Werewolves 73 — The Medium Place — Day One

SPOILER WARNING: The rules of this game give minor spoilers for season one of The Good Place.


Everything is fine.

This is always the hardest part of the job, but here goes nothing:

You have DIED. You might have been a tree, a fast food mascot, an orangutan, or whatever, but all in all, y’all were A LAND OF CONTRASTS.

But here you are in the afterlife! The good news is that you didn’t get sent to The Bad Place. The bad news is you haven’t made it into The Good Place. Luckily, the powers that be created this, The Medium Place, for your new host Mindy St. Clair. (She’s a bit grumpy about the sudden company. Be nice.)

I’ll stay with you and answer your questions until we can get you to your new homes for the rest of eternity. I’m Janet!

We won’t be able to send you either up or down until we find the threats who have smuggled themselves into our little crew. I already told you about The Beast — it’s bad news, and if The Beast succeeds in re-killing enough of you, then we all blink out of existence. Existing is better than not existing, so please help us find The Beast right away.

It also seems that there are a few demons from The Bad Place who have infiltrated the group. The bad news is that they can send one of you directly to The Bad Place each night. The badder news is that they overpower us and end this little project if they ever outnumber the decent folk among you.

To help you find the demons and defeat The Beast, The Good Place has sent some angels to assist. Please refrain from killing the angels. That would not be good.

OK, good luck. I’ll be in my void if you need me. Bye!


Factions and roles

17 Town, including:

13 Dead Souls (Vanilla Town)

1 Mindy St. Clair (Special Detective)

3 Angels: Guardian, Crusader, and Inquisitor (Special Masons; Jailer, Vigilante, and Detective)

4 Demons, including: Shawn, Trevor, Vicky, and Glenn (Recruiter, Special Strongman, Spy, and Vanilla/Biter)

The Beast (SK)

Town wins if all scum players (demons and The Beast) are eliminated.

Demons win if they outnumber the remaining town players.

The Beast wins if they claim four souls.

Night action order:

  1. Town/angel actions (Vig kills, investigations, jailing)
  2. The Beast night kill
  3. All Demon actions (recruitment, night kill, kill stealing)

Role rules:

The Beast

  • The Beast is a rogue demon who has decided to incite the apocalypse. That’s a bad thing, even for The Bad Place. Not existing is, obviously, not ideal. The Beast needs to first claim four souls to be its Four Horsemen before they can destroy Earth, The Good Place, The Bad Place, and everything in between.
  • The Beast is more powerful than demons, and therefore can only be killed by the Crusader or via lynching. The Beast cannot be lynched on day one.
  • The Beast is an SK and wins the game by killing four players to claim as their Four Horsemen. If the kill is stolen by angels or demons, then it does not go towards The Beast’s count.
  • Souls that are claimed by The Beast do not go to the Graveyard, but instead join The Beast’s QT to assist with their horrible plan. If The Beast brings about the apocalypse, those four players join in the victory.


Town Roles

Mindy St. Clair

  • Mindy is the only human who has earned her own “Medium Place”, which is beyond the reach of any angels from The Good Place or demons from The Bad Place. She is unconcerned with the actions of angels or demons, but The Beast presents a threat, so she needs to find the killer before he ends her mediocre eternity of People magazine, naked gardening, and Eagles music.
  • Mindy is out of the reach of the agents of The Good Place or The Bad Place and therefore cannot be killed by angels or demons, but can be killed by The Beast. Mindy cannot be lynched on day one.
  • Mindy is desperately attempting to find The Beast. Each night she can investigate one player. She will be informed if that player is or is not The Beast. She doesn’t care if players are an angel or a demon, and her results will only read “The Beast”, “human”, or “not human”.


  • The angels are the agents of The Good Place and are seeking to save all the poor souls who have been caught in this predicament. If the angels can help the dead souls ascend to The Good Place, they will end the plans of The Beast and the demons and earn victory for The Good Place.
  • Angels share a QT and are Town-aligned. If the angels win, Town wins, and vice versa.
  • The angels have divine protection, but only for a short time. Angels cannot be lynched on day one or killed during night one.
  • The Inquisitor is an angelic detective who can find only demons.
  • The Guardian is an angelic jailer who can block a single player each night. Jailed players cannot use or be the target of night actions.
  • The Crusader has two vigilante kills to be used at any time.



  • Demons are agents of The Bad Place. The Beast is running amok, so the demons are taking the opportunity to steal as many souls for The Bad Place as possible. If the demons manage to outnumber the remaining Town players, they will overpower the remaining souls and claim victory for The Bad Place.
  • Demons share a QT.
  • Demons share a night kill.
  • Shawn is the boss demon and has a one-shot recruitment ability. If Shawn targets The Beast or any roled Town player (Mindy St. Clair or an angel), the recruitment fails.
  • Trevor is a douchebag, even as far as demons go, and has a one-shot ability to steal The Beast’s kill. On the night Trevor chooses to steal The Beast’s kill, the demons lose their own night kill, but The Beast’s kill does not become one of the Four Horsemen. The kill is automatically stolen (that is, Trevor does not pick a target; simply activating this ability means The Beast’s kill becomes the wolves’ kill), unless otherwise affected via angel actions.
  • Vicky is an aspiring actress demon and shows as Town when investigated.
  • Glenn is a biter. He likes to bite. (This has no effect on the game and is simply flavor text.)

Additional rules:

  • Killed players will be roleclaimed.
  • At twilight, the player with the most votes will be lynched. Ties will result in all tied players being lynched.
  • DO NOT EDIT POSTS! DO NOT QUOTE DIRECTLY FROM YOUR QT! Doing so may get you modkilled and end up hurting your team and the game overall.
  • Feel free to ask any questions in your personal QT or on the game thread.
  • The game was expanded at the last minute. As a result, some rules may be added (such as two lynches per day) if the game is dragging. I will make it clear if I am adding additional rules in order to speed up the game.
  • Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.

Spoilers note: This game is modeled after The Good Place. While I do not plan on any blatant spoilers (beyond the oblique spoilers in these rules), I cannot promise this game will be 100% free of spoilers for the show. Participate at your own risk.

Finally, this is a beginner-to-moderate level game, but returning players are encouraged to bring back their favorite characters from past games. After all, you’re in the afterlife! (Obviously, this is not required and new players are also welcome.)


  1. forget_it_jake
  2. Sister Jude the Obscure
  3. E-Dog
  4. Goatful Dead Head
  5. dw
  7. 💀Lindsay👻Disguised🎃Leviathan💀
  8. Lovely Bones
  9. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather
  10. Annanomally in Hawkins
  11. hohopossum
  12. spookyfriend
  13. Candide
  14. The Hayes Code
  15. sic horror
  16. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  17. Lord Stoneheart
  18. Lutair
  19. Grumproro
  20. HolsGG
  21. The Abominable Doctor Nick
  22. Terrible Renegade DiebraryLass


  1. Spiny Creature
  2. Miss Rim
  3. subsaharan


Reminder that this is a returning characters game. Playing as a repeat character is encouraged but not required.