“Thanks-Hoarding” Bob’s Burgers S8 E5

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 5
Grade: B

Any Thanksgiving episode has a lot to live up to- there’ve been some spectacular Thanksgiving episodes, including last years ‘Quirkducers.” This one is more low key- letting the family play around with Bob’s apartment and torture his psyche a little before  helping him take his things upstairs back into his apartment.

Thanksgiving is a chance for peak Bob, but we never really got the Bob explosion the episode seemed to be leading up to. Instead the kids just sort of bounced off each other or lay still, bloated after too much turkey. Which is kind of funny, but also kind of slows the episode down a bit. Also I’m not really sure what the hording message is- that got a little garbled. Teddy is usually best as a supporting character or a plot accelerator or curve ball out of left field, he’s less effective here as center stage.

We Lather Together
Family Soaps
Mashed Potato Bugs
Pest Control
The Catch Me If You Cran Burger (served with cranberry sauce)

Random Observations:
• You’re mistaking lust for love!
• Or as I call it- turkey lube.