Sunday Food Thread Has the Shakes! 6/10

Had a rough day at work today, any time I’m in on my day off is a rough one but this one was particularly unpleasant. Decided to take a trip to the thrift store for a little ‘reward’ time and what did we see on entering but the marvelous machine in the header! It came with two stainless steel mixing cups. Clean as a whistle and under $50! We scooped that baby up and headed straight to the nearest grocery store where our favorite ice cream was on sale and so was Ghirardelli chocolate syrup. As I write this I’m feeling pretty full and happy, I made some super tasty chocolate malt shakes (we already had malt powder) and we’ll be testing out all kinds of combinations this summer. Can’t wait to try my hand at homemade Blizzrds (or Concretes depending on where you’re from). Going to try fruit shakes, candy add-ins etc. Ideally I’ll take notes of quantities but can’t place that kind of expectations on myself.

What are you eating this week?