Marvelcado Comics – Year One Title Announcements

Good evening! After an exciting week-long draft, with more twists and turns than a telenovela, we have our year one Marvelcado Comics!

Andy Tuttle‘s Spider-Man’s Tangled Web

After the death of a close friend, May Parker decides to go on a cross country road trip to San Diego with her nephew Peter (Spider-Man) and a new friend named Issac (Gargoyle). As the three head out on this long journey they grapple with past demons (figuratively and literally), ponder on the reason for living, and try to figure out just why we exist in the first place.

Also in the pages of Tangled Web, upon learning of Petey’s journey, three of your favorite flying fire starters; Human Torch, Firestar, & Cannonball; decide to settle a bet once and for all, who is the fastest! The three rivals decide to fly across country “cannonball run” style in an attempt to be the first to reach southern California, but will a crisis happening in Sam Guthrie’s hometown put a stop to their fun? Find out in Spider-Man’s Tangled Web: Fireball Run!

Every odd Monday, starting this Summer!

Pulprobot: New Phase‘s Young Avengers

The god of Mischief, a witch, a time traveler, a mutant, an inhuman, and two aliens. Are part of a team they don’t remember forming or joining. But each are there for personal reasons. After trying to stop an attack by an unknown enemy that went sideways resulting in hundreds of people being trapped behind a barrier they have be targeted by everyone as the culprits. That just is what happens when you have a ex-super-villain on your side. Now framed by someone for a crime they didn’t commit, they are out to clear their name, find out who framed them and why. They don’t have a lot of allies and most of the world is after them. Can they unravel this before they are caught?

Every odd Monday, starting this Summer!

Doctor Nick‘s Tales Of Suspense 
After the killer success of his Avengers Arena Arcade wants to revolutionize a new industry; Reality Television! Teaming up with special effects maestro Mysterio, Arcade is getting ready to launch his new Murder World show. The “lucky” contestants this season are: an Omega Level Mutant who’s hair is larger then his personality, the dazzling international pop sensation, a sorceress with magical taste in jewelry, a circus performer turned villain turned Avenger, and six powerless civilians!

Tune in every even Monday to see if our motley Crew can win the game or if they’ll lose their heads.

Great Boos Up‘s The Champions!

Many years ago, Warren Worthington III, alias the avenging Angel, took a chance meeting of five mismatched outcast superhumans and tried to turn them into a finely organized team dedicated to “fighting for the common man.”

He failed. Utterly and spectacularly.

Now, almost a decade later and coming off a series of painful physical and psychological metamorphoses, Warren’s convinced that, with a new business plan and team concept, he can make the Champions work this time. Less certain is his best friend, Iceman Bobby Drake, who’s reluctantly agreed to lead the 3-D Man, Firebird, and Ultragirl to protect a vulnerable Atlanta, Georgia.

But what does the city’s gentrification have to do with its suspicious recent influx of supervillains? Who is the Salamander and what is his connection to the team’s new headquarters? What kind of deadly game has Dylan Disaster been playing with Ultragirl on his Livestream of Doom? Will the mystery man in the stolen Beetle armor be a friend or foe? Why is Hercules acting so strangely? And can Warren finally manage to bury his Archangel persona and reverse the Champions’ reputation?

It’s slam-bang action, mysteries, drama, and social satire in the old-school Marvel manner! Be forewarned: the roster at the beginning of this year will not be the same as the roster at the end!

Every odd Tuesday this Summer!

Before the Avengers, before the X Men, even before the Fantastic Four, there were Lovely Bones‘ Monster Hunters!

Marvel’s ultimate pulp adventure is about to begin! Thrill as as the Bloodstone Clan, sworn for generations to study all manner of monstrosities and keep humanity safe from them, assembles a crack team to confront the most bizarre threat a young Marvel universe has faced! With a Wakandan warrior, a Chinese-British sorcerer, and a mysterious Mexican-American speedster all by their side, the Bloodstones must uncover the mystery behind a spree of giant monster attacks around the globe, and discover a few secrets about their new teammates along the way!

Starring Lupita Nyong’O as Zawadi, Rose Leslie as Elsa Bloodstone, Iain Glen and Kate Dickie as her parents Ulysses and Ophelia Bloodstone, David Yip as Dr. Druid, Santiago Cabrera as the Hurricane, with Jurgen Prochnow as Adam, and Richard Ayoade as Charles Barnabus!


Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble‘s The Superior Foes Friends of Spider-Man

“Black Cat. Kaine. The Punisher, sort of. And now… Boomerang?

Fred Myers has had a tough go of things, struggling to make ends meet in the frankly overcrowded world that is New York’s supercriminal marketplace. But after a desperate attempt to save his own hide sees him erroneously hailed as a hero, Fred recognizes a new opportunity: a chance to assemble a team of other, more sincere villains-turned-do-gooders… and trick them into pulling one last job. A job that will solve all of Fred’s problems for good. Or at least get the nefarious Kingpin off his back for good. Or at least get the nefarious Kingpin off his back for now. Along the way, this fearful fivesome will run afoul of heroes and villains alike, including but perhaps not including: The Shocker! Mach-VII! Absorbing Man! The Living Brain! Silver Sable, maybe! Each other! And… I dunno, Galactus? Probably not Galactus.

Crime doesn’t pay. But just this once, heroism might.

I mean, hey, if it worked for Hawkeye…”

FREE! The 1st Wednesday of every Month! Can’t beat that!

The Mare’s Spin Doctors Mix’s The Defenders!

Counter-Earth is dying. The High Evolutionary’s research has led him to the same conclusion: the universe, as it stands, is flawed—and he can build it better. Now, he’s prepared to unleash his greatest creations—hybrids of a certain world-eater and a certain living planet— on the cosmos.

From the chaos, a team is born: Silver Surfer! Dr. Strange! Captain Marvel! Thor! Namor! Valkyrie! Beast! Nova! Sunfire! Captain Britain! Manifold! And…is that COSMO THE DOG?

What worlds will live? What worlds will die? Will Ego, the Living Planet find love? Will the Hulk even be bothered to show up and smash?

On June 13th, find out if these Somewhat-New, Somewhat-Different Defenders can stop…THE WORLDS THAT HUNGER!

Defenders #1 – available every second Wednesday, wherever needlessly complex fan fiction is sold!

bortman‘s Black Panther
What strange things lurk below the Earth’s crust? T’Challa thought he knew the answer, but the emergence of a threat not seen since the 1940s proves him wrong. The king and his allies must travel through strange dimensions to prevent the destruction of the surface world. Then: Would you know how Cleopatra helped create Wakanda’s technological superiority? Would you know of the battle that brought T’Chaka, the Blue Marvel, and Gabe Jones together? Who is Cold Hammer? Find out in Tales of the Griots. Plus, dinosaurs, vampire economists, monkey men, chocolate, Elephant Steve, dead Haitian dictators, space dolphins, giants, and Royal Roy. Don’t miss it, True Believers!

Available every second Wednesday, beginning this June!

ShelbyvilleIdea ‘s Uncanny X-Force

“SOMEONE IS KILLING WORLDS. When an interdimensional assassin targets entire timelines, it falls to CABLE to assemble a team of mutant warriors pulled from the past, present and future. In a manhunt which will take them from the dawn of civilisation to the blasted wastes of the post-Apocalypse, the team must face ancient conspiracies, buried secrets and their own mistakes. Can sins be forgiven? Can what is done be undone? And can even the all-new UNCANNY X-FORCE stand against the weight of history? As worlds collide and personalities clash, time is running out…

From visionary internet moron ShelbyvilleIdea (That One Good “Is Pepsi OK?” Comment, Drunkenly Pitching A Hellblazer TV Series To Anyone Who’ll Listen) and with art Maybe Sometimes By Weaselsoup If She’s Not Busy comes a brand new series which will bend histories, blur battlelines and push time itself to the breaking point.

Forget everything you thought you knew, and jump in to Uncanny X-Force #1, exploding onto the Avocado, every third Wednesday!

adam farrar‘s Maverick
Rival cartels are on the brink of all-out war on the Arizona/Sonora border when Christopher Nord comes to town. The former spy, former assassin, former mutant sells his services to one gang as Maverick and promises a decisive end to the bloodshed. And makes the same deal to the other gang as Agent Zero.

Is this Cold War vet trying to end the war or escalate it? Who else will be drawn into the conflict? And what brought him here in the first place?

Find out in Maverick #1. Available on The Avocado, the fourth Wednesday of each month. Starting June 27th.

Prometheatanna‘s FANTASTIC FORCE

When a dark prophecy regarding the elder god CHTHON threatens the entire planet, a team is suddenly and unexpectedly assembled to face the threat, including the INVISIBLE WOMAN, SHE-HULK, the original HUMAN TORCH, ROCKET RACCOON, EMMA FROST, and LONGSHOT. And the assembler? None other than Marvel’s greatest arch-villain, DOCTOR DOOM. This band of strangers must learn to work for a supervillain, or else face the end of the world.

EVERY Thursday starting this Summer!

Tyrone’s Delusions of Grandeur‘s Journey Into Mystery: After The Storm

Since Thor is away in another fantastic Avocado tale, Lady Sif teams up with Storm, Beta Ray Bill and the incredible Volstagg to go on a perilous journey to Svartalfheim to relight the holy light and stop the Elf war!

However, things become interesting when Malekeith and HYDRA (Zemo with Bullseye) team up to spread darkness to all the nine realms.

Guest stars: Kr’lt the Super Skrull, Ulik the Troll, Baldur, Freya, New Mutants, Odin, Kurse, Angela and more!

Every Thursday, delivered directly to your screen!

longbox jockey‘s Secret Warriors.

“The man who buried the Spider. A woman too wild for X-Force. A mind-controlling marksman. A mutant with the soul of a mythic monster. A psycho contortionist who’s been to hell & brought it back with him. A Hydra deserter. And a walking shark. Are they mercenaries? A supervillain gang running rampant? Maybe even a SHIELD cell they keep around for dirty work. Only Mockingbird knows for sure, and she has her own agenda.

There’s always some shadow war going on in the underbelly of the Marvel Universe, and now it looks like someone might be pulling the strings to keep it that way. Will the Secret Warriors be able to find out what’s going on? And if they survive the mission will they survive each other?

Find out in Secret Warriors #1. On sale on odd Thursdays, starting June 7th. MAR980776
40 pgs. FC

ThePrinceThatWasPromised‘s THE INVADERS

When Bucky Barnes wakes up with his recent memories wiped and being chased down by SHIELD, he finds himself on the run alongside a wild card team of young superheroes. A web-slinger from an alternate dimension! A resurrected “close relative!” The daughter of a master thief! A displaced Flora colossus! And a mysterious escaped SHIELD test subject (who’s perhaps the most powerful of them all!) Join the team who coin themselves The Invaders (borrowing from a classic superhero lineup) as they evade the spy organization’s pursuit and go on the hunt for answers. Has Bucky Barnes unknowing relapsed into his brainwashed “Winter Soldier” persona, or is he the victim of a set up? Is there something sinister afoot within SHIELD? And what is “Project Kugelblitz,” and why might it affect every dimension of the Marvel multiverse? Read Avocado Comics’ “The Invaders” to find out which dark secrets will be revealed to and about our heroes in this saga of lost parents, vast conspiracies, and hard choices.

On Avocado-themed pop culture entertainment sites, beginning Fridays this summer!


Annanomally in Hawkins’s Operation S.I.N.

Fridays beginning this Summer!




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