The Monday Politics Thread Celebrates the March on Washington

On the March on Washington’s 60th anniversary, watch how CBS News covered the Civil Rights protest in 1963

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, CBS News presents a special, season finale of BET’s “America In Black” series with a look at the women behind the march in 1963, the volunteer worker who owns the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, an interview with Tennessee state Rep. Justin Pearson and more. Stream it on the free CBS News app starting at 8 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

CBS News

‘I Have a Dream’: Martin Luther King and the power of words

60 years after he delivered his iconic speech in Washington DC, the US civil rights activist’s words still have an incomparable impact today.

Deutsche Welle

Bernie Sanders presses for ‘unification of progressive people’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday urged progressives to unify as the Vermont independent made his case for why President Biden deserves a second term.

Washington Times

Extreme heat has been so bad this summer that Americans without access to air conditioning are dying

The United States is experiencing extreme heat this summer so brutal that it’s killing people who have no access to air conditioning. July, in fact, was the hottest month on record. Ever. By a lot.


Texas ban on therapies for trans youth will go into effect despite ongoing legal fight

A Texas law banning transgender youth from accessing puberty blockers and hormone therapy will go into effect next week after the state attorney general’s office filed to block a judge’s temporary injunction it.

In her decision Friday, state district court Judge Maria Cantú Hexsel wrote that Senate Bill 14 “interferes with Texas families’ private decisions and strips Texas parents … of the right to seek, direct, and provide medical care for their children.”

In response, the attorney general’s office filed an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court, a move that automatically pauses Cantú Hexsel’s injunction and will allow the law to go into effect Friday. The attorney general’s office said such medical treatments are “unproven” and “pushed by some activists in the medical and psychiatric professions” in a statement announcing the appeal Friday evening.


Bare electrical wire and leaning poles on Maui were possible cause of deadly fires

In the first moments of the Maui fires, when high winds brought down power poles, slapping electrified wires to the dry grass below, there was a reason the flames erupted all at once in long, neat rows — those wires were bare, uninsulated metal that could spark on contact.

Videos and images analyzed by The Associated Press confirmed those wires were among miles of line that Hawaiian Electric Co. left naked to the weather and often-thick foliage, despite a recent push by utilities in other wildfire- and hurricane-prone areas to cover up their lines or bury them.


The Fulton County charges against Donald Trump face a major test Monday. Here’s what to watch for

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will lay out the first details of her sprawling anti-racketeering case against former President Donald Trump, his White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and 17 other co-defendants at a federal court hearing on Monday morning.


Why Are SAG-AFTRA and WGA on Strike? Hollywood Runs on Low Pay and Exploitation

No Classis an op-ed column by writer and radical organizer Kim Kelly that connects worker struggles and the current state of the American labor movement with its storied — and sometimes bloodied — past.

Teen Vogue

Maui’s Wildfire Recovery Is Haunted by the Specter of Colonialism

The fire that devastated the Hawaiian island of Maui earlier this month was made all the worse by the deep-rooted effects of colonialism. As the recovery process begins, Native Hawaiians see an opportunity to correct the many wrongs caused by colonial capitalism. But the road to recovery is fraught with the same dangers that caused the fire in the first place.

The New Republic

A couple with over $250,000 in student debt finally got their balance wiped out after nearly 3 decades of repayment: ‘This is life-altering for us’

When Insider first spoke with the Rizzardis in 2021, they were managing a $130,000 student-debt load — and that was after making $140,000 worth of payments on an original balance of $54,000. That’s because of interest capitalization, an issue many borrowers are familiar with in which unpaid interest builds onto a borrower’s principal balance, which makes it difficult to stay on top of the original amount borrowed. 


Bison slaughter had lasting, traumatic impacts on Indigenous communities

The mass slaughter of the North American bison in the 19th century, widely recognized as an ecological catastrophe, also delivered a crippling blow to the Indigenous peoples of the Great Plains, according to a new study led by Emory University.


Editorial: Don’t make justice more difficult in Florida

We spent most of Friday listening to a parade of prosecutors, public defenders, lawmakers and others deeply familiar with Florida’s judicial system talk about the future structure of courts in this state. Yet we didn’t hear a single person say: “You know what Florida needs? Courts that are more difficult to access, less in-touch with local law enforcement and communities’ needs, and often unfamiliar with the people they serve.”

That’s because every single person who testified in Orlando Friday said they opposed House Speaker Paul Renner’s plan to wrong-size Florida’s sprawling expanse into five giant judicial circuits (down from 20) that would strip control of local courts from a vast number of state residents.

Orlando Sentinel

Jesse Watters: I Say This With an Unblemished Record of Heterosexuality, Trump Looks Good and Hard

Fox News’ coverage of Donald Trump has given us a lot of wild soundbites over the years. Somehow they’ve only gotten weirder in his post-presidential life. Jesse Watters was kind enough to give us the weirdest and funniest one yet on The Five last night.

The Big Lead

No Labels to hold nominating convention in April, Joe Lieberman says

“Our plan is to only run if we think we have a chance to win realistically,” he said.


From Deceit To Deliverance: US Cannabis On The Verge Of A Breakthrough

Weaponizing a plant as an immigration/ incarceration tool to protect special interests and industrial robber barons was no bueno but maintaining the status quo despite the mounting evidence and continued education may well border on criminal negligence.


‘Hunter Biden’s not on the ballot’: Chris Christie warns Republicans playing down Donald Trump’s indictments

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday rebuked the notion that Hunter Biden’s ongoing criminal investigation was similar to former President Donald Trump’s various indictments when it comes to the 2024 presidential election, saying Hunter Biden is “not on the ballot.”

USA Today

Texas Democrats send letter to federal agency over state dropping people from Medicaid

A letter from Texas Democrats states that almost 600,000 Texans have had their health coverage terminated in the past four months, 81% of the people who have undergone the reevaluation process for Medicaid. Those numbers are based on a June report by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Austin-American Statesman

Why most of Trump’s Republican rivals won’t attack him

Polls show Donald Trump leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, his nearest rival for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, by about 40 points. You might think this would cause the former president’s GOP rivals to attack him in an attempt to eat into that support, which stands at north of 50% of the primary vote.

Yet, most of his opponents seem hesitant, if not totally unwilling, to do so.

A look at the numbers reveals why. Those who have gone after him have seen their popularity among Republican voters suffer, while those who have risen in primary polling are either mostly not mentioning Trump or are praising him.


Ramaswamy doubles down on calling Pressley part of ‘modern KKK’

During his Friday appearance in Iowa, Ramaswamy accused Pressley, the first Black woman elected to represent Massachusetts in Congress, of racism and compared her to “modern grand wizards” of the Ku Klux Klan for comments she made in 2019, saying: “We don’t need any more Black faces that don’t want to be a Black voice.” Pressley clarified her remarks at the time, noting on social media that she “speaking to the collective impact of lifting up one’s lived experience, *whatever* that is.”


Justice department fights asylum seeker’s lawsuit over separation from her son

After pair was separated for two years, suit shines light on Biden administration’s response to separation policy

The Guardian

2 years after fleeing Afghanistan, refugees create a San Antonio community — and hope for a future

Two years after Afghan couple Bilal and Humaira resettled in San Antonio, they have welcomed a baby girl and obtained jobs helping fellow refugees adjust to Texas like they have.

But a lack of clarity about their future in the U.S. makes it difficult to plan long-term.

San Antonio Report

Environmental groups recruit people of color into overwhelmingly white conservation world

Environmental groups across the country have worked for the last two decades to introduce members of underrepresented populations like Barajas to the overwhelmingly white conservation world. The effort has gained momentum since George Floyd’s death forced a national reckoning on race relations and challenged a variety of industries to focus on diversity and inclusion efforts.

AP News

Minnesota returns voting power to thousands. The question is whether they’ll use it

Minnesota is among the latest states — New Mexico passed a similar law this year — to speed up restoration of voting eligibility to the formerly incarcerated and others with felony records, though other states have restricted access.


Green Day to Sell Trump Mugshot Shirts for Maui Victims

Trump surrendered himself to authorities in Georgia earlier this week, and subsequently, the infamous photo was taken. The punk rockers have played off the cover of their fifth studio album, Nimrod, by replacing the original photo with Trump’s mugshot.

American Songwriter

R. Kelly and UMG ordered to pay half-million in royalties to victims

Ann M. Donnelly, the Brooklyn judge who sentenced R. Kelly to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking last year, has ordered that Kelly and his former label, Universal Music Group, pay more a combined fee of $504,289 in music royalties to help cover his restitution fees and criminal fines, Variety reports.

The Fader

Little Rock Nine Members Continue to Fight For Civil Rights In Arkansas

“I think the attempts to erase history is working for the Republican Party,” said Eckford told NBC News in an earlier interview. “They have some boogeymen that are really popular with their supporters.”

The Root

The next big abortion battleground: Pennsylvania

Less than a month after their double-digit victory on abortion rights in Ohio, Democrats are preparing to pour millions of dollars into the next big battlefront over the hot-button policy.


United Auto Workers Union Votes To Authorize A Strike

The American auto industry is on the verge of what could be the largest strike in 50 years. The Big Three and the UAW have been unable to ratify a new contract that meets the demands of all parties involved, prompting the union to vote on strike authorization ahead of the current contract’s expiration. The votes have now been tallied, and 97 percent of union workers have voted yes — meaning the overwhelming majority of the UAW is ready to strike. And it could begin as soon as September 15 unless Ford, GM and Chrysler can offer an acceptable agreement.


Haiti gang opens fire on protesters in capital, killing seven

Hundreds of parishioners, some armed with machetes, marched through a suburb of the capital, Port-au-Prince, in a bid to rid the area of gang members.

The gang is said to have opened fire on them with machine guns.


Thefts expose British Museum’s ‘ridiculous’ stance on return of artefacts, says MP

“One of the most insulting reasons that they’ve given is that the other countries that these items belong to would either not be able to take care of them or they are likely to be stolen,” she said. “But you’ve got people in this country putting them on eBay.”

The Guardian

Brazil makes homophobic hate speech punishable by prison

Brazil’s high court has ruled that homophobic hate speech is on par with racial hate speech and punishable with a prison sentence of two to five years. The Supreme Court’s 9-1 ruling stated it was a “constitutional imperative” for LGBTQ+ people in the country to have this protection.

LGBTQ Nation

Germany’s new self-identification law is huge progress but advocates have noticed some issues

Four decades of German law that created an onerous process for legal gender transition are finally coming to an end. But while the new self-identification law is a welcome change, trans rights activists have raised concerns that it still falls behind similar legislation in other countries.


Everything You Need to Know About the Spanish Women’s Soccer Controversy

Spain’s women’s soccer team has not only garnered international attention this week for winning the World Cup but has now become the center of controversy after a player accused a high-level official of planting an unwanted kiss on her. The situation has sparked a nasty back-and-forth between the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and players and staff who have fought back against the organization’s treatment of the player involved.

Teen Vogue

Evidence found of German mass execution by French Resistance after D-Day

Archaeologists have found evidence of a mass execution of German prisoners who were forced to dig their own graves and then shot by the French Resistance a few days after D-Day, during World War Two.


Zimbabwe: Chamisa claims victory after disputing election

Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has claimed victory in the country’s presidential election on Sunday after rejecting the official outcome.

Official election results on Saturday said strongman President Emmerson Mnangagwa was reelected with 52.6% of the vote, while Chamisa received 44% of the vote.

Deutsche Welle

Hongkongers in UK facing a ‘pensions crisis’

Many people from the territory who fled to the UK could be denied a state pension unless visa rules are changed, campaigners have warned

The Telegraph

Italian general fired after comparing gay adoption to cannibalism

“It’s disturbing that an army general, and so a person at the highest level of the army, can express a thought that’s so openly homophobic, racist, and misogynistic,” Gabriele Piazzoni, Secretary General of the Italian LGBTQ+ organization Arcigay, told Euronews. “The armed forces must be inspired by the values of the Constitution. This a democratic country, not a military dictatorship, and these statements cannot be tolerated.”

LGBTQ Nation

The science behind the Fukushima waste water release

Japan has begun releasing treated radioactive water from its damaged Fukushima power plant into the Pacific Ocean – 12 years after a nuclear meltdown.


Qatar: We don’t have a war with Israel, the issue is the ‘occupation’

The stumbling block to Israeli relations with Qatar is the absence of a Palestinian state at the pre-1967 lines, the Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said.

Jerusalem Post

Protesters in Syria’s Suweida shut down Baath party offices

Scores of people took to the streets of Suweida, shutting down government offices, as protests against the Assad regime entered their second week.

The New Arab

Yevgeny Prigozhin, former Wagner Group boss, confirmed dead by Russian investigators

“As part of the investigation of the plane crash in the Tver region, molecular genetic examinations have been completed. According to their results, the identities of all 10 dead were established, they correspond to the list stated in the flight sheet,” the brief statement reads.


Sadiq Khan backs project to build LGBT housing ‘free from oppression’

London Mayor accused of dishing out cash ‘based on fashion and not need’ after signing off £5,000 in funding for project

The Telegraph

Indian PM Modi proposes full G20 membership for African Union

India’s offer to South Africa is part of its attempt to raise issues concerning the so-called Global South.


‘We don’t want you to be killed’: Sweden seeks to stem deadly rise in youth crime

Illegal guns are relatively accessible, with younger and younger children being drawn into serious crime

The Guardian

The indiscriminate devastation of Canada’s raging wildfires

What’s apparent is the indiscriminate nature of the wildfires. In parts of the waterfront communities, where houses back onto the forests, several homes have been completely destroyed by fire. House after house has been gutted. But then, all of a sudden, you come across buildings only yards away that have been barely touched by the blaze and are completely habitable.


German party leader gave classmates pamphlet offering ‘free trip through Auschwitz’s chimney’

Hubert Aiwanger, deputy leader in Bavaria, denied authorship of the anti-Semitic leaflet but admitted had had carried it with him at school