Werewolves LXX: Much Ado About Werewolves – Day Three

Enter, stage right, three witches, in full makeup, unidentifiable to the audience. They gather around a cauldron.

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble,
If you ask what we see in here,
We can tell you there is much to fear,
Death comes today for four,
At least this game isn’t moving slowly enough to become a bore!

Enter, stage left, BAUDELAIRE.

Ah, fair ladies! It is I, the greatest Act-or of our time! I have arrived for an impromptu performance for all the fair citizens of Inverness, as even the poorest wretch deserves to see my Great-ness!

Ah, good Beaudelaire, we have prepared,
A drink for you,  go on don’t be scared.

The witch holds out a cup of cauldron juice, still smoking.

Tis verily true, an Act-or of my renown must care for my instrument.

BAUDELAIRE drinks deeply, and then immediately seizes and falls over dead. THE WITCHES cover him with a large cloth. 

Enter, stage left, THE BARD.

THE BARD, (in song)
Hail, fine ladies three,
I have a request of thee.
Long have been my travails and travel,
And finding food and drink has required me to scrabble,
Might I get from the a drink,
Before to this ground I do sink?

We rhyme just like thee,
Having you thirsty cannot be.

WITCH TWO hands THE BARD a drink from the cauldron. THE BARD quickly collapses and falls over dead. 

OPHELIA and ARIEL enter together from stage left as WITCH TWO quickly kicks THE BARD’S body behind a pillar. 

Ophelia, I’m so filled with joy,
That we finally found each other,
In this terrible world,
And can protect each other,
And offer comfort,
For all our remaining time.

Honestly, I just want to punch kick that jerk Hamlet.

That too, my partner and friend,
We can travel many a mile and yet,
We may have to return to him,
For that very reason.

Ere you leave, you may require a drink,
Or during your travels, to the ground you may sink.

OPHELIA narrows her eyes at the WITCH. 

If your drink kills me ere I kill Hamlet, I will haunt you for the remainder of time.

OPHELIA and ARIEL both drink deeply, and then fall over dead. 

All three witches cackle delighted and begin to pack up their supplies. 

Four kills in a day,
Means four times the assassin’s pay,
It’s best to hire witches to make your kills,
Despite the lack of do-it-yourself thrills.
Assassins for hire we may be,
But for these four deaths, don’t blame me!

Exuent, Witches.

Baudelaire (Goat) has died. He was a Noble (Town) and a Reluctant Lover.

The Hayes Code has died. She was a Villain (Wolf), specifically The Spy. She was also a Reluctant Lover, and a member of The Faeries.

Lord Opheliaheart has died. He was a Noble (Town), and a member of The Watch, specifically The Headborough.

Lindsay DisasterBard has died. She was a Noble (Town), a Lover In Disguise, and a Courtier in the Mad King’s Court.

The Players

1) Owen1120

2) sic humor

3) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather

4) Clodia

5) The Hayes Code

6) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer

7) hohopossum

8) Captain Video

9) Hegel Exercises

10) Spiny Creature

11) Lord Stoneheart

12) Lamb Dance

13) SisterJudetheObscure

14) D. Goat

15) forget_it_jake

16) dw

17) E-Dog

18) Grumproro

19) Lindsay DisasterLesbian

20) LouieBlue

Known Factions

15 9 Nobles (Town)

3 1 Villains (Wolves)

2 Vengeance-Seekers (Serial Killers)


  • Every player (save one) is in at least one faction (in addition to being a Noble, if they are a Noble), defined as a group of players with a common purpose, action, win condition, and/or QT.
  • Players, including Villains and Vengeance-Seekers, may be in multiple factions.
  • A player’s faction(s) and role(s) will be revealed upon their death, though the specifics of those faction(s) and role(s) may not be.
  • A majority of votes for a player or a No Lynch ends the day early.
  • A tie will result in an RNG death among the tied players.
  • Do not edit posts.
  • Do not directly quote or screencap from your QT.

Day Three will end on Monday, September 3 at 12 pm EST.