Director Profile: Buster Keaton

Scott’s desire to tell people what movies to watch knows no bounds. He’s decided to create a series on here devoted to profiling directors and creating guides to their films. This week’s director is… Buster Keaton. (Note: since most of Keaton’s movies were co-directed by others, I won’t be signifying which ones were fully directed by him like I do with every director I’ve profiled beforehand.)

Highly recommended: Cops (short film), Our Hospitality, Sherlock, Jr., The Navigator, Seven Chances, Go West, The General (top 100), Steamboat Bill, Jr., The Cameraman

Recommended: One Week (short film), The Scarecrow (short film), Neighbors (short film), The High Sign (short film), The Goat (short film), The Play House (short film), The Boat (short film), The Paleface (short film), Three Ages, College

Worth a look: Convict 13 (short film), The Haunted House (short film), Hard Luck (short film), My Wife’s Relations (short film), The Blacksmith (short film), The Frozen North (short film), The Electric House (short film), Day Dreams (short film), The Balloonatic (short film), The Love Nest (short film), Split Marriage

Next week’s director is… Wong Kar-wai!