Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (6/13)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to discuss films with your fellow commenters. Want to make a recommendation? Looking for recommendations? Want to share your opinions of movies, both new and classic? 

This week sees the release of the long awaited DCEU film, Batman The Flash. Thanks to multiverse shenanigans, Michael Keaton is back in the role of Batman. Unlike Marvel, Warner Brothers is not being cagey at all that Michel Keaton is back in the cowl, putting him front and center in all the marketing. It’s an interesting tactic from the movie studio that tried to make sure that no one would spoil the big surprise that Superman was in the Justice League movie.

Er… I mean…. spoilers!

This is in direct contrast with the similar Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sony and Disney did a very good job making sure that no one knew of all the big guest appearances, specifically that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were in it because of multiverse shenanigans.

Er… I mean… spoilers!

Even these two were preceded by the JJ Abrams Star Trek, where, thanks to multiverse shenanigans, Leonard Nimoy Spock would meet Zachary Quinto Spock.

Today’s bonus prompt: which actors portraying the same characters would you like to see share the same space on screen?

Perhaps a Bond film where all Bond actors shared the same space? Angelina Jolie meeting Alicia Vikander in a Tomb Raider movie? Tom Cruise battling Stuart Townsend to determine once and for all who was the better Lestat? Should Emma Stone meet Glenn Close when she enters the Cruellaverse?