The Avocado Census is (maybe) Happening!

Hi everybody!

So there’s been some discussion recently about doing another census of the Avocado and I thought I’d take this opportunity to brainstorm some ideas about how that would look. Just going to type out some ideas about questions to ask people.

To be clear, everything on the census will be anonymous. I’m not going to collect email addresses or anything like that. I’m not sure exactly how the data will be collected as I’ve never done something like that before – please feel free to share expertise on the matter if you have any – I’m thinking Google has something – but I do not intend to take any of your personal data or share it with anyone.

Also, everything will be optional. If the survey asks for, for example, religion and you don’t want to share yours, it’s fine if you don’t. Nothing will be linked to your name, so it’s not like there will be data saying “X user is X religion, X user declined to answer.” I’m just looking for aggregate data.

So now the question is, what data do we want to collect?

The last time an Avocado Census was completed was in 2018 – if you want to see the results, you can see them in this thread.

There’s a lot of data there including:



Sexual Orientation

Number of Children

Predominant Language


Ethnic Ancestry




Level of Education

Income and Employment

Country of Residence

How you found the Avocado

How you visit the Avocado (computer/smartphone/etc)

Most Frequently Visited Thread

Favorite Avocado Meme

Star Wars vs Star Trek

My intention is to create everything from scratch, so we can keep or discard any of these categories and add new ones if we want, thought I do think if the questionnaire is too long, we run the risk of people not having the time or not wanting to spend the time completing it all.

This is the brainstorming thread! Any and all suggestions will be welcome, but all suggestions may not be used.