Greendale’s Dia de los Muertos Night Thread 10/21

Dia de los Muertos (which some people call “Mexican Halloween”) was referred to in the Community episode, “Intro to Statistics”. The event was sponsored by Greendale’s Spanish instructor Senor Chang and organized by school tryhard Annie Edison. Most importantly, the gang has their first excuse to dress up.

Annie is a skeleton, Pierce is the Beastmaster, Britta is a squirrel, Troy is Eddie Murphy, Jeff is too cool for this crap, and Shirley is Steve Urkel. The most enduring is Abed’s first time dressing up as Batman, which probably did a lot in parodying Christian Bale’s weird Batman growl. He closes the episode with a memorable monologue as he watches Greendale from the rooftops.

The episode was directed by… The Fast & The Furious franchise director Justin Lin?!?!? No way!

It sure explains this awesome scene, though, where Abed drags Pierce and Jeff out of a collapsing chair fort.

This episode would help set the expectations for the show in general: the show was going to be shot more cinematically than your average TV show, which was unexpected for a comedy set in the restrictive confines of a community college.

And yes… you did get a Community notification for this.