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The Monday Politics Thread Keeps All of the Classified Documents in The Outhouse

To pardon or not to pardon: GOP candidates highlight positions on Trump indictment

Offering a preemptive pardon “undermines our jury system,” former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said.


Large-scale study will culminate in the Oxford Dictionary of African American English, a dream come true for historian Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Oxford University Press has announced a large-scale study that will culminate in the Oxford Dictionary of African American English, the brainchild of historian Henry Louis Gates that will focus on the contributions that African Americans have made to the English language.

The dictionary will be released in 2025 and is expected to include about 1,000 words.


Sununu says that Trump’s indictment is ‘self-inflicted’

Trump was indicted on 37 federal counts last week in connection to his handling of classified documents in an investigation launched by the Justice Department after trump refused to hand over the documents to the National Archives. Sununu, who said last week he would not seek the Republican 2024 presidential nomination, blasted GOP candidates running against Trump on Friday, saying that he would have thought they would be more “aggressive” in knocking Trump over the charges he faced.

The Hill

How Jack Smith Turned the ‘Ancient and Seldom-Enforced’ Espionage Act Against Trump

The law, long the bane of liberals, will now be used to prosecute a conservative president.

New York Sun

I-95 collapse updates: 1 vehicle trapped under the highway, no one injured, governor says

A portion of Interstate 95 has collapsed in Philadelphia following a large vehicle fire, according to authorities.

ABC News

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announces formation of LGBTQ+ task force before Detroit Pride parade

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the formation of an LGBTQ+ task force Sunday morning prior to the Motor City Pride Parade.

Whitmer said Michigan is moving “more in the right direction” with the signing of an executive order forming the task force and the expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act in March.

“You see other states rolling backwards, picking fights with Disney (in Florida) over LGBTQ rights. This should be a fundamental … a sure thing for all Americans, that they’re respected and protected under the law but unfortunately that’s not the case right now,” Whitmer said.

The Detroit News

Florida HBCU Students Accuse State of Unequal Treatment

A Florida judge is allowing a class-action lawsuit brought by Florida A&M students alleging chronic underfunding to the tune of $1.3 billion to go forward.

The Root

Is there a way back from the pandemic learning gap?

The pandemic presented students, teachers and parents with unprecedented academic, social and emotional challenges. Research shows how repeated disruptions in school routine have led to significant learning gaps across various age groups, academic subjects and racial and ethnic backgrounds. According to a recent analysis by the Gardner Institute, 35 Utah school districts declined in learning proficiency rates from 2019 to 2022. Only five districts improved. One was unchanged.

The Salt Lake Tribune

From the Archives: Political activism and voter registration a theme of San Diego’s 1988 Pride parade

35 years ago a crowd of about 15,000 spectators lined Sixth Avenue for San Diego’s 14th annual Pride parade on June 10, 1988.

The San Diego Union Tribune

Nevada Finally Embraces Juneteenth As A State Holiday

In a significant stride toward acknowledging the importance of African American history and the ongoing struggle for racial equality, Nevada has taken a historic step by recognizing Juneteenth as an official state holiday, CNN reported.

Black Enterprise

The War on Drugs Is Getting Meaner and Dumber, and Texas and Florida Show How Bad It Can Get

Conservatives are bringing back some tactics from the original drug war. They’re cruel—and they also don’t stand a chance of working.

The New Republic

He devised a fringe legal theory to try to keep Trump in power. Now he’s on the verge of being disbarred.

The trial of John Eastman may feature testimony from key participants in Jan. 6 who have rarely spoken publicly.


‘Genocidal’: Transgender people begin to flee states with anti-LGBTQ laws

Laws restricting gender-affirming care have prompted some families to move.

ABC News

Dead fish are washing up along beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast, officials say. Here’s why

“Fish kills like this are common in the summer when temperatures increase,” Johnson said.

“If there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, fish can’t ‘breathe,’” she added.


Colorado cop thought teen had a gun and fatally shot him after robbery. It was a pellet gun.

A Colorado teen who was fatally shot by a police officer earlier this month was carrying a pellet gun, not a handgun, police announced Friday as they released body camera footage of the struggle.

USA Today

US confirms China has been spying from Cuban base

China has been using a spy base in Cuba to electronically track signals from U.S. military installations since at least 2019, a Biden administration official said Saturday. 

The Week

Uncle Sam wants migrants. Facing shortages, military recruiters trade citizenship for service.

Struggling to overcome recruiting shortfalls, the Army and the Air Force have bolstered their marketing to entice legal residents to enlist, putting out pamphlets, working social media and broadening their outreach, particularly in inner cities. One key element is the use of recruiters with similar backgrounds to these potential recruits.

Under the new program, recruits are quickly enrolled in the citizenship system and when they start basic training, an expedited process kicks off, including all required paperwork and testing. By the time Air Force recruits finish their seven weeks of training, the process is complete and they are sworn in as American citizens.


Liberals love Teddy Roosevelt – but his racism paved the way for Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson

Theodore Roosevelt is revered as a “progressive” president — but his views on race were anything but


North Carolina GOP censures Sen. Tillis for backing LGBTQ+ rights and other policies

Republican delegates in North Carolina voted Saturday at their annual convention to censure Thom Tillis, the state’s senior U.S. senator, for backing LGBTQ+ rights, immigration and gun violence policies.


UW-Madison Who Threatened to Make N-Words Pick Cotton Speaks Up

The student caught on video going on a violent, racist rant has issued an apology for her remarks a month following the incident.

The Root

The US supreme court upheld race-conscious voting protections. Affirmative action could be next

For some of the legal experts I spoke to, this week’s surprise ruling, which reinforced the Voting Rights Act’s power to protect voters from racial discrimination, represented a promising omen for the preservation of race consciousness in other arenas. Of particular note is the court’s upcoming decision on whether to end race-related affirmative action in colleges and universities. Thursday’s decision, for many, served as an affirmation from the court that protections such as these can and should exist in American law.

The Guardian

Elvis Presley’s cousin lifts Democrats’ hopes in Mississippi governor’s race

Conservative Mississippi is tough territory for Democrats, but the party sees an unusual opportunity this year to unseat first-term Republican Gov. Tate Reeves. They’re pinning hopes in November on a candidate with a legendary last name who has used his own compelling story to highlight the economic plight of working families in a state that has long been one of the poorest in America.

Democrat Brandon Presley is a second cousin of Elvis Presley, born a few days before the rock ’n’ roll legend died. While campaigning, Brandon Presley talks frequently about government corruption, focusing on a multimillion-dollar welfare scandal that developed when Reeves was lieutenant governor.

AP News

Biden hosts Pride Month picnic at White House: ‘You are loved, you are heard’

“Today, I want to send a message to the entire community — especially to transgender children: You are loved. You are heard. You’re understood,” Biden said during his speech. “And you belong.”

“We see who you are: made in the image of God, deserving of dignity, respect, and support,” he added.

The Hill

Amid ‘unicorn hunters’ and stereotypes, here’s how bisexual people are finding support

The bisexual community makes up 58% of LGBTQ-identifying adults, but they’re far less likely to be out to people in their lives than gay or lesbian adults. So when they do come out, where do they find community?

USA Today

Conservatives lose their minds as Cracker Barrel posts picture of rainbow rocking chair

One rightwing group was widely mocked for saying, “Cracker Barrel has fallen.”

LGBTQ Nation

White Women Protesting Gun Violence Won’t Work Because America Values Weapons Over People

White women in Colorado staged a sit-in Monday, but politicians won’t ever ban guns.

The Root

Debt Ceiling Deal Hurts Working People, Climate Activists, Student Loan Borrowers

However Democrats try to spin this, the deal is bad for people who aren’t wealthy. It’s reminiscent of the 2011 debt ceiling negotiation, when President Barack Obama went head to head with then-House Speaker John Boehner as the Tea Party was making its mark in the Republican Party. In a 2011 write-up of the deal’s winners and losers, the Washington Post wrote, “The tea party — inside and outside Congress — will almost certainly be emboldened by the result of this fight.” Similar to today, programs benefiting the poor were served up as concessions to Republicans. And as in 2023, students were also thrown under the bus in a major way. The bill ended loan repayment incentives and federal student loan subsidies for graduate students. It was the tail end of the Great Recession, after millions lost their home and out of work after the government bailed out Wall Street, so these cuts were especially painful. 

Teen Vogue

Illegal Migration Bill breaches human rights obligations, MPs and peers warn

The bill, which aims to deport those arriving in the UK without permission, would deny the majority of refugees any access to the asylum system, the Joint Committee on Human Rights said.

Children and victims of trafficking and modern slavery would be impacted, chairwoman Joanna Cherry added.


Scotland: Police arrest former leader Nicola Sturgeon

A 52-year-old woman is being questioned by police as part of an investigation into the alleged misuse of funds raised by the Scottish National Party. Sturgeon’s team later confirmed it was her.

Deutsche Welle

Kakhovka dam blast threatens water supply in Crimea, UK warns

The collapse of the Kakhovka Dam has severely disrupted the water supply in southern Kherson Oblast and northern Crimea, British defence chiefs said.

Evening Standard

EU offers Tunisia aid package, seeks tighter border control

The EU is considering a major financial package for the cash-strapped nation amid a growing refugee and migrant crisis.


Colombia plane crash: Children reunited with family after 40 days in Amazon

Four children who survived weeks alone in Colombia’s Amazon jungle have been reunited with relatives as they recover in hospital.


Montenegro Votes In Parliamentary Elections

Montenegro headed to the polls on Sunday to vote in parliamentary elections aiming to end months of political gridlock after the government collapsed last August.

International Business Times

Ukraine’s dam collapse is both a fast-moving disaster and a slow-moving ecological catastrophe

The destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in southern Ukraine is swiftly evolving into long-term environmental catastrophe


Italian supervolcano could possibly erupt for first time in 485 years

Located just a few miles from Napes, the Campi Flegrei volcano in southern Italy has been showing signs that an eruption could be on the cards.


An extinct species buried their dead and carved symbols 100,000 years before humans. The findings challenge our understanding of human evolution, researchers say.

Researchers have found that an extinct human species buried their dead and carved symbols on cave walls 100,000 years before humans, challenging previous assumptions about human evolution.


Pakistan looks to sign cooperation agreement on China-led moon research base

Pakistan hopes to identify specific roles it could play in the China-led International Lunar Research Station and to sign a cooperation agreement on the ILRS soon, according to the head of its space agency.

South China Morning Post

Kong Yiji: The memes that lay bare China’s youth disillusionment

The disillusionment is echoing through young people in China, where a fifth of those between the ages of 16 and 24 are jobless, according to official figures released in May. And it’s finding expression in viral memes inspired by a famous short story from more than a century ago. The tale of Kong Yiji, a failed scholar who lived in poverty, has now become a code word for discontent among millions of graduates confronting a bleak future.