AVO Chintzees

Job Rants Thread – 10/5/2018


Hey, all; Happy Friday.

Now, given recent events, I know today has meant a lot for many people, and I would never think of trivializing those feelings. However, I still have to admit that, much as I’ve been following the news, the whole Kavanaugh thing is about as far from my mind as it can get.  This whole week, I’ve actually been studying for a test/interview which, if I pass, would mean advancement within my organization, not to mention a substantial addition to my finances. And one that will be starting around the time this post goes up.

I’ll be honest. I’m not even sure I want the job, but, by the same token, I feel that maybe I could use a challenge to hopefully reinvigorate my passion for the work, and getting out of the comfortable rut I’ve dug for myself. Life means little without challenge, after all.

In fact, why don’t we make that this week’s topic: When was the last time you took a chance at your position, and how did it work out? Hopefully, we’ll getting more positive responses than negative, but, as ever, no worries if you just need to get some stuff off of your chest.

As always, have a good rest of the day, a safe trip home, and a good weekend. And remember: Baby needs a new pair of shoes; so wish me luck!