The Garfield and Friends Night Thread is Hungry…FOR YOU!!!

Garfield and Friends premiered on this day on CBS 35 years ago. The show lasted for seven seasons and was so successful that the network decided to expand its runtime to an hour. It would then lived on through reruns on syndication and cable television for several years, including airings on TBS, UPN, Fox Family, and more. Unfortunately, the later seasons didn’t get shown during most if not all of these repeats, for whatever reason, meaning that even if you watched it religiously as a kid, if you didn’t catch it during its initial CBS run, you probably missed out on several episodes (but hey, you can currently watch the entire series on Tubi, and they even have the primetime TV specials for good measure!)

Not surprisingly, Cartoon Network was one of the channels Garfield and Friends called home, as during its early days it had yet to really start producing original programming. This would later include Latin America, and some of you have no doubt guessed where this is going by now (A Garfield thread from Scrat? Of course he’s going to be talking about this), but for those who haven’t had their innocent souls contaminated (yet), I present to you this 100% real ad in which Garfield…murders and eats Odie and Jon. No, really.

Now, for a long time, I assumed this was just a parody, especially with the incredibly strong “Creepypasta” vibes. But no, this is legit, right down to the threat at the end of Garfield wanting to eat you for dessert before he belches out all that is left of Jon. And this isn’t even the only weird commercial that Cartoon Network made for the fat cat in Latin America. Here’s another one which is much rarer to find, but in many ways, just as bizarre…

Have a great night, y’all!