Day Thread of Cool Bee Facts!

I love bees! They’re great! Have some bee facts!

  • Most bees are female! Males are only born when it’s necessary, and only exist to mate with the queen.
  • Hexagons are the most efficient shape for building structures, which is why bees make honeycombs using hexagons!
  • Bees have personalities! Some are shy, while others are thrill-seekers.
  • If the hive gets too hot, bees will perch outside and fan it with their wings until it’s cool again. Other bees spread water on their backs to cool them down!
  • When a bee larva consumes royal jelly, it grows into a queen! When a human consumes royal jelly, they get asthma and hives.
  • Worker bees have different jobs! For example, there are guard bees, mortuary bees, and scout bees. The bees each love their job– they’re genetically predisposed to it!
  • When bees sting, they aim for the face! They target places with high levels of carbon dioxide (e.g. the face).
  • Bees communicate through what is known by the “waggle dance”. There are two types of dances, the round and waggle, but round dances contain enough parts of the waggle dance that they’re lumped into the waggle category.
  • In beekeeping, the “3 feet or 3 mile” rule states that when moving a hive, you need to move it in increments of 3 feet or over 3 miles. This is because bees use landmarks to navigate, so when the landmarks haven’t changed but the location of the hive has, they get lost. When you move a hive over 3 miles away, the bees start to look for new landmarks.
  • Caffeine helps bees work better! It helps them remember where a good food source is.


Have a lovely day, everybody! 🐝