Werewolf 213: Sabriel Day 1

Sabriel ran through the snow, fighting sleep as Ranna continued singing in the back of her mind. She had dealt a blow to the creature that had hunted her and bought herself some time but likely not enough. A Mordicant, one of the strongest lesser dead, and one that served as the hunting hound for a greater dead. If one of them had returned. And her father was gone. Ill-news all around.

She rounded a hill and saw her destination at last. A mountain stair leading haphazardly upward. Behind her and closer than she wanted she heard a mournful howl. She ascended the stairs as rapidly as she dared given old flagstones were slick with ice. And as she finally scrabbled into the gateway at the top she heard a shattering clash of claws on stone. Again she turned to face the creature. Its misshapen mouth dripped flames and its taloned hands swayed madly as it ascend towards her.

Saraneth this time, no sleep could hold this creature for long, it had to be strength on strength. It reached her platform with a hiss and leaped, claws extended. With practiced grace she performed the stop-thrust that had won her second-place in swordswomen-ship at Wyverley College, and that had lost her first. Driving the creature against the wall with her runed blade and muscle, she rang Saraneth in a half circle paralyzing the creature. Time for Kibeth. Its discordant melody was hard to control but it would enable her to force the creature back beyond the first gate for a time. It disappeared at the sound, one final howl mixing with the fading note and hissing snow. A victory but not a clean one she observed as she felt blood ooze from beneath her linked mail. With one final burst of energy she passed through the cave. And finally at last came to the house on the falls. Her father’s house, the Abhorsen’s house, and as she was beginning to accept, now likely her house and her burden.

(Note: Introductions will be Story Based and will not contain game information)

Player List
  1. Blip (+ Nate as Mentor)
  2. Chum
  3. Cork
  4. Emmelemm
  5. Genny
  6. Greenwitch
  7. Indy
  8. Jake
  9. Koala
  10. Malth
  11. Moolissa
  12. Moonster
  13. MSD
  14. Queequeg
  15. Sheltermed
  16. Side
  17. TCRM
  18. Warrior
Role List


Sabriel the Abhorsen: Old Kingdom Investigator. 

-Each night Sabriel may pick one player to Investigate. They will learn if that player is a Member of the Dead, Touchstone, Mogget, or an Old Kingdom Citizen

Touchstone the Berserker: Old Kingdom Jailer and Vigilante

-Each night Touchstone may pick one player to Jail. That player is unable to take any night actions but is immune to all non-block night actions.

-Starting Night 3 Touchstone may choose to either pick one player to Jail or to pick one player to Kill. The kill option is removed after Touchstone successfully kills one player regardless of alignment 

-May not jail the same player two nights in a row.

Mogget the Vengeful Guide: Old Kingdom Watcher and Record Keeper

-Each night Mogget may pick one player to Watch. If any other player uses an ability on the watched target Mogget will be told the identity of that player but not their alignment

-If Sabriel dies before Mogget, Mogget will be given a full list of Sabriel’s investigate targets and up to half of the outcomes rounded down of Mogget’s choice. This cannot be blocked and is not watchable or trackable

11 Old Kingdom Citizens: Vanilla Old Kingdoms members

-They only have the power to vote.


The Greater Dead

Kerrigor the Scourge of Belisaere: The Dead Killer

-Each night Kerrigor picks one member of the Old Kingdom to kill.

-If the player with the role of Kerrigor dies one of the lesser Dead assumes the role of Kerrigor and their original powers are removed

The Lesser Dead

-The Lesser Dead are weaker than Kerrigor. Each night one of the lesser dead of the Dead players choice must not use their power

The Mordicant: The Dead Tracker

-Each night may pick a player to track. They will be told if that player visits any other player

The Gore Crows: The Dead Watcher

-Each night may pick a player to watch. They will be told if anyone visits that player

The Shadow Hands: The Dead Blocker

-Each night may pick a player to block. That player will not be allowed to take night actions.


Win Conditions
The Old Kingdom wins when all members of The Dead are well dead. (Blinks)
The Dead win when at least one member of the the Dead is alive and the number of Dead players is equal to or greater than the number of Old Kingdom players

The Tie Rule
As long as more than 6 people are alive: ties result in Sabriel secretly deciding who dies, or if Sabriel is dead, ties result in Kerrigor secretly deciding who dies. If 6 or fewer people are alive ties result in everyone living.

The Auto Kill Rule
As long as more than 8 people are alive. Auto-kill occurs at 50% if everyone has voted or at 66% regardless of if everyone has voted
If 8 or fewer people are alive Auto-kill occurs at 50% and requires everyone to have voted

Order of Operations for Night Powers:
Blocking -> Jailing -> Watching/Tracking/Investigation -> Killing -> Record Keeping

General Rules:
-There is no hidden role information in this game
-You may not edit or delete any posts
-You may not post screenshots from any private chat
-No game-related talk in the thread after twilight and please attempt to make at least three posts per day
-Role playing is welcome and may be from non-related properties but is not required
-Be Kind. Critique arguments not players. Be accepting of various play styles. And for yourselves remember that this is an incredibly difficult game to play, everyone will make mistakes, and to focus on and be proud of your successes.

14 Members of the Old Kingdom Fight On

4 Members of the Dead Bring Destruction

Twilight Will Be Wednesday August 23 at:

1:00 PM West Coast, 2:00 PM Mountain, 3:00 PM Central, 4:00 PM East Coast, and 9:00 PM (21:00) Irish Standard Time