RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10: Episode 11 Discussion Thread

Hey, Miss Vanjies!

Last week, after one of the most entertaining makeover challenges in the show’s history, we bid farewell to Monét X Change, who was sent home by Kameron Michaels in a lipsync to Lizzo’s fantastic tune “Good as Hell”. I’ll miss Monét; she’s a phenomenally talented queen and I’m pretty sure there’s an All Stars season in her immediate future.

Miz Cracker won her first maxi challenge of the season, transforming YouTube star Chester See into the flirty Miz Cookie, the breakout star of S10. Wintergreen is shaking in her pumps.

This week, the final five queens must present two characters on the runway: their best self, and their evil twin. I sense drama. Make sure to stay around for Untucked after the show!

As always, this thread is for discussing the show, but not everyone is able to watch it at the same time. Therefore, please use discretion when discussing the challenge results and what happens in Untucked. This is particularly key for tonight’s episode, so please keep it a mix of spoiler-tagged details and more general reactions.

In the words of Tatianna: thank yew, and enjoy tonight’s episode!