Best Worst Movies Tournament: Nominations

In the style of other Avocado tournaments, I wanted to see what our favorite bad movie is. Badness – like quality – is a subjective interpretation, so I’m not going to put any stylistic restrictions on what makes an entry bad. The only limitations are technical:

  1. An entry must be a movie, and
  2. The movie must be feature length

Submit your nominees in the comments here using the format “Title (year),” to distinguish remakes and unrelated films with the same name. Please list each movie as its own post so I can tally the upvotes, and only make nominations as top-level comments. Submit as many as you like, but please check to make sure a movie hasn’t already been nominated. Upvote whichever movies you believe are the best of the bad. In a few days (as time allows), I’ll take the 64 most upvoted entries and put them into a brackets. Each bracket round will last a few days to allow for maximum voting and discussion.