Yes! Tremble Before the Mojo Jojo Day Thread!

“Yes, you foolish Avocados, it is I, Mojo Jojo! I am here to bring despair to this place where you do your shit posting!”

“Yes, you are all scared now! And you should be! For I, Mojo Jojo, the greatest supervillain in the entire universe, shall be shitting on your shit posting with my own shit, which I will not throw, even though I am a monkey! I shall reign over you and all of your leader beans and your Heathcliff comics! Your Grimace gifs shall have no impact on me! Your Giftmas shall be stolen, and my heart shall not grow three sizes, nor shall I ever be played by your Jim Carrey or your Benedict Cumberbatch, for I am Mojo Jojo!”

“Enjoy your last moments of freedom before your enslavement! And have a good day.”