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Tuesday’s Politics thread is back again

And for a good long while this time.

Here’s a good look at the week ahead from Joyce White Vance. She’s has a good substack. It covers The Idiot’s confidential documents case in front of Judge Cannon today and DeSantis’s issues with his weird private army. Worth the ten-minute read.


If we find out UFO’s are real because the House Oversight Committee is trying lay down covering material for The Idiot’s impending indictment (yeah, I said it, I think it’s impending) that will just be so freaking delicious/ridiculous.


GA Supreme Court tells The Idiot to kick rocks with his request to have DA Willis removed from his case.


And that’s my three!! I would say I nailed the dismount and walked away, but I fell down my back steps Sunday night, twisted my ankle, and now I need to keep it iced and elevated. Kerri Strug I am not. So do your thing! Try not to link to twitter! Treat yourself and others well! Snark is our game, but kindness is our aim. We can do both.