Star vs. the Forces of Evil: S3E13 “Monster Bash”

Holy BUTTS this new season has been good. Been wanting to start up some discussion on Star but new episodes kept coming out. This seems like a good momentary breather!

So far, we’ve had breakups and reunions (and new unions), deaths and rebirths, somnoteleportation, and supernatural racial tension! Also, the return of Morally Ambiguous Queen of Darkness, Abs Marco, Hobo Sailor Moon, and the Alternative Monsters with Really Cool Character Designs! I am so PSYCHED, you guys.

The latest episode as of this writing is the 22-minute-long “Monster Bash,” in which a variety of different plotlines converged, chief among them being Star’s efforts to unite Mewmans and monsters, and Miss Heinous’s true identity.

However, seeing as this is the first Star vs. post on this site, feel free to talk about anything that happened in previous episodes since the Battle for Mewni, ’cause there has been a LOT.

Anyways, how have you been enjoying the season so far, and what did you think of the new episodes? Personally, I’ve been having a blast. A Narwhal Blast. Wait, no, a Spider With a Top Hat Blast. Yeah.