Comic Book Review – Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends #1

Written by Charles Soule – Art by Ramon Rosanas

Recap – “Wolverine died, entombed in molten Adamantium. The X-Men took his metal-encased body and hid it away, keeping its location secret. But nothing stays buried. It was only a matter of time. As teams of X-Men, Avengers and other investigators searched for Wolverine’s body, the clues began to pile up…and the moment has come to put them together. “

Antonio Fernandez, a sixteen-year-old student from Barcelona Spain, is injected with a substance by an unknown assailant and taken away. Other people are shown meeting the same fate in different cities and towns across the globe.

In New York City, Tony Stark and Daredevil are invited to the X-Mansion by Kitty Pryde to discuss the evidence each team has found on Logan.  Tony and Matt are surprised to see Psylocke in the mansion. Kitty tells them that Jean Grey is helping Betsy after her time in Madripoor.  Before they begin, Matt asks Kitty about Cypher and if he’s getting the help he needs. Kitty says that Jean Grey is also helping Cypher; if he is kept busy with projects and other work, he can control his cell phone addiction.

The evidence that was gathered by each team is reviewed by the three superheroes. What does Evil Wolverine, the genetic code of every living being on the planet, zombies, and illicit space launches in Madripoor have in common? One-word: Soteira. Cypher has been working on how everything is connected.

The conversation is interrupted when Daredevil hears 4 incoming projectiles headed toward Earth’s atmosphere. These unidentified objects will smash into the planet if something isn’t done immediately. Tony armors up and heads to the skies with Storm and Firestar. Each will take care of one single- handedly and Iron Man will take care of the extra one.  However, Iron Man is unable to reach the fourth projectile, which is headed toward the mansion. Kitty uses her mutant power to phase the planet, so the missile can pass harmlessly into the ground and into the center of the Earth.

The heroes return to the mansion and find a man and items draped in cloth on the school grounds. The projectiles were a distraction.  A woman’s voice is then heard and she introduces herself as Persephone. Persephone tells the heroes that she has Logan and that she is the head of Soteira.  She goes on to say that underneath the cloth are the corpses of 10 people that had the X gene but hadn’t manifested their mutant abilities just yet. Thanks to the genetic database that was stolen from Mister Sinister, she can track others with ease. She tells the heroes to stop looking for Wolverine or she will kill other pre- mutant individuals.

Tony asks the X-Men if they can use Cerebro to help find these individuals before Persephone. Storm tells Tony that Cerebro can only detect mutants who have manifested their powers. And that Persephone chose her targets well. Tony asks Kitty what their next move will be. Kitty is left speechless, walking away distraught from what has just transpired.

The issue ends with Logan held captive by Persephone.

The Dead Ends One Shot wraps up the Hunt for Wolverine storyline.  This issue introduces the reader to Persephone and she has already dealt a massive blow to the X-Men.  Kitty has been shepherding new mutants as the headmistress of the Xavier Institute and she feels responsible for the deaths of those killed by Persephone. I look forward to the inevitable Kitty vs Persephone showdown at some point in The Return of Wolverine or Uncanny X-men.

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