously sealed state-level indictments make a pardon of decidedly less value to him. In fact, it would not be surprising at all if more of these indictments are unsealed as time goes on.

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker returned to Capitol Hill Wednesday to “clarify” some of his testimony on whether Trump discussed the SDNY investigation. And by clarify, I mean admit that he lied to Congress. Which is also a crime!

To quote Ted Lieu:

On the other side of things, Beto O’Rourke has confirmed his plans to run for President in 2020. I like Beto. He’s got a good energy. It’s probably pretty wishful thinking on the Dem’s part that he could deliver Texas, but I think his stances on issues probably stand to gain him a wide swath of supporters, particularly older voters.

Also, Facebook is down. It’s also under criminal investigation. The Hellsite is dead. The Doom has come to Valyria. Dobby has been given a sock. Dobby is freeeeeeeeeeee.

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