Creator’s Showcase Day 2: Books, Books, Books

Whether it be to expand your mind, be whisked away to a new and exciting world because our reality is super fucked or you need to relax before bedtime, reading is a wonderful experience and should be cherished. And did you know that we have accomplished authors on the Avocado? Below are links to published works you can purchase.

Other writers are strongly encouraged to share their work in the comments as well.

We also have an assortment of Original Fiction that has been posted here to the Avocado. Give these pieces a read and the authors some love.


User: 10cities10yearsYahweh’s Children – “In the early decades of the 21st century, SETI researchers receive the first confirmed transmissions from a long vanished alien species. These messages, transmitting from far beyond our galaxy, arrive as indecipherable gibberish, for a single word written in an ancient human language. One name: Yahweh.”

User: MrsLangdonAlgerArcadia – “Ellie is a girl who lives in a world where everyone gets a special pet when they’re young…but she hasn’t found her pet yet! With her one goal set, Ellie tries anything she can to find her pet and learns about herself and the people she knows along the way.”

User: Scrappybilly101 Must See Movie Bathrooms!