Best Video Game Character Tournament, Finals

128 entered and only two remain. A showdown between two of gaming’s classic female antagonists. Will Carmen Sandiego steal the whole tournament? Or will GLaDOS take the cake?

Tournament Statistics:

  • The characters who received the most votes in any match was Luigi, with 98 votes in round one. This was also the biggest blowout in the entire tournament — unfortunately for FFXII’s Ashe.
  • The characters who received the most votes among those who did not advance were Wrex in the first round, with 45 votes against Birdo, Zelda with 45 votes against GLaDOS, and Lara Croft with 45 votes against Luigi.
  • The characters who received the least votes overall were Paperboy, Rival from Pokemon, and Sora, with seven votes each in the first round.
  • The character who received the least votes among those who did advance to the next round was Leisure Suit Larry in a low-participation match against Loader Bot in the first round.
  • The biggest upset was HK-47 in seed thirteen beating Pitfall Harry in seed four. Surprisingly, given the haphazard nature of the nomination process, there were surprisingly few large upsets overall.
  • The two closest matches were between King of All Cosmos and Garrus and between GLaDOS and Mario. Both remained tied for large portions of the day and were only separated by one vote at tallying time.

And finally:

I confess, I expected Link and Luigi to be the most likely winners of this round and had a whole post planned discussing each character’s long history. That doesn’t work so well considering GLaDOS has only appeared in a couple of games. Instead, I’ll leave you with each of our finalists’ famous theme songs.