Supernatural – S14E02 – Gods and Monsters

Only the second week back and I’m already late. Sorry about that guys! Though I wrote my review on Friday, I was planning on typing it up after a family lunch yesterday. Now, fortunately for me and unfortunately for you, that family lunch turned into a rather enjoyable family lunch, supper and bedtime snack, so I wasn’t able to type this up until today. And so much happened in this episode, it’s hard to believe it was only a regular hour-long show! Which means I had a lot to type! So let’s get to it, shall we?

The road ahead:

There was a lot happening in this episode and a lot to look back on, so I’ll just hit some of the highlights. Especially because I really don’t feel like going back and watching the entire run of 13 previous seasons right now just to pick out all the times that they used mirrors symbolically in the show. But I promise that when I eventually go back to do my classic coverage I will point it out every time! Because they really do use this convention often and usually in a very skilled way. There’s a good understanding and use of the mirror as a reflection that shows reality but also shows facade. The reality is in front of the mirror and the facade is reflected and also vice versa. There is that boundary between reality and unreality, the reflection, the fake, the mirage, the fantasy. There is also the element of seeing yourself clearly. It really is fascinating and I recommend you pay attention to mirrors as the show progresses or in any re-watches you may do.

There is also a lot in this episode dealing with the themes of possession, taking something by force, invasion and betrayal. Now, a lot of this has occurred over the series’ run, but the show hasn’t really dealt with what it means and the aftermath, up to this point. They touched on these things in the episode and it seems like it may possibly be a continuing theme for the season. Some examples would be Sam’s possession by Gadreel in season 9, the story line around Nick’s possession by Lucifer in season 5 and how that’s affecting him now , Sam’s possession by Lucifer (and subsequent torture) and the aftermath, from the end of season 5 through season 7, then the discussion he had with Rowena last season (s13e12 “Various and Sundry Villains”) about how he still hasn’t really dealt with what happened to him, just like Rowena hadn’t, the possession and deaths of so many innocent humans over the course of the show who were killed simply because they were victims of possession, the story of Cas and Jimmy Novak and family from season 4 until now, Cas’ own possession by Lucifer, Jack’s very existence being due to what Lucifer did while possessing the president and now Dean’s possession by Michael. This is a big theme throughout the show and there’s a lot here to look at.

Finally, you can also look generally at Eve and Dick Roman and what they were trying to accomplish and how both storylines didn’t really fulfill the promise they had when they began. And you can look specifically at the events of 2.03’s “Bloodlust” and 5.04’s “The End” for things I’ve referenced in the review. And if you’re interested in seeing just how I feel about grace specifically and how it’s used in the show, or just how I feel about how shows create and uphold or destroy their own lore and rules of how the world works in general, see my review from last year’s s13e13 review for “Devil’s Bargain” where I rant about all of the above. All right, I think we’re ready, let’s proceed!


We start with Dr. Franken-Dichael experimenting in his lab. At first, I thought maybe he was using humans to try to make angels? But it turns out he’s got more in common with Eve, and he’s looking to make some interesting new monsters. But who’s going to name the next Jefferson Starships with Dean away? Now, Michael wasn’t willing to use his own grace to try crossing worlds back in early season 13, so either he’s really desperate and using his own grace here, or the risk is worth the reward in his eyes, or he’s got an angel on tap somewhere that we haven’t seen yet. Did Jo get away with her grace intact? Did Michael visit other angels on his “what do you want” tour?

Back at the base, Sam, Mary and Bobby move on Michael after a tip from Jo is backed by evidence in the form of a police report. They leave Cas to look after a damaged Nick and a depowered Jack. Jack, at least, has a better outlook on his situation. He realizes he’s not helpful as he currently is, so he’s determined to learn how to be useful without his powers. And Nick, well, he’s trying to figure out who he is by figuring out how he got here. It seems Nick doesn’t remember why he said yes to Lucifer. Or much of anything else about his life previously or while possessed either. So when Cas jogs his memory, he’s forced to relive the loss of his wife and son. I can’t even imagine how horrible that would be. And OMG, did Mark Pellegrino knock that scene out of the park. He needs some awards for that!

Rusty Cop!Bobby (DFA? Seriously, Bobby?) and the rest find out that the dead that Michael was experimenting on were actually vampires, and not humans. Hmmm. Guess he isn’t making angels! They get a lead on a girl who may know more and leave to follow it up.

Jack is trying to figure out just how long it will be until his grace comes back. The answer seems to be “da fuq do we know?” Yeah, “anytime between a month and several centuries” isn’t exactly specific. So, once again the show goes a little vague on its grace lore. I already went on a rant last year in the review for s13e13’s “Devil’s Bargain” about how the show can’t make up its mind about what exactly grace is or means, nor how it works. So if you want to know more, look there. Otherwise, I’ll just say that how the show is treating Jack’s grace is just more in a long line of “making it up as we go along”. At least this time, the fact that Jack is a nephilim can explain away some of the differences. If this were the only time the show changed around established lore, I’d let it go. But this is hardly the only time this has happened, so I’d better move on…I feel another rant coming on!

So Cas recommends that Jack stop looking backwards. Maybe Nick could have used that advice too, Cas! And instead, he tells Jack to look to who he is, that essential Jack who is there with powers or without. Cas looks back to his own time without grace in order to help advise Jack on what to do. He really does make a good Daddy father figure! He also reminds Jack that getting good at hunting is a practice makes perfect type of deal and that he shouldn’t compare himself to Sam and Dean because they’ve logged a lot of practice hours.
Cas: “They’ve been at it since they were children.”
Me: *sobbing* “I know, oh god, I know!”

Back to Michael in a nice tux. The last time Dean wore a tux he was being objectified by Bella. Remember? I do. Dean should wear a tux more often. Or an Eliot Ness suit. Two tuxes and a vintage suit in 14 seasons just isn’t enough. Michael is admiring (himself?) in the mirror (hey, quit objectifying Dean, Michael! Yes, I’m aware of the hypocrisy!) and this lets us catch a glimpse of what’s going on inside Dean’s head as he fights Michael tooth and nail for control. Oh man, I could fill pages talking about how this show uses mirrors, usually as a way to look inside a character, to reflect the true self as opposed to the face they show the world. But there’s also an element of duality there, opposite, yet the same. And it’s a convenient way to see the inner conversation between the possessor and the possessed. Mirrors are also a somewhat liminal space, like a doorway. The boundary between reality and the reflection, the fantasy or dream, the mirage, the fake. Yeah, pages. And I haven’t even dug out my dictionary of symbols yet!

As expected, Dean has not gone gently into that good night and is absolutely raging against the dying of his light. He’s very explicitly telling Michael that he’s not wanted, yet Michael is still able to stay. How is that? Are the rules different in parallel worlds? Like how the rules of physics could vary from universe to universe in our own conception of the Multiverse? Is this just the show playing fast and loose with the lore again? Or was it that yes is just a custom in this world, rather than an absolute law? (But then would Satan have really cared about abiding by a custom? And wouldn’t that fundamentally change everything about season 5?) Or maybe once they say yes they can’t change their minds later? But Sam was able to change his mind with Gadreel, so that isn’t the answer. Maybe this law was only enforced by Chuck and since Chuck has left the building, all bets are off. However it’s happening, the show needs to give an explanation as to why at some point. This is too important for them to hand wave it away. Otherwise, what was the point of season 5? Free-will means nothing and Michael and Lucifer could have just taken over the boys and fought whenever they wanted. And I will not stand for the show retroactively ruining one of their best seasons! I will challenge them to a duel! An apocalyptic duel! But on the ground, not in the air!

Right now, especially with Nick’s storyline and with recent events, it seems like the perfect time for the show to explore things like consent and betrayal and invasion and taking things by force, and the repercussions of the above. I would love to see an insightful exploration of these themes over the season. Get Sam and Cas to form an “I survived Lucifer” support group and try to help Nick (if he even can be helped). And I mean that in a serious way, not the silly way it sounds. And that’s the problem. Given the show’s…problematic…history, I’m not sure they’re up for tackling these issues in a way that will do them justice. So while I kind of hope they continue to explore possession and consent and what it means and how the characters deal with the after-effects, part of me also thinks maybe it’s best if we just leave it at this. But it could be sooo good if done right! I’m so torn.

In this episode, Jensen Ackles is slowly moving the character of Michael away from an imitation of Christian Keyes’ version of Michael, and into something more his own interpretation, while keeping certain traits, like the slower, more deliberate way of talking, that the first Michael had. He’s also doing this thing where it seems like Michael is picking up some Dean mannerisms. It’s subtle and I’m loving it! It’s like the host body has an influence (a slight one, but still an influence) on the angel or demon possessing them. I approve of that. And it makes for better acting. If you’re trying to imagine how another actor would act out a scene, that’s going to get in the way of the performance. If you’re making the character your own, that frees you up to make your own choices that will come off as more real and authentic in the moment. And boy am I liking the choices Jensen is making with Dichael. Him and Mark Pellegrino can share all the awards this episode.

Speaking of Nick, he’s gone looking for answers in his past and he finds that the murder of his wife and son was never solved, which has left him fairly distraught. When Cas tries to calm him down, a little Luci comes rushing out of Nick without a moment’s hesitation. He quite literally snaps! (Lol!) It seems Lucifer has left his mark on poor Nick. (He he he, Mark!) And damn, Mark just turns from grief-stricken husband to all-powerful Satan on a dime! Yes, all the awards. Even the ones for things that aren’t acting! And Nick has no clue that he went full devil there for a second. Interesting. Are we 100% positive Luci’s all gone? Or is this really just Nick dealing with the repercussions of hosting the devil long-term? Or is it something else? More on that later.

Back in Duluth, our gang of three have tracked down the lead from the morgue, the girl who asked after the dead. And it’s the girl from the beginning who was trapped and watching Michael’s experiments. She’s obviously also a vampire and says her nest was much like Lenore’s was in 2.03’s “Bloodlust” where they only fed on animals and kept their heads down. She recounts the happenings we saw in the intro and now our gang’s all caught up. No more need for the vamp, so hunters gonna hunt and Bobby makes a move to kill her. And Sam says nothing. The guy who fought so hard for Lenore and her nest, says nothing. I’m a bit disappointed in you here, Sammy! Where are those shades of grey you used to have? It doesn’t matter anyway, as the girl offers to take them to where Michael was in return for her un-life.

And where is Michael? He’s on a date! With a werewolf. A lucky, lucky werewolf. Yeah, yeah, I know – Michael bad – but when Dean gets his body back, if he can remember and keep some of this confident, assertive, powerful swagger that Michael’s got going on, well, I would really appreciate it! So the werewolf and Michael go back and forth on who’s got the upper hand here, and of course it’s Michael. And he wants her to take him to her leader.

When Nick reaches a dead end with his family’s case, he and Cas end up discussing what it means for an angel to possess a human. Nick is understandably Team Jimmy Novak rather than Team Cas. I really thought Cas might relate how it felt for him to be possessed by Luci too, giving him a unique perspective as an entity that has possessed and has been possessed, but they very firmly kept him on the side of the possessors versus Nick and the possesses. Nick sees Cas as no different than Lucifer, just a body snatcher. But we know better and we see that difference when Cas talks about Jimmy and how much he regrets what happened to him and his family. Yet another moment in the episode dealing with possession and the aftermath. So if the show is really serious about exploring these topics and themes, I want to see Cas discuss both sides. I want to see Cas, Sam and Nick have a serious discussion about their experiences with Lucifer and how they are dealing (or not) with the aftermath. I want to see more of Dean’s struggle and exactly why consent doesn’t matter in Michael’s case. And I really want to see Nick sit down and talk with Claire. I hate that Wayward Sisters didn’t get picked up (yet?), but that means she’s free to come discuss the impact of angel possession. And she was also briefly possessed herself, as well as being a witness to the impact Jimmy’s possession had on him, his wife and Claire herself. And maybe they can continue dealing with the belated reaction to being possessed that Sam started having last season when he heard Luci was back. Oh! And Rowena! She wasn’t possessed by Lucifer, but she and Sam shared some really nice post- Lucifer trauma confessions that I’d love to see continue here. Torture fits just as well into this conversation as possession does. In fact it is an example of taking people by force, and though they aren’t possessed in a supernatural sense, the torturer could be said to possess the person (s)he is torturing. Plus, I just like Rowena. In small doses. But there really is a lot of material the show could mine here. I’m really torn on whether or not they should. Sure, they could find some real gold, but given the show’s history, they could also just be left with a giant slagheap.

Michael gets his sit-down with the pack leader. Michael has realized that Chuck is gone, angels and demons just aren’t real factors in global leadership and that this has left a power vacuum for him to step into. Really, who’s left here besides Team Free Will (including Dean, their “inside” man {sorry, not sorry!}) who can even challenge him? So what does Michael want to do with this power? Well, he seems to want to back the monsters and have them reduce humanity to livestock. What a Dick…Roman!

Just so you know, I was grinning maniacally throughout this scene. First, because I was loving what Jensen was doing with the character. Second, because I can tell I’m going to love Michael just as much as I hate him. Third, because it seems like Michael is turning out to be what Deanmon should have been. And I’m here for that! I’m here for that all season long. And it also seems like he’s fulfilling the promise that both Eve and Dick had, but never quite delivered on. Championing the monsters and making new and improved ones? Yes, please! Maneuvering humanity into becoming…well…sheeple for the slaughter? Also a yes for me! I just hope this promise we’re seeing here doesn’t go unfulfilled again. I want all of these ideas to finally pay off. But especially Deanmon. Yes, I’m biased.

Jack, like Nick, goes looking into his past to find how to move forward. He gets to meet his grandparents and learn more about where he came from. Even though it was a difficult conversation for all three of them, and even though Jack couldn’t be honest with his grandparents and reveal who he really was to them, we still walk away from this conversation feeling like it was something positive (if bittersweet) for all three. Jack’s story also began with possession, so he also represents, by his mere existence, the repercussions of possession. He could also play a larger part in this conversation. But for now, Jack has gotten what he needed to be able to move forward, forging a new identity from the ashes of his past. I just hope that poor family eventually gets some kind of closure on their daughter’s disappearance. It’s too cruel otherwise.

Michael shows up at the home of Olivia, the vampire who helped Sam and the gang. Apparently, she played right into Michael’s hand, leading the gang into his trap. And now that she’s done what he needed, he’s here to clean up loose ends. Ruh Roh! (Oh yeah, I loved Scooby-natural by the way!)

Cas is mad at Jack for taking the chance of exposing himself to his grandparents and to the risk of being captured by any one of a number of factions who have been trying to grab and use him since the day he was born. (More taking by force, and kidnapping is a form of possession!) But Jack didn’t do anything he shouldn’t have in front of his grandparents, it seems to have really helped him and he made it home safe and sound, so Cas eventually approves. Yes, he’s a good dad. This show could use more of those!

Their conversation turns to the fact that Sam found Michael. And Jack expresses his belief that the priority has to be stopping Michael, rather than saving Dean. Of course, he wants to save Dean, but he knows, from seeing what Michael did to apocalypse world, that Michael really needs to be stopped before he can do something similar to this world. Now, Cas isn’t really on board with imprisoning or killing his best friend, so there’s a little tension here between him and Jack, but Jack wins the argument by asking Cas if Dean would really want it any other way. Which, of course he wouldn’t. Dean always criminally underrates his importance to the world and the people around him. And he overrates the importance of figuratively (and sometimes literally) killing himself to rid the world of monsters. And Michael’s a monster. So of course he would think nothing of sacrificing himself yet again to kill a dick who can’t take no for an answer. So mic drop for Jack and Cas really hasn’t got anything he can say to that in response.

Again, there’s an avenue here to a discussion about possession and hurting the monster versus harming the innocent. How many humans have been killed by the boys while ridding the world of demons and the occasional asshole angel? Should Dean rate higher than any of them? (Yes, absolutely!) Why or why not? (Because I said so!) Should this change how Team Free Will should hunt in the future, or should they just accept that it’s a necessity for the greater good and that they are no exception? I mean, even when they do everything right, most humans don’t survive possession (by demons anyway, angels are slightly different). But now they have a blade that could possibly allow them to kill the possessor while saving the possessed. There is such good material here to look at.

And now to the most shocking thing to happen this episode, Nick confronting and killing – nay, brutalizing – the witness who recanted. This witness, Nick’s former neighbor, Artie, says he just thought he saw something, made something up because he wanted to help so badly. Nick thinks there’s a more sinister reason he recanted, and that changing his testimony let the killer escape justice. So Nick wants to get to the bottom of it, find the killer. The neighbor says there’s no there there and he’s got no information that can help. And Nick doesn’t take that very well. And so he picks up a hammer, the same weapon used on his family, and takes his rage out on poor Artie. And, oh god, did you see that tear in the corner of Mark Pellegrino’s eye as he was simultaneously mourning his family and threatening Artie? So many awards he needs to get!

So, I naturally have some questions here. About what happened to Nick’s family, about how gone Luci really is, about whether or not Nick can even be saved, if he can be redeemed after what he did to Artie. I really hope the show keeps Luci dead as a doornail and we get to see what Nick said earlier play out. Where it was a monster who killed his family, which left the door open for Lucifer to step in and use their deaths to get Nick to say yes, so Lucifer could then use Nick to be a monster, and now, coming full circle, Nick is also becoming a monster. It’s a good metaphor for letting the need for revenge become an obsession, one that can overtake you and push you to depths you never could have even imagined before. It’s also a good look at the cyclical nature of violence. People have violence done to them that they then pass on to someone else. That’s an interesting story that I would love to see play out. Nick’s slow descent into evil, not from Lucifer making him, but because Nick wants it himself, is making those choices himself. Sure, maybe there’s some PTSD there, making the situation worse, but the impulse comes from something that was in Nick even before Lucifer. Nick even said that if he hadn’t said yes to Lucifer, he would have been hounding the police every day for news and progress. That sounds like a guy who could have gotten to a place like this on his own, without Satan’s influence. So yes, I’m looking forward to where they seem to be taking this and this is the version I’d most like to see. But it seems like there is also a second option.

When Nick literally snapped (lol!) at Cas earlier in the episode, he had no memory of what he had done. When Cas scanned him, he said Lucifer must have done more damage to Nick’s psyche than they thought. But that didn’t happen to Sam or Cas. Yes, Nick was possessed for longer than either of them. (And really, how is Nick even still here with how Lucifer treated that body? He should be dead like Jimmy Novak is. Seriously show, pick a rule and stick to it!) So maybe that extra time did extra damage, but Cas doesn’t know what Nick’s psyche was like before he was possessed. We know nothing about Nick from before he said yes to Lucifer. Maybe he wasn’t the healthiest person even then. Maybe there was something there that helped make him a good vessel for the devil. Sam, after all, was suffering from the sins of pride and wrath at the time he said yes. Maybe Nick was also a sinner of some kind. And what if that sin was murder? What if Nick killed his family like he’s so easily killed Artie? And then didn’t remember what he did afterwards like he didn’t remember how he came at Cas? And so he mourned them even though he killed them? Now go back and look at that conversation between Nick and Artie again, with this in mind. Artie originally tells the police he saw something. Then after realizing it was Nick he saw, he recants. Maybe because he wants to give his friendly neighbor the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was because he saw something of the killer lurking below Nick’s surface, or maybe it happened after Nick said yes, because Artie saw Lucifer peeking out of Nick’s skin and one or even both of these things scared him enough to stay silent? And now Nick is asking Artie what he saw and Nick’s angry. Of course Artie is going to reassure Nick that he saw “nothing”. This whole exchange is different, but still works, if you view it through this lens. Yes, Cas told Nick he wasn’t home at the time of the murder. But if that’s just what Cas got from the police reports, from what Nick told the police, there’s a possibility that the information Cas has is faulty. So, I don’t think this storyline is as exciting as watching a good man being driven to go bad and exactly what kind of pressure it takes to do that. But it is still exciting, discovering that all our previously held assumptions are wrong and learning who this character really is. And so far, both seem equally plausible. It also seems plausible that either one could also wake up any piece of Lucifer that may or may not still remain in Nick’s psyche. I hope they don’t go there, but it could be interesting for Team Free Will to think Luci’s back, only for it to turn out that it’s just Nick, using tips he got by observing what Lucifer did while he was possessed, as he either turns to evil to exact revenge or just discovers that evil side of himself he didn’t previously know existed. All interesting ways to go here without Lucifer, but none of them seem to offer any hope of redemption for Nick at the end of the line, which is kind of a shame-even as I want to see him break bad. Poor Nick! If he really was innocent before all of this, he deserves so much better. But we deserve a good story! Aye, there’s the rub!

Team Free Will falls into Michael’s trap where they encounter the results of Michael’s finally successful experiments. Of course, the gang figures out how to kill them. And pretty easily too. It should have been a much harder fight, maybe even a retreat with no enemy kills for our guys, in order for me to see these experiments as a serious threat to the gang. But then they wouldn’t be around to find Michael. I mean Dean. I mean Michael. No, Dean. Oh man, who’s driving Baby the bus right now? Did Michael really leave to go do something? If he can possess Dean without a yes, then he really could leave, knowing he could come back whenever he felt like it. Or did he pretend to leave, so Dean thinks he’s really gone, but Michael’s still tucked up somewhere inside his head? Or is this still Michael, who’s pretending to be Dean again in order to infiltrate Team Free Will? Who knows? I just hope that they haven’t done this just to revert back to Sam and Dean fighting together again until the end of the season, when they finally have to deal with Michael. I really hope that either Michael is still in Dean’s head and pops in and out to control Dean as necessary for his plan. Or if Michael really is gone right now, I hope he keeps popping in and out without that yes to do the same thing. Or I hope that this is still Michael in full control and just pretending to be Dean. Whichever way the show picks to go, this needs to really be an ongoing problem, not just something they say they’re worried about but really don’t deal with again until the end of the season, like they did with Deanmon/the mark, or other issues the boys have had in the past. It really looks like the show is trying new things and going in new directions and I hope that this also applies to the Michael situation. I don’t want Sam and Dean reunited so badly that I will sacrifice story quality to get it. So yes, Michael needs to be an ever-present danger with Dean, for the duration of the season. Or at least for a significantly long time, until they finally do figure out how to deal with him, even if he’s not the ultimate big bad by the final episode. There should always be this air of uncertainty, and even danger, around Dean and around whether or not people are dealing with Michael or Dean. A feeling that Michael could come back at any moment in the middle of whatever it is they’re doing. This needs to be an ongoing problem for the boys, or I’m going to be very upset with the show. I don’t think I can overstate just how upset I will be if they play this off like they did with Deanmon. In any event, the gang has no idea if this really is Dean or not at this point. And given Michael is all up in Dean’s business, I doubt a Rhonda Hurley, pink panties question will be enough to establish who’s really in control here. But he took off the hat! Surely he’s only Michael when the hat’s on!

The final image in the show is Nick, looking in a mirror. (See! Mirrors! I told you!) He’s looking in to see himself, covered in blood and carrying a bloody hammer. Is his current self a reflection of his past self? Is Nick a reflection of Lucifer? Is he just a reflection of the evil done to him, that he has now turned around and passed on? Which Nick is the real Nick and which is the fake? Then the camera pans down to show a dead body in the mirror, then the reflection of the bloody hammer. Continuing to pan down, the camera crosses that boundary between the reflection or the illusion in the mirror to the reality of the actual bloody hammer and then to Artie’s actual dead body. This is symbolic of Nick’s revenge fantasy, this idea in his mind, that has now crossed that boundary into the actuality of the world. He is no longer fantasizing about revenge, he’s making it happen. It is now his reality, it is fact. Of course, we are all watching this because these actual things were filmed by a camera and what we’re actually watching isn’t real but it is a reflection (a fantasy) of what the camera has filmed making this whole exercise rather trippy. This is a good time to remind you that pot is now legal here in Canada! Come on up for a visit!

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. For all of tonight’s story lines. This season certainly isn’t lacking juicy material it can sink its fangs into. Hey, it’s better than sinking them into humans! Be like Lenore! Before she was driven insane! Let’s just pray that this potential isn’t wasted like some other promising storylines in the show. But I have liked what the show has been doing since the beginning of season 11. (There were hints in season 10, but 11 is when it really turned the corner, in my opinion.) So I have hope. When it comes to season 14, so far so good. I’m loving what they’ve done in these two episodes. (Seriously? Only two? They’ve really packed a bunch in!) I’m pretty sure I had a giddy grin on my face for most of this episode because I was so happy with all the choices being made by both the writers and the actors. Seriously, let’s get some Emmys up in here for Mark and Jensen! Stat! And it feels like I haven’t done that in a while, even as much as I really liked last season. (Minus the Michael/Lucifer aerial battle. Seriously, a good, well coordinated ground fight {see Daredevil or later season Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fights for examples!} would have been much more epic than that mediocre Stars on Ice Wires was. I critique because I care!) So bring on whatever is next, I’m ready for it!

The road ahead:

  • How do you feel about what the show is doing so far?
  • What do you think of what they’re doing with the themes of consent, possession, taking by force, betrayal and invasion? Do you think the show can handle these things well, given some of the missteps that it has made in the past? How about the after effects of possession? We have a lot of characters who have experience of possession (directly or indirectly, in one form or another) that could be used to explore these themes. From the person possessed, to the entity possessing, to the friends and family of the possessed, to the outcome of certain…activities…while possessed. There’s a conversation that could be had here. Would you like to see it happen? And what direction should that conversation take?
  • Mirrors! Am I right?
  • Who wore it better? Deanmon or Dichael?
  • Who’s the better Mommy, Michael or Eve?
  • Who’s the bigger dick? Dick or Dich(ael)?
  • Why doesn’t Michael need a yes? Is the show going to muck this up and retroactively ruin season 5? Will you riot with me if they do?
  • What’s going on with Nick? Good guy driven bad, or always was a bad guy? Or still Lucifer? Which would you prefer?
  • Who’s driving the Dean car right now?
  • Does Chuck have any f***s at all to give about what’s been going on with his beloved creation lately?
  • Why didn’t Sam fight for the “vegan” vamp like he did for Lenore? Has he lost his empathy along the hunting way? (And yes, I know the vamp eats animals so it technically isn’t vegan! It was an allusion! They gave up a whole food group, their preferred food group even, out of ethical concerns. But yes, like cats, they are obligate carnivores, so they can’t survive on a vegetarian or vegan diet.)
  • Like Jack and Nick, I really do think you need to know where you come from in order to know where you’re going. How about you guys?
  • How should Team Free Will give Kelly’s family closure? “Government” communique stating she was lost at sea while on classified business? What about her “baby”? It would be easier if they did nothing, but is that better for her family? What do you think is the right thing to do here?
  • Should they just stab Dean with the archangel blade, first chance they get? I mean, as long as the knife goes in, it will kill Michael, so pick some place that won’t hurt Dean too badly!
  • Should Team Free Will worry more about saving Dean or stopping Michael? I mean, of course they’ll save Dean, right? Of course they will! Right? Oh god, please tell me they’re going to save Dean!

See?!? There was a lot to talk about in this episode and so much happened. There were some really deep themes exposed that I hope the show continues to deal with, but only if they’re going to treat it well and in a serious manner. I admit, thinking of the show handling these topics does make me a bit nervous, given their history (especially with what they’ve done with certain female characters), but if they find the right people to write this, it could end up being an amazing, amazing season. We’ll just have to see how it goes. And mirrors! I’m serious about this one guys, keep an eye out for mirrors in this show. You won’t be disappointed. So that’s it for me for this episode, I hope you guys also have lots of family lunches in your futures that turn into really enjoyable, long and leisurely days like mine did yesterday. Until next time, be good to each other! XO