The Avocado Census Questions Discussion

Hi avocados!

Thanks for helping to suggest questions for the Avocado Census. That thread generated a lot of good feedback and suggestions. The next step, which we’ll start today, is to go over those questions and potential answers, and make sure that we like how they’re worded as well as the potential responses.

Before we get started, I want to reiterate that the survey will be anonymous. All questions will be optional – if you don’t want to answer one or more of them, you won’t have to. There’s no pressure to share anything you don’t want to share. There’s been a few people saying that they don’t feel comfortable sharing anything, and that’s fine. Obviously this isn’t a required activity for continuing to post on the site. But if you feel comfortable responding to, say, the question about your pets and nothing else, I hope you’ll at least consider answering the question about pets.

The survey will be done with Google Forms. In order to ensure we don’t get duplicate answers, it will require you to log in to answer the survey, but I won’t see your email or IP address or anything else. It seems like a good amount of people have Google accounts, so this seems an okay tradeoff, and it is free to create an account if you want to participate and don’t already have one.

With that out of the way, I’m going to set this thread up like a tournament, with each (potential) question a subthread below. Don’t give me your answers here! Just let me know your thoughts on the question and answers. Don’t like the question at all? Share that as well.

This thread will collect feedback for about two weeks, and then I’ll put up the actual census.

Thanks everyone!