Werewolf 50: Clue, Day Six – All Right, Whodunnit?

The torrential rainstorm had passed. The air was still and quiet. Darkness descended upon the house, and the guests scattered to various rooms of the mansion, terrified that a murderer would pop out of some hidden panel in the wall. Conditions were not improved when someone cut the electricity to the house. Everyone concealed themselves as best they could, clutching improvised weapons in their hands.

The next morning, they met each other with a mix of relief and suspicion in the Dining Room. “Are we all here? Are we all safe?” asked Mrs. White. A quick count revealed that two of them were still missing. There was Mrs. Peacock, of course. Nobody knew where she had gone off to. But the hero of the previous day was absent as well. “Where is Detective Amarillo?” asked Dr. Orchid. “We owe her a debt of gratitude.” Of course, they didn’t know that Amarillo wasn’t such a hero back home. She had deals with every local gang and mob boss in the city.

It didn’t take long to find her. The good detective’s body floated in the Fountain, the blood from multiple stab wounds making a beautiful cloud of red in the water, and the Knife still sticking out of her back.


“That settles it. We have to find that Peacock woman!” said Wadsworth. “Yes, but be careful. She’s dangerous,” said Sergeant Gray, patting his pockets to look for his still-missing badge and Revolver.” The guests prepared themselves for a difficult search, but it turned out to be far easier than they pictured. They found Mrs. Peacock crumpled on the floor of the Study, a glass of spilled liquid by her hand. Her political double-dealings would never stain the good name of the United States government again. Nobody had stopped to think where Professor Plum’s poison had disappeared to before, but now it was all they could think about.


Detective Amarillo (Indy) is dead. She was a Guest.
Mrs. Peacock (Mac) is dead. She was a Guest.


11 4 Guests (Vanilla Town)
4 1 Murderers (Vanilla Wolves)

Rules and Items:

From Day Two on, the number of items given out to both Guests and Murderers is randomized.

Town Items:

1) The Badge: Allows the user to submit a name to conduct a Murderer/Guest alignment test at Night.
2) The Wiretap: Upon activation, the user will be given random messages from the Murderer QT, ranging from 1-5 consecutive posts.
3) The Chandelier: Allows the user to booby trap the chandelier to drop onto and kill a player of their choice. – ONE TIME ITEM
4) The Bulletproof Vest: Allows the user to protect someone from a Night kill, including themselves. The same person cannot be protected on consecutive Nights.
5) The Secret Passage: Allows a Town member to be protected from a Lynch the next day. ONE TIME ITEM
6) The Medicine: If the user is targeted for a Night kill, they will survive throughout the following Day, dying when Twilight hits.
7) The Insurance Policy: If targeted for a Night kill, the user may join the Murderer team if they wish. If they decline, they will die as normal. – ONE TIME ITEM
8) The Flu: If the user is eliminated via Night kill, the Murderers will lose their subsequent Night kill.
9) The Wine: If the user is targeted for a Night kill, the Murderers must select someone else to target, instead.
10) The Bet: The user may pick a target player and direct them how to vote the next Day. A coin flip will determine whether or not the target must adhere to the user’s directions. (There must be at least five players to use this.)

Wolf Items:

1) The Wig: If investigated by the Badge, allows the user to appear as a Guest.
2) The Recording: If the Murderers are listened to by the Wiretap, allows the user to send a fake message to the Guest.
3) The Handcuffs: Allows the user to prevent a chosen Guest from activating their item.
4) The Secret Passage: Allows a Murderer to be protected from a Lynch the next day. If used the same Night as the Guest Secret Passage, the Murderer will kill the Guest in the passage. ONE TIME ITEM
5) The Tin Badge: If the Badge is used, the Badge user will get two reports – one true and one false. If used on the same Night as The Wig or The False Confession, it will override those items’ powers.
6) The Diary: A Guest will be chosen at random, and any item that Guest is currently holding and what they choose to do with it will be exposed to the Murderer QT.
7) The False Confession: Allows a Murderer to make a target Guest show up as a Murderer if they are tested by The Badge.

Neutral Items (can go to either Town or Wolves):

1) The Blackmail Note: Allows the user to select a target. The target’s vote will not count the next Day.
2) The Will: If the user dies while holding an item, they may select another player to bequeath it to. ONE TIME PER PLAYER
3) The Molotov Cocktail: The user selects a target. If the user is eliminated while the Molotov Cocktail is active, the target player is also eliminated.
4) The Gazebo: May be used in the Day or Night. Allows the creation of a private QT between the user and another player. The players have one phase (the Day or Night it’s activated) to exchange messages. Each person in the QT may submit up to five messages. Going over the limit carries a stiff punishment.
5) The Microfilm: The user’s vote secretly counts double the next Day.
6) The Invisible Ink: If used, all the next day’s votes will be cast in individual QTs. The votes will be public, but voters will be private. If used by a Guest, the scrawl from the Invisible Ink can easily be illegible, causing up to half of the Murderer votes to randomly change. ONE TIME ITEM
7) The Junk Drawer: The next time the user is not assigned a random item, the Junk Drawer allows the user to claim an unclaimed item of their choice. (May not be used on one-time items)
8) The Glue: The user may keep and use any subsequent item permanently (May not be used on one-time items)
9) The Ballot Box: Must be used during the Day. If used, all votes for the Day will be wiped, and voters must cast their votes again. Votes for the user will not count. ONE TIME ITEM
10) The Ouija Board: The user may either decide how the victim of the Night kill will be dispatched or, if they choose, may write up the Night kill themselves.
11) The Mannequin: Allows the user to fake their death. The user will show up the next Day as dead and Guest. They may then decide how to spend the Day, but will not be punished for commenting, voting, etc. They will be revealed to be alive at Twilight. ONE TIME ITEM
12) The Mysterious Powder: If used, has a 50% chance of granting the Murderers an extra Night kill, a 25% chance of preventing the Murderers’ Night kill, and a 25% chance of killing a Murderer. ONE TIME ITEM
13) The Mask: Allows the user to override their public vote with a secret vote in their personal QT the next Day. ONE TIME PER PLAYER
14) The Alarm Clock: May be used in the Day or the Night. If used, it will shorten the following phase by several hours. The limited time window will be announced publicly, but players who do not act in time will not be able to vote, activate items, or Night kill. ONE TIME PER PLAYER


1) MacCrocodile (Mrs. Peacock)Guest
2) El Marinero (Reverend Green)Guest
3) Capt.LinsdayFunke (Mrs. White)
4) forget_it_jake (Miss Peach)
5) Doctor Nick (Professor Plum)Murderer
6) HolsIsASexyFrenchMaid (Yvette)Guest
7) Indy (Det. Amarillo)Guest
8) Admirax (Miss Scarlet)Guest
9) subsaharan (Prince Azure)Murderer
10) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Madame Rose)Murderer
11) the good king snugglewumps (Wadsworth)
12) Zecko (Sergeant Gray)
13) Grumproro (Monsieur Brunette)Guest
14) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer (Dr. Orchid)
15) Captain Video (Det. Ochre)Guest

Day Six ends at 3PM EST on Tuesday, January 23, or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.

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