Ash vs. Evil Dead S3, E3, Apparently Dead

Survived? His head was squashed like a fucking watermelon!

So it looks like I was probably right.

For two episodes, I have been skeptical of Dalton. When he started trying to sow the seeds of doubt about Pablo last week, my reaction was “fuck you”. And that reaction appears to have been the correct one. Yeah, he looks like he turned Deadite right when he was telling Kelly that Pablo set them up when he told them they needed to go to the woods to retrieve the Kandarian dagger. But I think it’s pretty likely dude was full of shit the entire time, and if this whole Knights of Sumeria thing is legit, he’s either someone claiming to be a part of it to hunt down Ash and help Ruby, or was seduced by the power of the Necronomicon like one of the members in the little backstory we got last week. Either way, dude’s full of it, and I was happy to see him impaled. And good for Kelly for not believing Dalton when he started telling her he needed to give her the dagger, eh? Not that I’d expect anything less of her, of course, but she did bring him into the fold to begin with.

Ash has been trying to get in good with Brandy, but it just is not working. (But fifty bucks a week was just a suggestion!) First he has a bit of a snafu during the funeral, popping out of Candy’s coffin in the middle of Brandy’s eulogy. He had to decapitate her head for a second time during a bloody battle in the casket, because of course the mortician just had to sew her head back on. And Ruby was at the funeral of course, and he is having a very difficult time convincing Brandy that her guidance counselor is the reason her mother and best friend are dead. And I get it. I mean, we’ve spent all of this time with Ash, but Brandy has not. She finds out that’s her dad, all she has to go on is that these people she loved are now dead and her guidance counselor is telling her that he’s some psycho killer, and then he pops out of her mom’s casket during the middle of the eulogy? And that’s not even getting into when he (re)kills his dad in front of her.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention it. Ruby brought Ash’s dad back from the grave! And he waltzes back on over to the house, takes a shower, and ingratiates himself with Brandy by making fun of his jackass son. And when Ash discovers his undead father before him and confronts him, a battle ensues, and Brandy is knocked out by a can of pork and beans. As she comes to, she sees Ash killing her undead grandpa with a chainsaw, says she wishes Ash was the one who was dead and flees. Again, this is a rational response. Frustrating for us and Ash, sure, but in Brandy’s position, it makes one hell of a lot of sense. But now she’s going to Ruby’s, and Ruby wants to get rid of Ash’s seed and Ash, so kid’s in mortal danger. That, along with Pablo, Kelly and Deadite Dalton, leaves us with one hell of a cliffhanger for next week.