Unsurprisingly, Weekly Video Games Thread Dives Back into Hyrule

Happy Monday, folks, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread!

The talk of the town this weekend (and probably the next month)? Zelda, Zelda, Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom is out in the wild, and it’s fucking amazing. I mean, I’m… I dunno, thirty hours in, and I’ve probably forgotten more amazing things in that time than I can recall from a lot of good games. For good an ill, and for me it’s mostly good, this is gonna be directing our conversations here for like a month. Sorry, Final Fantasy XVI and Street Fighter VI… fine, I’ll be more honest: “sorry, Street Fighter VI.”

But I don’t want to make this prompt just about Tears. Instead, I’m gonna use this as a—pun not intended—jumping off point to talk about your favorite dives, falls, and otherwise unaccounted for methods of downward aerial momentum in video games. If you’ve ever hookshot’d your way off a building in Just Cause 2, or died off a hilariously ill-timed jump in Dark Souls, I wanna know about it! I can tell you straight up that there’s a lot of that in this game; there is a beautiful diversity of things I have fallen off of, onto, or in already. But this isn’t the only game to have that.

Of course, alongside that, how was your weekend when it came to games? And as a side note, unless there’s something in Tears that absolutely, hundred percent, cannot wait and needs to be made into a prompt (like, say, it’s retconned that Link’s actually a giant cartoon spider this whole time, leading to my prompt about your favorite fusions of insect and person or something), I can promise you that my next one will be on a very different subject.