Scott OT #89: They Shoot Night Threads, Don’t They? (6/14)

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions here that my very favorite movie website is They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? I recommended it to Miss Rim today while splitting a giant cookie and thought it would be fun to profile them for this Night Thread.

TSPDT has been around for over a decade. I’m not sure when they began, as their current site until goes back to 2006 and Internet Archive goes back to 2002. They got their name from the film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

TSPDT is run by Bill Georgaris, the Australian version of me. He sifts through as many best films ever lists as he can to make the site’s signature achievement: their top 1,000. Their top 1,000 contains many great movies, both well-known (i.e. Jaws and Star Wars) and obscure to the mainstream (i.e. The Hart of London and Unsere Afrikareise). Also, American Beauty, Chelsea Girls, Forrest Gump, Heaven’s Gate, and Moulin Rouge! are inexplicably on there.

The Rules of the GameTokyo StoryThe Godfather8½SunriseThe SearchersThe Seven Samurai

(TSPDT’s current top 10)

They also have a list of the best movies of the 21st century (made from scouring for best movies of the year lists as well as the aforementioned best films ever lists), best noir films, and director profiles. I treat TSPDT like it’s my bible and try to watch everything on a current list.

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.

Link to TSPDT:

P.S. in case you hadn’t heard, my meeting with Miss Rim went great, she’s even more delightful in person!