Erf was Garth Ennis & Rob Steen’s children’s book in 2013. Yes, That Garth Ennis. I guess originally a Kickstarted project, it was published for the mass market by Dynamite Press.

I have yet to meet Garth Ennis, and if I did I’d probably want Hitman #34 signed. Diamond distribution said the ttpublisher would randomly send out signed ones and I asked if our store could request one. Our rep said “no”, but lo & behold:

This isn’t all the pages but it will give you a good idea of what the book’s like.

So there you have it, absent of all of Ennis’s trademark over-the-top violence, but still with kind of a fucked-up message message: If you’re not special or excellent at anything, there’s always a good cause needs a martyr.

I’m mostly just tickled a Garth Ennis childrens’ book exists.